Saturday, August 04, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening - Aug. 4

Got snacks?

Hey, what's new in the house?

So, what's the scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Characters in Costume? Read on ...
  • Boogie remains miserable and is basically alienating himself from everyone in the house except his bro-buddy Frank.
  • Too bad, so sad.
  • Wil, who has all but burned his bridges with Janelle, did turn to Boogie to squirm his way in there.
  • But no one really trusts Wil now.
  • When Boogie loses Frank at his side, he'll probably use Wil.
  • Boogie's a loser user!
  • Meanwhile, Janelle is trying to do her own damage control with Wil. She told him that if Frank doesn't go home this week, people aren't being truthful with her.
  • Janelle told Wil she was "shocked" that he went up on the block.
  • The coaches are aware (well, maybe not Boogie) that Joe is stirring up a revolution against them.
  • Boogie is in too much of a woe is me persona to care that others are playing the game.
  • Boogie did try to talk to Danielle. She told him the nominations were hers, not to blame Dan.
  • She led him on enough for him to run back to Frank all excited about the chance to work with her. @@
  • Danielle is really surprising me as of late.
  • Of course, Boogie's worried that he'll go on the block as a replacement if someone uses the PoV. 
  • Boogie doesn't think Danielle is "tight" with Britney.
  • She is.
  • She's tighter with Dan, but we all know that.
  • Frank sucked up to Dan and Danielle.
  • Too little, too late.
  • Frank said he was only joking when he talked about going after Janelle.
  • Backpedaling a lot there, kid!
  • But that's one Danielle is NOT tight with -- Janelle.
  • Even Jenn is distancing herself some from Boogie and Frank. She says all they care about is each other.
  • Maybe it's true love since Dr. Will moved on with his life leaving Boogie on the wayside like roadkill.
  • Adding to his misery, Boogie didn't even get picked to play for PoV.
  • Doesn't it just tug at your heartstrings?
  • Heh.
  • The PoV was one in which they had the alternate prizes.
  • Danielle won the PoV itself.
  • Did I mention she's surprising me of late?
  • Shane got a PoV pass to play in the next PoV.
  • Frank got a Spiritard -- sort of a cheerleader unitard.
  • Remember, usually the person in the unitard tends to get voted out and faces Julie wearing it (or a banana suit, or ...)
  • Ian took on 24 hours as a dog so that Jenn got a trip to Hawaii.
  • Ian has to wear a dog suit, drink out of a bowl, use no utensils to eat, sleep in a doghouse in the yard, be led around on a leash, etc.
  • He's taking it all in fun.
  • Dan wants him to do tricks for treats.
  • And that's where we stand. 


Pompoms at his feet

In his Spiritard

Ian's doghouse digs

Ian on his leash


Terry is a Texan! said...

that must have been some POV.....glad Jenn got the trip...glad Frank isin a unitard and most likely to go home.
Am I first? Did I beat Petals for once???

Jackie said...

Yep, you're first. Frank has to wear the Spiritard for a week. Ian is only a dog for 24 hours. He says the doghouse with its sleeping bag is better than the Have Not room.

Sasha said...

Well, I haven't been moved to comment much with this bunch but really? Danielle? HOH and POV? Hmmmm. I have to say that I have no sympathy for Mike; I've never liked him at all and his usual arrogant attitude has not changed my mind this time around.

My favorite thing to do is read Jackie's recaps and the comments here! I don't have feeds but it seems that Ian has one of the best attitudes toward this whole that true or would the feeds change my mind?

I lost my pool pick (Kara) so early and really think it's unfair to let the coaches play AGAIN that this is not my favorite season but at least it's kind of interesting.

Thanks, Jackie and all the commenters're all the best!

Jackie said...

Thanks, Sasha! Ian does have a great attitude. I daresay he might be one of the most different people ever in the house. Just from personal experience, I'd say he might exhibit some of the symptoms of Asperger's -- rocking, talking to himself, noises, awkward socially, but very bright. But he definitely has a fantastic attitude, knows the game inside and out. He really needs to win the fan favorite vote, if not the whole shebang.

Anonymous said...

Danielle and Shane are talking to Ian. Sounds like a bad idea to me. Do you think they should trust him? Isn't he still tight with Buggers?

Jackie said...

Boogie has been treating Ian rather poorly -- condescending, not trusting to talk game with him at all, blaming him for Frank going on the block last week, etc. Ian isn't trusting Boogie too much these days while Dan is much more respectful of him. The biggest problem Ian faces with ANYONE in the game is that he sometimes doesn't think (or thinks too much making folks confused with his terminology) what he's saying to whom. I personally think he'd be better off with Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle. Boogie's a sinking ship right now. Or, to be more accurate, he's a rat on a sinking ship!

If Ian gives his word, he's to be trusted, I say.

Carter Morgan said...

I just got the live feeds this weekend, but I haven’t been able to catch any of this! It seems like every time I turn it on they cut away to the “We’ll Be Back Soon” screen. Oh well, I can still catch up on here. I have been completely caught up by Big Brother; I watch and read whatever I can before I go to work at Dish. I seriously can’t wait for tonight’s episode, but I won’t be home so I’ll have to watch it on my iPad with the Dish Remote Access app. It’ll help me watch live TV while I’m not at home and I’ll be able to stay caught up. I am very excited to see what might happen on Thursday’s live episode, especially if they are planning on backdooring somebody.

meb said...

CM: I truly dislike Dish TV! And yes, I've used it before. How's that for an advertisement. Nuf Said!!!

Jackie... I'm surprised about Danielle's abilities all of a sudden too. Has she been holding out on purpose, or are these comps just something she happened to be good at? Either way, not that I'm so into Danielle, it does mean that Britney is still safe.

I hope Ian does team up with DDSB team... I'm also beginning to like Jenn.. she has been a non-entity for the most part, but she's beginning to break into a player a little. As long as she stays away from Boogie, I think she's OK.

So, is Frank still the target, now that Danielle won the POV or is she getting too friendly with Boogie. Does she want Wil out more because he's part of Janelle's team and she hates Janelle?

Looking forward to the party tonight!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I would say Ian does have aspergers. I am a mom to a child with aspergers and I work with middle schoolers with aspergers. I think others are missing a golden opportunity when they don't work with Ian. He is the one I wpuld trust in that house. He is bright and would be loyal. But he does play strategically. He has said he takes the punishments as a way to keep others from targeting him. I think this could continue to work for the time being.

Donna in Alabama said...

CM: I was a loyal customer of Dish for 15 years. When I asked for an upgrade, they wanted me to pay full price for all equipment, when they were offering it to NEW customers for free and including installation! I switched to Direct TV and have gotten upgrades free with them! I have been with them for almost 10 years now and I am happy with the channels they offer and the perks of watching and controlling from my computer anywhere, anytime.

I think Danielle was depending on Dan to do all her work for her until this week when he became a player. Boogie did nothing the season he won except ride Dr. Will's coattails to the end! He is being a big ole baby now!!