Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Friday Morning - Aug. 10

Joe isn't mixing and mingling

I know a lot of folks were disappointed with the outcome of last night's eviction. However, with the meddling by production yesterday, I would have been more disappointed had the producers "saved" Janelle and didn't let the game run its course as by the hamsters themselves. Each season the producers seem more and more involved in directing what they want to happen. It should be up to the hamsters themselves, no matter the outcome, no matter if a fan favorite gets the boot.

Here's what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Hamster Harmony (or not):
  • When the live feeds returned post-show, all were gathered in the kitchen munching pizza and other stuff.
  • That is, except Joe.
  • He was alone in one of the bedrooms, probably figuring he's doomed this week.
  • The cheese does indeed stand alone.
  • Dan told the others about how he calls Julie Chen "Mrs. Chen" and how she admonishes him.
  • Britney seemed deflated by all of the action. She said she didn't hear the last song well. She really wanted that HoH.
  • The hamsters wondered what BB's edit on Janelle was, whether it showed her lying and personal attacks.
  • No, it did not.
  • Danielle thinks America hates her.
  • Well, perhaps not America on the whole (mainly because only a small percentage of America watches the show). But Janelle fans for sure.
  • Britney thinks it's her fault that Frank won -- she shouldn't have put Boogie and Frank together in the comp.
  • Frank and Boogie talked about who he (they) should nominate.
  • Frank kind of likes the idea of Dan up just to see him sweat like Frank has had to do almost every week.
  • Boogie isn't too keen on Danielle/Dan going up as they might need their votes.
  • Frank will talk to the Six and see if there's a volunteer ... maybe Shane.
  • Of course, without saying (although I'm sayin'), Joe would be on the block with whomever.
  • Jenn actually cooked instead of Joe.
  • Ashley is worried that after Joe goes they're going to "pick us off one by one."
  • Well, duh.
  • Britney said Janelle seemed to know she was leaving -- she (Janelle) said goodbye to her and wished her luck before the show.
  • Janelle apparently got more money than Britney to be in the show this summer.
  • Danielle (numerous times) fussed about whether people think she's a bad person.
  • I don't think she's a bad person, per se. An extremely annoying person, yes. An extremely needy person, yes. Bad? Probably not.
  • Frank and Big Ted (the bear) got the key for the new HoH room.
  • Fun was had by all.
  • Except maybe Joe.
  • BB gave them booze -- 8 cans of beer and a bottle of wine.
  • Joe tried to tell Wil, Ian and Jenn that Janelle told lies about them to get him (Joe) not to trust them.
  • He's backpedaling now.
  • I think it's going to be way too late.
  • Right now, all are asleep.
  • It sounds like, listening to Frank and Boogie, that no matter who is with him, it will be Joe out the door this week.
  • Huh.
  • Maybe he can win the PoV comp to save himself.
  • Yeah ... like THAT is gonna happen! 

Farewell Janelle


Trying to prove himself sans Dr. Will

Frank and Big Ted enter their HoH room


Michelle C said...

Did Janelle go to the jury house or home?

Jackie said...

I imagine she'll go home after she does the interview circuit. It's not time for jury yet -- too many people in the house.

Anonymous said...

I was not disappointed in the results of last nights eviction. That was some great gameplay by Boogie. I love it when someone can flip the house with a great plan and get people to drink the kool-aid, especially when they didn't lie once to do it as was the case with Boogie.
I was disappointed with last nights episode live blog and all the nasty comments after yesterdays earlier blog entry in which everyone was saying that we could do without the mean and nasty comments around here. I guess it was too much for the people around here to heed their own advice. I've been following you Miss Jackie since your TVS days in the early 2000's but I'm gonna have to stay away from here the rest of this year. There's too much negativity here for me. I'll check back when Survivor rolls around and see how the atmosphere is then. Good luck Jackie.

Witt said...

Does this mean we will have a week of Boogie preening like he moved the universe? And whoever came up with the name "Froogie" it!

Unfortunately, Boogie's goodbye message to Janelle was his usual M.O. and disappointing on so many levels.

P.S. Unrelated note here: EASIEST WV yet! I can actually see the numbers and letters!

~~Silk said...

Jackie, I second the sentiments of Anon above. I definitely appreciate your updates and analysis and will continue to read what you personally offer, so I'm not turning away, but the comments section is getting too sour. It leaves a bad taste.

RBennie said...

I totally forgot to watch the show last night! Unbelievable. I was leaving the house for work this morning when I suddenly realized I had missed the show. I think it was a subconcious thing to keep me from seeing Janey go. It sounds like they didn't show any of the nasty goodbye speeches and I'm happy about that. Is it true that Danielle didn't get her moment alone with Julie in the HOH room? Sweet! Well now I have no favorites in the house and can just sit back and watch Boogie and Frank reek havoc upon the other clueless hamsters. I guess I should be rooting for Ian as he is my pool pick, but he hasn't done a thing to impress me so far.

michi said...

