Monday, August 06, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Monday Afternoon - Aug. 6

On the block

Well, she done did it. The last waffling took hold and now Janelle is on the block. Yipes! Here's what happened so far today in that Big Brother House of Shock and Awe:
  • Early in the morning, both Boogie and Frank were uncertain if Danielle would actually go through with the backdoor Janelle plan.
  • Frank said he really can't take Danielle, but Boogie claimed she'd be very "gutsy" if she actually uses the veto and puts Janelle on the block.
  • Boogie is almost gleeful thinking of the plan working.
  • Ugh.
  • Danielle actually did a no-no -- she told Wil she was going to take him off the block.
  • He, of course, is thrilled.
  • He forgives her for putting him up there though promised safety.
  • She also told him it was Janelle going up in his place.
  • She acted like it was always the plan.
  • @@
  • Shh ... it's a secret.
  • She didn't tell him that anybody else was involved in her plan.
  • Then Wil went and told Frank that if he (Wil) was taken off the block, he wouldn't vote to evict him (Frank).
  • @@
  • The live feeds were blocked for the PoV meeting. When they came back on, Janelle was indeed on the block and Wil was off.
  • Danielle told Janelle that she heard she (Janelle) was going to be coming after her.
  • Janelle denied all.
  • Janelle was shocked.
  • Wil was in awe that Danielle actually saved him.
  • There's your "Shock and Awe."
  • Dan told Danielle he thinks she made the move a bit too soon.
  • Danielle told Dan that she told Janelle he had nothing to do with the decision.
  • Britney is just playing dumb like she didn't know it was happening.
  • She was never really on board with it, but was privy to all of the discussions.
  • Boogie has a new found respect for Danielle.
  • I wonder why.
  • Janelle is upset that she didn't have make-up on for the meeting as she didn't think she'd be going on the block.
  • Dan told Janelle that he thought he had talked Danielle out of putting her on the block, but then fell asleep.
  • Danielle, to her credit, is taking all of the heat and telling Janelle it was all her doing -- not Dan's.
  • Janelle talked to Joe and Wil looking for votes. Both told her they'd vote for her to stay.
  • When Wil left, she told Joe he (Wil) was lying.
  • Joe said he'd find out and report back.
  • Wil and Ashley think that Joe is the only one on Janelle's side.
  • What? Ashley has been her BFF ... at times!
  • Joe is getting a bit Willie-ish (read: bully) in his behavior again.
  • You'd think HE was the one going home!
  • Both Britney and Danielle are waiting for Janelle to explode ... or maybe Joe to explode for her.
  • Wil told Frank and Jenn that Janelle was worse than ever and he knows where his vote is going.
  • Janelle read a pink bible in bed while wearing a pink shirt.
  • She did have her make-up on for that.

Pretty in pink

Not pretty in pink ... or any other color

The Zombie Apocalypse is here!


meb said...

Thanks Jackie... I just asked on the previous post what reactions there were. Danielle took a real chance telling Wil before actually doing it. She's HOH crazy... it'll do that to ya! :)

I can't wait for BBAD tonight to see if the fireworks have started yet. If Janelle does leave the house, when she gets home and sees all the plotting that went on to get her out, she is going to be hot.

Thanks for bringing us up to date Jackie.

Jackie said...

I worked today and had to go skimming through the flashback feature of the feeds to get together a real report.

Anonymous said...

Janelle is the reason I was watching the show. I won't be on board now. Both Danielle and Boogie bug and Dan is playing the same game he played before. Janelle still ranks at the top on Jokers for popularity so I am not the only one who will turn the TV off. @@

Petals said...

Agree, Anon. I love Janey. I know she is hugely popular. I will miss her, but will continue to watch, as I'd like to root for Ian.

It is 3 days until votes. Anything is possible. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Janelle to turn the tide.

lynn1 said...

I think Ashley looks stoned most of the time. I wonder if the spray tan fumes have messed up her brain permanently.

Petals said...

Lynn - the other night, on the feeds, Danielle said to Dan something about Ashley taking another Vicodin, and she remarked that "she has taken one every day"
At least that is what I heard. I could be wrong, but maybe Ashley has some female trouble or migraines or something...?

JonMD1267 said...

I was hoping I was dreaming when I read this DOH. I can fully see that it is a big move in the game but it's Boogie's move, yes Danielle did it but it was Boogie that tended the garden. I hope somehow this will be Janelle's wake up call and she can some how pull it off. But I think they just sealed the rest of the coaches fate in this and I think Dan should have known better and pushed for he to keep them the same.

JonMD1267 said...

sidebar you know the producers are going to push hard for Janelle to stay in the game or pull some "America's vote" thing to let someone come back in to the game.

lynn1 said...

Thanks for the info on Ashley's Meds. I didn't know she was on anything like that. I hope she has been taking it easy on the booze.

Terry is a Texan! said...

all these hamsters should get mike boogie out first....shame...I will miss janelle

PDX Granny said...

Terry, I couldn't agree more! I would have loved to see his face if it had been him that Danielle put up after taking Wil off. Having both Frank and Boogie on the block would have made for some interesting TV!

Judy said...

Hi to all - I have been lurking, as usual, but wanted to comment on Janelle. I still really like her, and I think the other players have given her a bum rap this season.

Janelle is a stiff-upper-lip kind of person - it's one of her strengths as a player. I don't think she would talk about her baby, or missing her - it isn't her style, and she may be able to handle the separation better if she *doesn't* talk about it.

I have three sons (the youngest is 21), and when they first went away to college we didn't call very much because we could tell it made them homesick (and made me miss them so much). I think the same principle may apply.

Thanks to you all, especially Jackie, for all your great posts!


monty924 said...

Someone should do a chop of Danielle as a Klingon. Every time she goes into her retelling of all things completely twisted, she gets a Klingon forehead. It's like a tell in poker. You see it and immediately you know she is blowing things out of proportion and practically flat out lying.

Kelly said...

Janelle can't go... she is the hotest girl on the this season (again).

Petals said...

OMGosh Monty! I see the forehead thing, and honestly? I thought it was uneven Botox thing. Like they forgot to inject on the sides, you know what I mean?

Judy - good insight! I agree: Janey has really been treated unfairly.

Jon - from your words to CBS's ears! I would love it to be any kind of twist. Janelle really is a fave; I hope some strings are pulled in her favor.

Petals said...

It's been 3 weeks. Danielle told Britney that she wants her IN her wedding (when & if she finds a husband)

Petals said...

Kelly - right on!

Petals said...
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Petals said...

Obviously Janelle is the MOST popular player among the house guests: They are physically unable to discuss anything except her!