Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Monday Afternoon - Aug. 21

The PuppetMaster has arrived

Yep, just after I finished posting this morning's report (I'm East Coast), a huge flying American cockroach divebombed Boogie and Frank in the backyard. I'm talking HUGE. I think Boogie might have recruited it for his alliance.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves:
  • While it was still night there (morning here!), Danielle climbed atop of Shane in bed and molested him.
  • Ew. 
  • He did NOT encourage her.
  • Ew.
  • Shane told Danielle she had no self control.
  • Apparently no dignity, either.
  • Bitter Boogie Boy told Frank that if he goes out Thursday, he's going to go have sex with Dan's wife.
  • He didn't put it quite so nicely, but I try to keep a PG-rated blog going here.
  • He also said that he'd tell Joe he couldn't cook and that he blew his chance at a show because he (Boogie) owned 17 restaurants in the past 11 years.
  • Um. How many of them does he currently own? How many went out of business? Inquiring minds want to know!
  • Frank and Boogie think they have the votes for Boogie to stay: Frank, Ian, Ashley, and ... and ... oh noes, they need one more!
  • Joe! They need Joe's vote!
  • So they worked on him on and off and many times today.
  • It's kind of like a Vulcan Mind Meld, but they didn't touch him.
  • "Here, drink this Kool-Aid, Joe. All of your problems will be solved. You wouldn't be the low man on the totem pole with OUR Kool-Aid alliance!"
  • Oh. They don't know they don't have Ian's vote either.
  • Oh. And probably not Ashley's. That one is a bit hazy. She's promised both Boogie and Jenn votes and it's hard to tell what her muddled mind will do. She might vote to evict Benji for all I know.
  • But he will have his bromance boy Frank voting for him to stay! You can take that to the bank, Boogie!
  • Oh. And he doesn't have Joe's vote, either.
  • Oops. Too bad, so sad!
  • Joe, of course, ran right to Dan and Shane with Boogie's tales.
  • Boogie keeps talking about wanting to punch Dan. He blames all of this on Dan.
  • Wait until he sees the tapes and his boy Ian. 
  • I think even the Boogie will have to say, "Well done."
  • Boogie also keeps saying how much he hates all the people, the losers in the house.
  • When Boogie told Joe they for sure had Ian's vote, Joe went to Ian.
  • Ian is still playing Secret Squirrel and told Joe of course he's voting for Boogie to stay. Boogie all the way!
  • Joe is freaking within. He's popping Advil like crazy. I don't think he deals with the stress well. He had a panic attack and claims his blood pressure is acting up.
  • Dan is more like Cool Hand Luke. I forgot how good he actually is.
  • Boogie told Frank it would be the ultimate betrayal if Ian went to the other side.
  • Heehee.
  • Joe promised Jenn he will not vote her out. So did Dan. 
  • Well, duh on the Dan vote. Did she actually think he'd want Boogie to stay?
  • Britney is upset that Boogie is so angry at everyone and the world in general.
  • Well, he's a poor sport. He's the Boogie. He should be King of his Hamsters.
  • Joe doesn't think he'll last the night without telling Boogie where his vote really is (Boogie out).
  • Uh-oh.
  • As a personal bit, I want to thank those who have given a donation this year. It's very appreciated and even makes the lack of sleep a bit easier to handle. Thank you! 

Ew! Ew! Danielle molesting Shane! Ew!

Desperation in digital

Why is she even worried that he'd vote for Boogie to stay?

What a tangled web we weave ...


BoogerBlows said...

I will be sooooooooo happy to see the booger leave the house. And it will validate the point that he is nothing without Dr. Will. Hahahahaha.

Ed in Ohio said...

Chilltown part deux...NOT!

It looks like the Booger 'Got-Got'

Lili said...

I am confused. Ian has said repeatedly that he will blame his "Vote Boogie Out" vote on Joe, to piss off Frank and cause Frank to go after Joe if Frank wins the next HOH.