I missed the part about production interrupting...what happened?!

Witt said...

RBennie, Ian hasn't made any moves since he hasn't been HOH, but he has lasted far longer than I thought and is really growing on me! I was concerned he wouldn't make many personal connections in the house but he really has!

Do you think that Froogie will nominate Danielle, since she nominated him? Is he tight with Wil -- would he go that direction?

Witt :)

RBennie said...

LOL, I love "Froogie". You are right Witt, I do give Ian credit for still being there. I am clueless as to what Frank will do. I do think it will be whatever Boogie tells him to do though. I hope he doesn't take the easy route and target Joe. I could care less if Joe went, but think it would be a waste of an HOH getting rid of him.

lynn1 said...

RBennie I am with you.I can't see how it benefits Frank or Boogie to get rid of Joe. I think that Joe is such a tool they might be able to use him for a vote at least this week.
I think since they made an alliance of the silent 6 that they could keep their hands clean by targeting Wil.
I don't know if they will be able to pass up an opportunity to get out Shane, Brit, Dan or Danielle. It is hard to say if they should take a risk on the alliance staying together through next couple of weeks.
Frank won't have a chance at HOH next week and I seriously doubt Boogie would win it.

Anonymous said...

Janelle, will be on the new BB Australia called Worldwide BB all around fan favorites, thats why she had to get booted out.
She knew she had to leave before the end of Aug.


Anonymous said...

Too much negativity. Please.
There are viewers who love Janelle and we have the right to say so and be sad that she leaves. The show has been known to find ways to keep players and we all just wanted a miracle.....because we LOVE her on the show. Just because you don't agree and might not agree about some of the simpleminded players doesn't make it negative. Its all about opinions and we have a right to ours! Thank you and goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Expression of negative emotions is one thing. Nastiness is another.

Petals said...

@@ actually, I thought I kept it pretty light, LOL. I AM an avid fan, and get all excited, I fall in love with some players, I hate them, it's a rollercoaster! That is part of the fun for me, coming here to share opinions. It isn't always always rainbows & butterflies, Anon.
And if you sure didn't voice this same disappointment in us when we were all ripping into Willie Hantz (it was ugly, LOL)

Petals said...

How great would it be if Frank nommed Boogie??

Anonymous said...

Love your posts Petals and you are always fun to read. I love your nickname for Danielle and I am hoping to see her leave with Boogie on a double eviction. Maybe the miracle will still happen.
YOU are not are enjoying the GAME. People who say they are unhappy and will not return to read the posts should do what they say and stay away. JMO


RBennie said...

Wow, Petals. When you dream, you dream big! LOL. It would be epic though.

Ed in Ohio said...

Compared to some of the other sites Jackie's blog is mild in comparison and very respectable. Jackie runs a tight ship! I'm sure if someone stepped out of line they would hear from her.

Me personally I did not find anything that I would consider overly negative or nasty in last nights comments. After all it's all in fun anyway.

Perhaps it's more about whom you're rooting for or against that would seem offensive.

Thanks Jackie for all you do! Keep up the good work!!

meb said...

Ed I agree with you. It all depends on who you're favorites are. I love Britney and in my heart don't like to hear anyone saying mean things about her here, but they do. Doesn't mean I'm going to stay away from Jackies. We have a right to our own opinions. I may not like yours, and you have a right to not like mine. (Of course, you all must know by now that mine are always right. : )

I thought Janey did a great job with Julie in her short interview.

Star M said:
Janelle, will be on the new BB Australia called Worldwide BB all around fan favorites, thats why she had to get booted out.
She knew she had to leave before the end of Aug.

Not to question you StarM, but can we verify the fact that she's going on this show? Jackie, have you heard this?

I wonder if Wil will go up with Joe. Makes sense to me.

Sasha said...

Oh Petals...I had that thought,too! Frank putting up Mike would be the best. Of course I think anyone getting Mike out would be my new BFF! Sad to see Janelle go... Just something about her I like.

Clover said...

I seem to remember that the only reason Boogie won All Star was because his friend (probably his only friend in the whole world) Will threw it to him. Does anyone else remember that?

BTW, because of Janelle's popularity, I think she'll wind up in the sequester house in some form even though technically she did not earn the right to be there.

Clover said...

I remember that the only reason Bugger won All Stars was because his friend (may be one of very very few) Will threw it to him. Anyone else remember that?

I think because of Janelle's popularity over a lot of years now that Big Brother might try to get her into the sequester house in some way, shape or form. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

In the past, hamsters usually tried to get out the strongest and most likely to win asap. So what's with this group of useless hamsters?

Right now, Joe seems to be Frank's main target. Joe? Really? I just don't get why Frank wouldn't be thinking along the lines of going after one of the crafty coaches instead.

