Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Brother 14: Current Blog Pool Report

ORKMommy was kind enough to revamp the pool now that the coaches are in the game. She put those folks whose players were evicted (or booted) early in for a shot. Here's the current blog pool:

Ashley Iocco - JonMD1267, Cha Cha, Monty924, Auntie Leigh
Danielle Murphre - Laurie, Ayana, Petals, Terry in TX
Frank Eudy - Micaela, Donna, ORKMommy, Serina Cox
Ian Terry - Rbennie, Brenda, QuixoticElf, MEB
Jenn Arroyo - AmyTL, Jessica, Michi, Marlo Lee
Joe Arvin - bbbw_princess, Janice/GA, Karen from CA, Glenn
Shane Meaney - Buzzmaam, Jackie, SueGee, Sydney
Wil Heuser - Delee, Dierdre, Merrilee, Becky
Britney Haynes - Nina, Alicia, Sister Sue, Sasha, Witt, Donna in FL
Dan Gheesling - Nana in NW, Chris, PDXGranny, Brent McKee, Jennasmom
Mike "Boogie" Malin - M&M, Lynn1, Tammy, Gaylos, Joey

Jodi Rollins
Kara Monaco
Willie Hantz
JoJo Spatafora
Janelle Pierzina


Sasha said...

Thanks ORKmommy and Jackie. What a nice original pool girl was out so early!

Witt said...

Thanks, ORKMommy and pool girl Jodi got evicted the first night!

Witt :)

Margo said...

ooh I'm back in the game. Is it wrong to not root for my team?? Now I've got Boogie...yuk. Thanks for trying Ork.

Ninboh said...

Oh fudge, I'm not a Britney fan and now she's my pool pick. Oh well, at least I'm back in the pool.