Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Monday Evening - Aug. 21

Frank channels Richard Simmons at times

I'm not sure I can endure two more days of this until the (double) eviction. It could be worse. I could be Joe. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whirling Dervishamsters:
  • Oh my gosh, what a mess.
  • Frank and Boogie have been after Joe all day and even part of last night.
  • Ashley's at him.
  • The HoH crew is after him.
  • He seems to be with the HoH crew.
  • He has a talk with Ashley, she runs to Boogie and Frank and repeats it verbatim.
  • Well, that is until Joe plops down in a chair with them.
  • Heh.
  • Then Joe tells Britney all of what Ashley said.
  • She's definitely voting for Boogie. So, it should be her and Frank, possibly Ian as a cover.
  • Dan, Danielle, Britney and Joe should vote to rid the house of Boogie.
  • Joe's been saying all evening he's going to tell Frank that he's decided to go with the others.
  • He did tell Jenn that Ashley said she'd be voting to keep Boogie.
  • Of course, Ashley told Jenn she was voting to keep her.
  • Secret Squirrel Ian has become almost a smooth liar in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Dan seems to be laying low, mainly in the HoH room, occasionally appearing in the yard to play pool.
  • For all of his talk and posturing, Joe ain't no tough guy.
  • I don't think he's going to have his big confrontation with Frank and/or Boogie.
  • At least not tonight.
  • I notice BB hasn't given them any alcohol tonight.

All hail Ian ... oh, they will. They will.

Professional camera work, minimum wage!

Mr. Spock called. He wants his eyebrows back.

I admit to taking a few editing liberties to her ear, but swear I didn't mess with her eyebrows!


I should elbow that floater in the ribs


Ninboh said...

Why would the quack pack risk letting Ian vote to keep Boogie. Plus in the goal to isolate Frank at this point. Why is the Quack pack allowing Ian to hide his alliance. They are helping Ian's game but doing nothing to help themselves. I think Ian may be overplaying the same. If not Dan, then I bet Ian might be the first casualty of the alliance.

Critical Media said...

I wouldn't be surprised it Ian flipped on the Quack Pack.

I think his biggest reason for joining them was that he saw he couldn't trust Boogie. With Boogie out of the house he may see Frank as a better protector than the Quack Pack.

Critical Media said...

Then again. They can out him as their spy and Frank'll be nevermind.

BTW. I've never been an Ian fan, but I hate the way he it ruins his innocent nerdy boy image.

Petals said...

This is almost too tense to follow. Almost! At this point, I am too addicted to look away.
If Boogie doesn't go home tomorrow night, ugh...I just don't know how I could force myself watch.

There is so much double-agenting going on, so many false allegiances & tale-telling - I am unclear about who is REALLY on whose side.

Petals said...

They are all awake except for Boogie. I guess trying to tire themselves so that they can sleep all day, avoiding his wrath.

From what I see, Frank not only drank the Boogie KoolAid, he is drunk on it. He seems to truly think that Boogie is a celebrity or something. @@

tbc said...

I had no idea that Ashley could quote some verbatim!! Wow, quite impressive.

I love the secret squirrel reference. All I can picture is him scurrying in the yard and trees picking up his "nuts" and burying them.


Petals said...

The HOH crew all know about Delusionielle being a nurse. So Boogie's "big expose" won't be so big.

tbc said...


*someone verbatim. LOL

RBennie said...

I agree with Ninboh about Ian. I understand the usefulness of him being a double agent while Boogie is still there, but once he goes on Thursday (please, please make him go) then I see no more need for the cloak and dagger stuff.