Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Sunday Daytime - Aug. 12

Strategy talk in storage

I realize I've been quiet. But I believe that we're in for a long stretch of doldrums in the BB14 house. With Frank being both HoH and PoV holder, this whole week should be predictable. Wil and Joe are on the block. One will go home. Wil is the target, don't think that will change. Joe will probably go next week unless he wins HoH. Oh, well.

Here's the latest non-news from inside that Big Brother House of Bored Boys and Girls:
  • Britney still doesn't trust Boogie. (Say it ain't so!)
  • She pointed out that if Frank decides to blindside Shane, all they can come up with are four votes. Frank would be the tiebreaker.
  • Shane is indeed worried about it because he almost blindsided Frank until the powers that be decided to throw his HoH week away.
  • While talking to Frank and Boogie, Ian said that either could go ... or best scenario, a double eviction and both could go.
  • Joe is in his suck up mode.
  • Like regular Joe isn't annoying enough.
  • The fish breaks (for when they cut the feeds) have been rampant. Sheesh, BB ... we already know what happened in season 8. You don't need to block the feeds when Ian talks about it!
  • Jenn told Wil she didn't think the nominations were going to change, but if they did it would be Shane up.
  • She has no "insider" information from Boogie or Frank.
  • Boogie and Frank talked about possibly keeping Wil so he would go after Shane, Britney, Danielle or Dan.
  • I'd say he'd probably go after Frank and Boogie if he could.
  • They played charades, a thrill a minute.
  • Today hasn't been much other than messing with the coffeemaker, lounging in the pool.
  • Yawn.   

Playing charades



meb said...

Just as BBAD went off they had started playing Charades. It was better than what I had watched for three hours previously. : )

Danielle is very clever at card tricks. She had them all amazed at some of the things she was doing. I have to admit, I was too. One was so unbelievable I commented out loud. So for 5 minutes, BB wasn't boring.

Hope they find something else to do soon.

Thanks for watching for us Jackie.

Petals said...

Oh Jackie. Grrr. OH wow. So I was not alone last night when I wanted to claw my eyes out after watching Ashley play charades? They were all laughing, but I wanted to scream. I also noted that her mobility didn't seem affected.
Feeling sorry for Joe. IMO, everyone is too hard on him. He can't seem to do or say anything to please anyone, there is always some behind-his-back eyeroll, sneer, insult, etc. I don't understand it.
I'm on medication that is causing some irritability, and may opt-out of blogging this evening to avoid the possibility of offending anyone.
Thanks again Ms J! Have a good p.m.

(PS - did any get to see the Perseids? I glimpsed a few, but cloud cover prevented a really good show)

Petals said...

Oh, and YES Jackie - they had us fishing every 20 seconds or so, over several hours. Ridiculous too, because they were discuss random b.s.

Lucy2 said...

Does anyone else think Shane has hair plugs? He is a handsome man, for sure, but when wet that hair looks suspicious!

Laurie said...

As usual, we are having our August heat wave here in SoCal. It's also humid (well, for us it's humid). It's a lazy Sunday even if you aren't in the BB house!

I'm not watching the show this year, Jackie, but I want you to know we think you are a real trouper for watching for us!!

Miss A said...
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