Of the newbies, Ian is so different that I still have hope for him. Shane isn't one of my favs, but he's one that "might" be able to win something again (although he doesn't strike me as terribly bright... maybe he just hides it really well?). I sincerely hope we never have to watch Danielle in the HOH room again. GAG. As far as Will, Jenn, Ashley or Joe, does anyone think they will ever be able to challenge the much stronger players?

Never been a fan of Boogie (or his ego), but have to give him props. He HAS managed to turn the house on a dime. Brit has been an easy turn, but watching Boogie sucker-in DAN was incredible. Some mighty short memories in the BB house.


Critical Media said...

I wouldn't be surprised if, like with Rachel and Brendon and Pandora's Box, the producers find some way to bring Janelle back...

RBennie said...

I agree with you Sharon. I would think Dan would be much more savvy. It galls me to say this, but if Boogie pulls it off and makes it to the end, he will deserve to win. If that happens, then this bunch of hamsters will go down as being the dumbest in a long line of dumbies!

Donna in Alabama said...

This is totally on another subject but did BB give each "team" clothes of the same color? For instance, pink t-shirts, shorts, swimming trunks, lounge pants, etc. for everyone on Britnay's team.

Chacha said...

Frank wouldn't put his Bromance boyfriend up yet.
I do think he thinks about it in the back of his mind.
He has got to see that if its the two of them sitting at the end of the show Boogie will point out it was all his idea.
I would love to see Boogie go but it wont be until Jury.
A few moments ago Frank and Boogie spoke to Wil who wont promise them anything until after veto, now they are thinking of keeping Joe and getting Wil out....

Anonymous said...

I would love to see others who are in power pull a big move..It's not about what's right for the HOH it's what was best for player. I get tired of the HOH putting two people up and not expecting everyone to back them up...I wonder if Frank has the nerve to put up a power couple (d&d or b&s)...


Chacha said...

so does anyone think Ashley is faking her injury so she wont have to be a havenot?
To me if you can't perform in a comp you shouldn't be allowed to stay in the house or you are auto nominated.
What does everyone think?
its just funny to me how everytimr she may be up for any type of punishment/nomination her back or shoulder hurts.
there are consiracy theories that janie could come back and this is not what i think would happen at all..but it makes me wonder what they will/would do.

Petals said...

Good point, ChaCha. It didn't occur to me, but you are right: If she is indeed injured, maybe she should opt out of the contest!

ORKMommy said...

I just did some research and can find no evidence of Janelle being on an Australian version of BB called Worldwide. As a matter of fact, the Aussie version was cancelled a few years ago and is just coming back this year, debuting on Aug. 13. The season is called "Secrets" where each contestant has a secret the others have to guess. Also, the HG's have been on lock down since Aug. 4 so there's no way Janelle could be on their show.

Anonymous said...

Earlier today, Ashley acted like she was hurting so bad that she was having trouble walking. The guys even suggested carrying her to the bathroom, but she said no. Whatever. I'll feel bad if I'm wrong, but as it stands, I'm not so sure the injury/pain is real.

IMO, if Ashley is really that injured, or her back is 'that' bad, why hasn't BB removed her from the game? She should be removed from the game if she's in no condition to compete. If BB gives her a comp pass, it's not fair to the other hamsters. Hate to sound cold, but...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone watch Glasshouse?
Seems the people in the house are trying to copy big brother, they seem so fake.

Anonymous said...

Watched ONE episode of Glasshouse.
That was it.
Dumb show.
I couldn't stand the whole concept.

Petals said...

Anon, Yeah. CBS tried to stop that show from airing a few months back. Reviews were not good, do you like it? Big Brother is the original, Whoooooo!

RBennie said...

I don't think that Ashley is faking. She may be milking it a bit but I think she's really in pain. If she can't compete she should be removed from the game.

Anonymous said...

Can't help wonder how much longer BB will continue. It's lost so many viewers the past 2 seasons.

No. I can't stand Glasshouse and my a Reality Show Junkie daughter won't watch that stupid show either.

The powers-that-be gave "3" a whole two weeks before it was axed. CBS should have axed Glasshouse after the 1st airing.


Petals said...

Sharon, Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves. He is the President & CEO of CBS.
I'd say her show will stay on as long as she wants it to, LOL. hehehe
It can't cost very much to produce, it's so Dollar General kitschy, right?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Petals.
I knew Julie Chen is married to someone in the business, just didn't realize how far up the food-chain. lol

Still, if the show loses enough viewers, even her hubby-butt would have to reconsider the wisdom of keeping it on the air. He'd just put her on a different show!!

monty924 said...

I'm not sure what to think of my pool girl's condition. I do believe she's injured, but Rbennie may be right in that she is milking it. About the comps... Britney sat out her first Food/HaveNot comp in her season as well. She was injured in the first HOH Slippery Weiner comp. She was given a pass, so this isn't precident.

Sharon, Glasshouse is on ABC. I've caught a couple of episodes when the Bachelorette was airing and it's a complete rip-off of BB. It's not good either and doubt it will be picked up for another season.