Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Friday Daytime - Pandora's Box - Aug. 31

He bought time, but how much time?

While the nominations won't be until later tonight, there's been some action in the house today. No, I'm not talking about Danielle jumping on Shane. (After all, he is so infatuated with her.) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Healthy Living:
  • Ian thinks Frank's social game is garbage. He says there's a reason he's on the block every week when he's not HoH. It's the way he treats people.
  • The Quack Pack (minus Britney, of course) agreed that the nominations should be Frank and Jenn with Joe going up as a replacement if veto is used.
  • Huh?
  • I guess they do have two weeks to get rid of Frank. But about the only way they're going to do it is with a backdoor. If he has the chance to save himself, he will.
  • Well, at least a floater will go home.
  • Shane said Frank thinks he's already won the game.
  • @@
  • "The Quack Pack is back."
  • Um. Okay. 
  • Joe knows that he'll go up as a replacement if needed. But he's been assured that they have the votes to save him.
  • Joe still needs to hula hoop at the sound of horns.
  • Then there was trivia. Say what? If the feeds are briefly blocked, they have a fish cam. With trivia, it's usually a comp or something along the lines.
  • Oh, geez ... Allison Grodner (Executive Producer), I do NOT want to see Jessie.
  • I don't.
  • I really don't.
  • Dang it, he was in the Pandora's Box today ... again.
  • Now, it was kind of funny last year seeing him annoy Rachel. But that's mostly because I liked to see things annoy Rachel.
  • Ian got all kinds of "Christmas gifts" including a luxury hammock and blow up toys for the pool.
  • Ian likes to almost live in the water, so blow-up toys are fitting.
  • He did NOT get a blow-up doll for the HoH room. :X
  • Danielle blew up a lot of the toys.
  • She's good at that.
  • Oh, I'm being terrible, aren't I?
  • Jessie wasn't in the Pandora's Box, per se. However, he was in the house.
  • He threw out all of their snack foods, replacing them with healthy foods.
  • He threw out all their saved beer.
  • Heh.
  • BB also took their grill away. Or maybe Jessie carried it out on his back. I don't know.
  • Jenn tried to use her mojo on Ian to keep off the block.
  • He told her that he didn't like to keep floaters who don't make big moves in the game.
  • Her "big move" last week was actually a Frank move.
  • Joe told Ian that Britney wanted them to work together. 
  • He really doesn't want to be a replacement nominee.
  • Frank is suspicious of Dan.
  • Well, geez ... he's DAN, the Man with a Plan!
  • He wonders if Dan has a deal with Ian and finds it strange that there's nothing being said about Dan going on the block -- the names coming up seem to be Frank and Jenn.
  • Heh.
  • Nominations will be later today.
  • I predict Jenn and Frank. Wouldn't be my choices, but ...!

No longer a carrot, now wearing a Boogie shirt. @@

Most congenial houseguest

Danielle is full of wind

New hammock ... wait, won't anyone sit with me?


Petals said...

Hilarious post & caps, Ms Jackie!

Shane actually made an astute observation: Frank DOES believe he has already won this game. People have been saying that (in & out of the house)since week 2.

I love how direct Ian is with the (soon to be) noms. He calls them floaters, to their face! hahaha!

monty924 said...

Rockin' avatar there, Petals!!

Jackie, the write-up is a gem once again. Loved it!

lynn1 said...

Honestly I think I would rather have had Rachel show up than Jessie. He really is disgusting.

Ed in Ohio said...

Agree.... nice write up as always. Jackie does seem to have a way with words.

I always thought Danielle might be full of 'hot air'!

Frank - 'thinks' he won the game.
Dan - 'plays' to win the game.
Dani - 'hopes' somebody will help her win the game.
Shane - wants to know what is the game?
Ian - covertly or overtly wants to win the game.
Joe - strategy is to float his way to the top.
Jenn - Jenn City...makes the big moves to get to the end. Rock On!

Patty said...

I was hoping since Kristen is Ian's so called hottie, that he would have opened pandora's box and Ian's dream girl would have spent time with him...I think that would have made for better tv than Jessie!

I am not so sure myself about the noms. I was thinking along the lines of putting up Dan and Jenn, praying Frank did not play in the POV, Dan winning POV, he comes down, Frank goes up and bye bye Frank and Brit welcomes Frank to the jury house. I know it is a risk, but sometimes I find myself livng on the edge, lol!

monty924 said...

