Saturday, August 04, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Friday Evening - Aug. 3

On the block yet again!

What's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Foolish Flunkies? Read on ...
  • As expected, Danielle followed Dan's advice and put Wil and Frank on the block.
  • Her real target is Frank.
  • There won't be anything happening to make this nomination null and void.
  • Well, that is, unless the Power of Veto saves him.
  • In the pre-nom talks, Joe once again promised the world. He also said he owes Shane a huge favor.
  • I say he's just lucky he's not on the block again.
  • Even when he's not shouting, he's just overbearing.
  • Wil and Jenn talked about Ian's gameplay, saying "he's such a fan" as if that would be derogatory.
  • I'd say I'd rather a show fan in the house than a woman who was recruited because of her Facebook profile and tattoos knowing nothing about the show.
  • Janelle and, to a lesser extent, Britney, tried to get Danielle to put up two pawns and then backdoor Frank.
  • But Danielle seriously thinks that if she puts two people she wants to go home on the block, one will definitely go.
  • Janelle pointed out to Britney that if any of the coaches want a chance to win, the coaches have to last until they go to jury for the votes.
  • Boogie is STILL mad that last week's plan was to evict Frank and no one told him.
  • Sheesh. Like that would have been a smart idea!
  • Dan has lost faith in Ian. Despite his attempts to bring Ian aboard, Ian ran to Boogie.
  • Boogie's also upset his key came out last in nominations as well as his main dude (Frank) nominated.
  • Boogie thinks Dan wants to get him evicted for the street cred factor.
  • Actually, Dan did tell Danielle if the veto is used to save Wil, Boogie should go on the block.
  • Danielle doesn't really want to put Boogie on the block for some reason.
  • Boogie is a very unhappy camper.
  • Oh. Poor Boogie.
  • Janelle thinks Boogie has a fixation with men and can't work with women. She said that Boogie and Frank have a definite bromance.
  • Boogie doesn't want to budge from his grudge against Dan for the Frank plan.
  • Chilltown ain't so cool these days.

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Still guided by Dan


monty924 said...

Dan is so funny talking to the BBAD right now. Ragging on Mike Boogie :)) The feeds have skipped all the good stuff in the storage room between Boogie/Dan and Dan/Janelle.

Danielle did one thing for sure... she turned the house into a crazy house with her noms.

JOEY said...

Hi Jackie,
JOEY said" can America vote to evicted that hair lip on Joe chinning chin, chin?
He right, it is such a annoding thing to see and wonder what he was thinking when he started it.
Thank you , Jackie for all the hard works and we love you, always,