Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Update into Thursday Night 7/12-13

On indoor lockdown
Okay, it's the first live feeds update of the season and we're already behind. Nominations have been made. There appears to be a Have Not group. The PoV is supposed to be played "tomorrow," yet they're on lockdown now and allowed alcohol. Dan and Boogie vs. Britney and Janelle is already in motion.

Here's the skinny on the Hapless Hamsters and Returning Rodents:
  • Willie (HoH) nominated Kara and Frank.
  • Boogie is already being a creepy so-and-so.
  • He told Kara all the girls were against her.
  • Britney, Janelle and other girls told her not so!
  • Ashley and Danielle are Have-Nots.
  • Ashley has been crying to Willie (who is surprisingly supportive) and Britney because she feels she let Janelle down. Must be over the Have Not bit.
  • I haven't seen any focus on Willie being a Hantz.
  • Britney, Janelle and JoJo sat around trash-talking Boogie.
  • I personally feels he deserves it. He skeeves me out.
  • JoJo will host the PoV.
  • Ashley seriously doesn't think the feeds will show her crying in the Swirl Room.
  • Silly hamster.
  • They received alcohol. In an unexpected move, Boogie agreed with Janelle's request to let the girls have it. The next time there's alcohol, the guys will get it.
  • Of course, it boils down to less than two beers each, but hey!
Th-th-that's all for now folks! Just wanted to get the bigger news out there! 

Janelle still has it

Easier to BEAR a grudge this season!

Ashley thinks she let Janelle down

Jenn's a nut


SSW said...

Boogie creeps me out too. Was hoping for Dr. Will!


Deb said...

yeah the older he ( Boogie) got the creepier he became, without his side kick Chill-town is now just icy and cold!

Anonymous said...

NOT a boogie fan...and when he said he was the best player ever I about fell off my couch laughing so hard .....does he not get the ONLY reason he won allstars was because of Dr will....geez@@


lynn1 said...
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Critical Media said...

Correct again on Boogie and Dan alliance, I see. I love my secret sources.

Cherry Pie said...

I was so glad that Janelle and Boogie are back....I was afraid it would be Brendan and rachel and I knew I couldnt tell with them again......Amasing Race was enough.