Best as I can ell Boogie at best will receive to votes to stay this week..Ashley and Frank. So how the heck does he deny his vote without calling Ashley a liar? Just saying Ian's big plan to deflect Frank from coming after Dan and Shane seems ridiculous for such a smart guy.

Witt said...

Boogie's comment about Dan's wife is really, really disgusting. I'm sorry I can't come up with a description low enough. Those roaches would be better company!!!
Have fun on the outside, Boogie...you got played by IAN!!

Witt :)

Witt said...

To Clarify: The roaches would be better company than BOOGIE but I know you guys all knew that!


lynn1 said...

Witt, I'm with you on hoping Boogie doesn't say anything about Dan's wife. That kind of talk should be completely out of bounds.
I hope the BB folks tell Boogie if he says anything about Dan's wife he won't get his money. That would shut him up.

Petals said...

I can't believe this is going to continue for another 48 hours. How are they going to endure it? How are WE?

My years-long hatred of Boogie feels good. Like an old friend visiting. He always comes around to earn that hatred - vile bottom-feeder that he is. Such slime is contagious, as Frank is an example.
It is like Simon Bar Sinister & Cad Lackey! (oops, dated myself!)

Becky said...

I am with the rest of the ones who hope CBS lets Boogie know that it will be unacceptable to them if he says anything about Dan's wife.

I also agree with the roach comments. The roaches would be insulted to be compared to Booger.

Finally, Jackie, you do a terrific job. Your captions are right on the money!

Ed in Ohio said...

Petals, Good choice of characters. I can see the comparisons. LOL!

Simon Bar Sinister = Booger
Cad Lackey = Frunk

Too funny!

Ed in Ohio said...

Becky, I'm pretty sure CBS wouldn't allow Boogie to go there with Dan's wife, but unfortunately he's already broadcast his uncensored disgusting comment over the internet via the feeds. Scum Bucket!

I hope cool hand Dan takes him to task when he finds out what was said!

Sharon said...

Today, Dan said he respects that "at least Boogie plays the game."

Yeah, Booger plays...and hits below the belt.
I'm sure Dan is well aware of how crude Boogie really is, but I don't think he would expect (or appreciate)the remarks involving his wife.

Boogie thinks Ian is voting for him to stay, but makes fun of Ian behind his back. But then, Boogie makes fun of all the "stupid losers" in the house. Such an ass.

After a few minutes of enjoying Boogie's misery being put on the block, he's not fun to watch anymore.

I'll be so upset if any of the hamsters changes their vote and keeps Booger there.

monty924 said...

Time to crank up the feeds. It's going to go down here anytime. This is how smart my pool girl is... she chooses the side of the house that definitely has one going home. DOH She trusts going forward with Boogie @@

She's sort of dug her grave in there now. Jenn's going to find out that Ashley is voting for Boogie and she's burnt her bridge with the other side. DDBSJ And here I thought her ditz act was just that. An act. Guess not!

monty924 said...

Joe's all talk and no action!

Sharon said...

Monty, I was just in the process of calling him Chicken Joe.

Who knows.. since he spilled the beans to Jenn about Ashley voting to keep Boogie and then Ashley spilling to Frank... a donnybrook might break out yet!!

Anonymous said...

to answer your question about how many restaurants he still ( co ) owns, just google his name followed by: lawsuits... your mouth will drop open!
It really makes you wonder how CBS could even allow a dirtbag like Mike Malin to even be on this show again.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else get why Ashley has gone with Frank and Boogie? IMO she wants some more of Frank and thinks that is the way to get him...just saying. After the scene in the HOH room with them, I think she has an itch she would like for Frank to scratch for her!

Brent McKee said...

Well despite the competing lawsuits, Boogie and his business partner Lonnie Moore are the founding partners of the Dolce Group of companies. Of course their website doesn't have links for websites for the group's restaurants. Boogie's original place, "Belly" is no longer open.