Nice, Ed!!

Petals said...

Spot ON, Ed. LOLOL!

(for Delusionielle, every game - including this one - is about winning. But not BB, she just wants a "MAY-an"!)

Ed in Ohio said...

Petals, Dani may have to settle for a blow up doll for the time being.

Wonder how she'll be in the Jury house if & when she evicted?

JimmyB said...


Joe's best chance is to have someone take him to F2 and win $50K...and he knows it.

Frank's best chance is to be in the F2 and win $50K...and he doesn't know it. His ego will likely get him eveicted.

Ian needs to form an iron-clad agreement w/Shane & Joe for a F3 if he's gonna win.

Otherwise, it's Dan's game all the way.

Sharon said...

It's probably gone through Ian's mind that although he'd like to BD Frank, there's a good chance Frank would play in the comp, and win.

If Ian does put Frank up, he's no doubt hoping the comp will be some kind of mental thing that won't guarantee a win for Frank.

Too bad Frank couldn't play in the HOH comp last night. For some odd reason, I don't think he would have lasted as long as Shane.

Petals said...

Dani in jury, hmmm. Since it will be her, Brit & Ashley, I think it will the same as it has been in the house - all talk about clothes, makeup & boys.
She seems incapable of anything else.

Sharon said...

Dani would be so confused who to vote for if the final 2 was Shane and Dan.
The "love of her life" or her coach.
She'd probably pick Shane so they could use the $ for their wedding and glorious honeymoon. @@

Ed in Ohio said...

Sharon in that scenario I'm thinking the first thing Dani would do is cry.

They're on lockdown now maybe nom's will be coming soon.

If Frank is really Ian's target I think he pretty much has to put him up.

Petals said...

Check this out on SuperPass! A skype interview with Janelle! She has Violet with her, and is so pretty and candid.
Especially at the 21.50 mark, where Janey addresses Danielle's Delusions.
Her take is hilarious! There is even a Twitter page called Danielle's Delusions!
Too funny!

Petals said...

Delusionielle is praying? Wow, maybe she does have a decent bone in her body.
(maybe not the bone she WANTS, LOL)

Anonymous said...

Frank and Jenn on block

Sharon said...

geez, here we go with another week of Frank bullying people and spewing constant sentences that will be punctuated with variations of F&%K.

Sharon said...

Everyone playing in POV except Shane.

monty924 said...

I'm trying to picture Shane as a host! Nah, I'm not getting a clear picture. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Frank and Jenn are up

Not necessarily surprise, but I DID think Dan would have gone up.

People are asking why Ian didn't backdoor Frank. Well chances are that Frank is playing in the VETO no matter what so...

monty924 said...

Yep, Anon. Frank would have had to be the freak chance that Shane got. If Jen would pull Houseguests Choice, Frank would play and then the chance that his chip would come out in another draw. Frank needed to be nominated and let the POV play out. I rooting for......

you guessed it



Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend of festivities and food. I'll get my relaxation on the couch and the BBQ on with the family and friends and that's enough for me.

Sharon said...

Anon 11:54
Ian really wants the QP to be together again, and Dan is a member.
They will all turn on each other sooner or later.

Also, after Ian's initial anger over Dan's funeral stunt, I think he started to appreciate the 'big play' Dan made... especially seeing how it ended up getting Dan off the block.

monty924 said...

Yep, Sharon. I love the play in this season and especially from Dan and Ian. My two boys in the game. :)

GO IAN and GO DAN :)

Sharon said...

Well, this is certainly an exciting BBAD .... NOT!!
Only Danielle awake and puttering around.

Everyone napping in anticipation of POV comp MAYBE happening.

monty924 said...

One thing is for sure... it won't go down until BBAD is off. Darn!

I feele the pillow calling my name. :)

monty924 said...

*feel LOL

Sharon said...

Yup, this is a useless BBAD.
Nook and bed are calling me.

Sharon said...

Stayed up just long enough to find out no comp tonight.
In the meantime, Jesse struck again... the supply room. All natural/organic foods, etc.
Danielle having a fit... salsa but no chips. LOL

Brent McKee said...

Watched BBAD for a few minutes. It consisted of Jenn going to the toilet followed by Ian sleeping, followed by Jenn going from the toilet to her room and into bed with someone, then more of Ian sleeping. I literally could not stand the excitement!!!

meb said...

Petals at 9:48... Am I going to have to send you to the corner???

LOL... you is a bad girl!