Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Monday Evening - Aug. 8

The Odd Couple

After two hours or so of inexplicable trivia running on the feeds, I've had it. No, they are not playing a game. They're on an indoor lockdown, not unusual for the day before the HoH comp. In one brief return from the feeds showed them sitting in the same places discussing trivial (not trivia) things. For some reason, BB is blocking huge blocks of time from us tonight. Grr. Here's what's happened in that Big Brother House of Mysterious Feed Blocking:
  • Boogie told Britney he thinks that two people will go home next week.
  • Dan and Ian both think nothing like that will happen this week due to all of the excitement with the coaches coming in last week.
  • All three are probably right.
  • Boogie still thinks Danielle's lying about being a kindergarten teacher. He feels she's trying to sell it too hard.
  • Boogie and Britney thought perhaps a medical student, but Boogie doesn't think she's smart enough for that.
  • Heh.
  • Boogie guess nurse.
  • Ding, ding! Give that man a prize!
  • I personally don't get all the lying in the first place.
  • Britney tried to warn Danielle that Shane isn't all that into her, a showmance rarely works out and she'll probably never see him once their BB lives calm down.
  • Danielle all of a sudden worried about her love interest at home, Trey.
  • It seems like he's not as interested in her as she is in him, too.
  • She doesn't know where their relationship stood when she left for the show.
  • I sense a pattern here.
  • Dan wants to warn Janelle she's going home.
  • Boogie doesn't want him to and mentions that the rules prohibit it, too.
  • Joe told Shane he's solid with him, Danielle, Britney and Dan.
  • As if!
  • Joe also told Shane that Ian, Jenn, Wil and Ashley have a strong alliance.
  • Oh. Really?
  • Too bad Ian is in with Danielle, Shane, Britney and Dan.
  • Joe thinks he will eventually win a few HoH comps.
  • When? After the season ends?
  • Janelle apologized to Frank for saying she hated him. She said that if she goes home tomorrow, she wanted him to know she didn't mean it.
  • He accepted the apology.
  • Britney's conscience is getting to her. She's tired of lying to Janelle and having second thoughts about the whole thing.
  • Okay, the feeds came back. They had their halfway party with pizza and booze.
  • Boogie thinks that means that two people will be going home this week, if not tomorrow night, then Sunday.
  • I do realize that numbers-wise, they are not at the halfway point.
  • But timewise, they are a few weeks off, too. 
  • Hmm.
  • Apparently Janelle started a food fight and the party got cut short.
  • Life goes on. 


Britney tries to warn Danielle about showmances

Dan in his Memphis hat lying to Janelle about votes


monty924 said...

Spark up the feeds or BBAD. Danielle/Delusionelle is on one of her rolls. She's good that one!


monty924 said...

Ughhhh, are they really talking about Karma? People, you don't have a clue what Karma is with Boogie in the house. I wish I could smack all of you up side the head.

But I won't. Teehee You get what you deserve in this house/game.

Peace out from my pool girl

Matt said...

They're not that far off for the halfway party.

The hamsters moved in on July 7. According to the main Wikipedia article for Big Brother (not this particular season, but all seasons), the finale is set for September 19.

That means a total of 74 days in the hamster habitrail for BB14. Half of that is 37 days, and 37 days after July 7 is…Monday, August 13. So they're only about five days ahead of schedule, and the ever-changing number of houseguests aside from normal evictions (-Willie, +coaches) may move it around a little bit, but not later than September 19.

They're not too far ahead of the halfway point. Jackie, however, thinks August 8 is a Monday, so your mileage may vary… :-)

Petals said...

Gee Matt, have a little Phenomenon moment there? LOL)

G'Morning guys!
I would SOOOO love there to be an "expect-the-unexpected" twist that results in a Janey stay.
Delusionielle does have a creepy psycho-stalker trait. Surely Shane is not the first guy that receives her unwanted attention, and prolly won't be the last. *sigh*