Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Monday Wee Hours - Aug. 18-20

Gals in a hammock

At least this season, I don't have to watch Adam standing around all the time. True, I have to listen to Danielle and Joe (both of whom are annoying), but enduring Adam was worse last year. So ... what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of As the Hamster Turns? Read on ...
  • Ashley and Frank really think that Dan needs to go next.
  • After she talked to Shane, Ashley is confident that the replacement nominee will be Joe, Ian or Dan.
  • Buzzzz ... wrong!
  • Joe thinks he has it wrapped up with his latest "news" he's heard within the house -- Ian betrayed his own team!
  • Yep, it was IAN who mentioned cheating immediately after veto to Dan, etc. thus throwing Boogie and Frank under the bus.
  • Well, that's quite the revelation, eh?
  • Of course, it doesn't really matter now so much that Ian isn't "with" Boogie and Frank.
  • And, if Joe wants to use it as Ian can't be trusted, telling the Quack Pack isn't going to mean anything.
  • The Quack Pack minus double agent Ian, think that Ashley has a thing for Frank and can't be trusted.
  • They think Jenn is more honest, but they still think that she would be the better one to put on the block with Boogie.
  • Jenn is more honest because she "said mean things about Dan."
  • The Quack Pack is trying to decide what Shane should say when he nominates her in Frank's place.
  • Ian earlier pointed out that all of that team is in color on the Memory Wall.
  • Ian hurt his ankle playing badminton.
  • Poor kid.
  • Boogie is more resigned to the fact he'll be going home.
  • Poor Boogie.
  • Not.
  • Ian thinks they'll wait until next week for the double eviction so that one person isn't sent to the jury alone.
  • We know he's wrong.
  • With the numbers this week, Boogie should go home. Whoever is the second boot on Thursday should be the first member of the jury.
  • If I were in that house, I'd relish a week alone.
  • Wouldn't you?
  • Sheesh, they just mention "Dairy Queen" and we get fishes.
  • That's one of the code words for Diary Room.
  • Well, as I close ... although they definitely think Ashley is more sketchy and shady, Jenn should be the replacement nominee. 

Being Frank to all

Hang down your head, Boogie Malin, hang down your head and cry

Britney is safe, but what about the second boot?

Dan is steady at his game


meb said...

Good Morning Jackie... I wish it would be a sure thing that Boogie would go home with Ashley as the replacement.. up there with him... just to scare her a bit. She is really annoying. I have grown to like Jenn so much more. Of course that's probably because we don't see much of her.

The double eviction is scary as to which one would go immediately following this week's normal eviction. Have they even discussed who goes up if QP wins HOH and who gets voted out?

Be Prepared should definitely be their motto right now for the "Unexpected"! It'll be a good episode regardless and I'm looking forward to it.

Have a good day Jackie... I happen to be off today. Nice! Recovering from my great grandson's 1st birthday party yesterday. Tired!

Petals said...

G'morning! How's the sprain, Ms J? Any better?

For me, it wouldn't matter who replaces a nominee, as long as Boogie goes home.

I still don't dislike Joe. He never has gotten under my skin like he has so many others, in & out of the house. I watched a couple of his MadLove YouTube videos - I think he is is OK. I know he licks his fingers, but I guess that just doesn't bother me. Meh.
LOL, Delusionielle has Me-itis. Somehow, she swings every single conversation back to her.

Have a great week, everyone!

lynn1 said...

Jackie, I hope your finger is better. A sprain can be more painful that a break.
Not that it matters but I believe Frank did vote to evict Kara when Willie was HOH. It was so long ago and really did have any big impact on the game.

~~Silk said...

Britney's wedding photos are at

(You can turn the annoying music off by clicking on the pink bars at the bottom.)

Ninboh said...

@lynn1 Frank was on the block against Kara that week and made deals for his own safety that led to her eviction. He definitely didn't vote then. This is the first time he used a veto to save himself. All of his other 9 lives were the result of live votes and a BB gift.

Cheryl said...

I am hoping Boogie goes on Thursday. I am very happy about that. He may be my least favorite houseguest of all seasons. I am hoping that Box in the Arcade Room shown last night does not mean there is some Power that Boogie or Frank wins this week that keeps me safe. As I still think the producers wanted this season to be Chilltown 2 as the big storyline. I think they would love to see Boogie saved, sadly. But I hope not. I hope with a double eviction coming thursday, that there is no time in the show to show a Twist with this Box in Arcade Room. As I do not trust Boogie going home until we actually see it Thursday. Yes I am paranoid and worried. LOL

lynn1 said...

@Ninboh, Thanks for refreshing my memory. For some reason I thought Kara and Danielle were the first to be nominated but you are right it was Frank and Kara.
It sure does seem like a long time ago when Willie was HOH and we were getting ready for the first eviction.

Brent McKee said...

Just for information's sake, CBS has announced this season's "Survivor" cast. There is no one named Hantz in the cast, three former players who were medivaced in their seasons, a former Major League Baseball Player, and Blair from "The Facts Of Life" (Lisa Whelchel).

Petals said...

yes I saw that too, Brent! and jonathan from survivor micronesia! Yay!

tbc said...

Blair in the jungle....

Anonymous said...

Veto over- Froogie going in on Dan HARD. They're all in the living room and Dan is completely silent, reading the Bible as Froogie lambastes his decision right there.

It's kinda pathetic/bullyish, but they're kinda being funny at the same time. I don't see how Dan doesn't just burst out laughing.

Anonymous said...

GUYS! Stuff is really going down in the house now. Boogie and Frank have waged war on DAN and Shane.

JENN!! has joined Boogie and Frank and is also making little remarks and chuckles about Dan--TO HIS FACE

IAN is also joining in and I don't know if he's just doing it for show or what!

JOE is pissed off about the whole bullying thing. Dan doesn't care.

Petals said...

damn !! I hate that I'm missing this !! thanks Anon for keeping us updated. keep it up

Sharon said...

It was rich... Boogie, Frank and then Jenn joining for what they hoped would be the Dan-beatdown. It didn't work. LOL

Jenn is really ticked-off ... guess she really thought she could lay low and float to the end, all while saying stuff that would get back to Shane.

Shane is actually starting to surprise me. He's taking all the crap from Frank & Boogie and just saying things like, "That's fine" or "sorry you feel that way." Not letting them get to him at all!

Of course, Joe hasn't been aware of Ian's Super-Stealth routine, so it's been easy for Joe to get upset at him. On the other hand, I really hope Ian joined in (with F/B) to cover his butt. I may have missed if Ashley gas been able to get to love-sick Ian somehow. @@

Joe piped up and told Frank & Boogie he didn't like their bullying people! Of course, they didn't think they were bullying... in the meantime, Danielle is off in another room crying after a bout with (I think) Boogie.

As the Worm Turn...

Anonymous said...

It's dying down now, but Joonk (Jenn, Boogie, Frank) are planning to get drunk and cause all kinds of trouble tonight.

Shane, Brit, Ashley and Joe are shocked by Jenn's behavior. "Does she not get that she's a pawn?" "Apparently not"

Joe is surprised by Ian, but I don't know if Shane and Brit were pretending to be shocked because they know he's a double agent or if they really are shocked at his behavior as well. Things are finally getting juicy!

Sharon said...

Delusionelle is incredible, and not in a good way.

Brit was trying to calm her down, saying Dani should be laughing over Froogie's attempts instead of letting them upset her.

The dip-stick was getting ticked-off because "this is real life" to her. @@