Sunday, July 22, 2012

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - July 22, 2012

Good Sunday morning to y'all! For those folks looking for Big Brother live feeds reports, my most recent one is here. I will be posting another one sometime this afternoon -- there hasn't been much happening since the last one. You may want to skip over this post. Every Sunday I post an off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken. And, this is it! You've been warned.

As for this week ... I've met the Zombie Apocalypse and its name is Jackie.

Returning to work after vacation is always a challenge for me. Various people have been in my office filling in for me. So, returning is always greeted with bizarre things done, my office stuff moved around and you name it. This past Monday I was also greeted with training a new manager in there while it's all discombobulated. Sigh.

Then I was informed that on Tuesday we would be receiving a visit from (afar) to certify us as a "University" location ... training any and all new management. I had to get the layout of my office up to their specs and make sure everything was perfect. I was there nearly 12 hours on Monday. Sigh.

Mind you, I had also been sick the first part of my vacation and was still feeling not quite up to par.

There was also yet another heat wave. I hate heat waves. With all the science and technology, you'd think that climate control could be an actuality. It's bad enough we don't have flying cars in every garage. Is climate control too much to ask? It could be the end of droughts ... and severe heat waves!

Then, of course, it was the first full week of my busy blogging season, too. I have to get back into the swing of that. When you blog Big Brother live feeds reports two or three times a day atop a really full time job, well ... it's not the easiest thing and sleep gets cast aside for a few months.

Between being the Walking Dead and the weather being a gazillion degrees with high humidity or raining, I really didn't feel inspired to take many photos. But I did take a few I like and want to share with you. Clicking on an image will open it on a new page, clicking again will make it larger. Just close out the new page to return back here to the blog.


I heard him before I saw him. This was early in the morning as I headed to the train, so the light wasn't really great. But there he (she?) was on East Front Street in Plainfield. Because I'm not really seeing the top of the head, I'm taking a guess that it's either a Hairy Woodpecker or a Red-Bellied Woodpecker.


Don't even expect me to know what kind of moth this is! Also on East Front Street.



High as the sky
Higher than an elephant's eye

The sunflowers are as high as an elephant's eye and look like they're climbing clear up to the sky! East Front Street, Plainfield.

No flower like a sunflower!

Bunny butt
Bunny butt in the 'hood

I found this little guy on the front "yard" of my apartment building. When I got him to turn around, he thought "ZOMBIE" and hopped off away.

Vincent the Silly

So, is Vincent sharing my pain? No. He's just sprawling all over the place in typical Vincent fashion. He doesn't even know there have been heat waves because, on the really hot days, I leave the air conditioning on low for him. Can you say spoiled?

How was your week?


traci said...

love you vincent!!

Witt said...

OMG...I have one family birthday party and missed all the hullabaloo of the Willie situation! Thank goodness I have Jackie's postings to catch me up. Must say I'm not really surprised unfortunately. Can't wait to see how they address it tonight.

Jackie, have I told you that I love your blog? Thanks for the awesome photos!

Witt :)

P.S. Sometimes I find it difficult to prove I'm not a robot...can't always see the numbers well, and I just got new contacts!

Jackie said...

Vincent thanks Traci!

Witt - Thank you for the kind words! As for the word verification, every time I take it down I get hit up with all kinds of spam comments. I've found that if you tell it to give you a different WV, the second is usually easier to see. I do take it down for the heavy commenting on show nights.

Sandaroo1 said...

Jackie, you take beautiful pictures...thank god for your blog I read it & the comments area times daily....thanks for writing it every day...loved the picture of Woody!

Witt said...

Jackie, you are right...the second WV is usually easier. I totally understand about the spamming issue. WV is a small price to pay for participation in such a wonderful online community with an author who's fantastic! Enjoy your Sunday!

Witt :)

Laurie said...

Love the woodpecker and the sunflowers! You show us such beauty each week. Thank you!

Cathy said...

Thanks for all you do, Jackie! Check your PayPal for a token (albeit small) of my appreciation. I enjoy all the BB updates!

Jackie said...

Thank you, Cathy!