Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Morning - Aug. 7

Reflective Janelle ... or her shoulder itched

What's been happening in that Big Brother House of It's All a Spool of Lies? Read on ...
  • Well, they got a badminton set to take their minds off their troubles.
  • After reading her pink bible in her pink shirt, Janelle went to work.
  • I don't think it's doing any good.
  • Sure, it's a game of lies and deceit, but she's telling stupid lies which have four witnesses saying otherwise.
  • She thinks she has Dan and Britney's vote, maybe Shane's.
  • She's dreaming.
  • It's sad to see her in this position.
  • But, even the other coaches said it -- had she played like she did in previous seasons, she wouldn't be in this position.
  • Instead, she became a mean girl with foolish lies, jumping atop of whomever had power in the house.
  • Although Wil is so happy to be off the block, he and Jenn are getting worried about their place in the game.
  • They think they should join forces with Joe and Ian to make an outsiders alliance.
  • Little do they know that Ian is NOT an outsider anymore.
  • He's trusted by Dan, Britney, Danielle and Shane.
  • It's not that Boogie and Frank don't trust him, per se. It's more like they don't trust his judgment and feel superior to him.
  • And Ian knows that. 
  • He's so happy he's fallen into a group who treat him nice and actually enjoy his company, opinions and more.
  • Right now it looks like there's no chance of Janelle surviving this week.
  • A shame, a real shame.
  • I wish she was like she used to be.
  • Me? I'd still love to see Ian take it all! :-)
  • How about you? 




Holly said...

I agree! Ian is my favorite hampster! I hope the "five" stick together until they are the final five! Did Ian pick a name for the alliance? They DO need one...esspecially since Brittney was a Brigade casuality. Thanks Jackie!

Petals said...

Just saw BBAD. Britney & Danielle are so mean to Janelle (behind her back), and being super sweet to her face.
They are the mean girls.
While I admit that Janelle isn't playing EXACTLY like she did in previous seasons, I don't think she is a lying, sloppy snake. I think Brit & Danielle are far more sneaky & mean. They cannot even have a conversation without trashing & cackling about Janelle. Wait til they turn on each other. CAT FIGHT!
I do like little Ian.
Still think Wil is sexy & funny.

Carter Morgan said...
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~~Silk said...

Carter, you are giving us an example of what Dish thinks of customers and potential customers. "Ignore what they think or say or want, full speed ahead!"

Terry is a Texan! said...

I too think Janelle (since her marriage and baby) doesnt have that hunger like before....but she went into this game thinking she would be a coach not a player....maybe its just not in her anymore.
I think they are all off base sending her home now...Boogie needs to go to cool off some of his cockiness...

RBennie said...

I hope there will be some kind of twist where Janelle can get back in the game. None of the rest of this bunch is any match for Boogie and his substitute Dr. Will, Frank.

lynn1 said...

~~Silk, I agree with you. I am not trying to police Jackie's Blog but she has asked Carter nicely to stop using her blog for advertising.
Jackie works a full time job and still provides us witty recaps and news of what is happening in the BB house.
Unfortunately because of one person who won't follow the rules she has to spend time cleaning up his posts.
Shame on you Carter.

JimmyB said...

Never really cared for Janelle, although I certainly respect her (previous) ability to win & compete...She never seemed to be a strategist.

I might be on-board with an Ian win; however, I think we need more time to see if he "has game".

Danielle's stock continues to rise.

I would prefer to see a non-coach win.

L Walker said...

Frank's from my hometown, so I gotta root for him. My second is Wil followed by Joe and Shane.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Danielle save Frank
if the plan is to vote out Janelle?
Are they that confident in Boogie?
If so, he probably deserves to win again!

Anonymous said...

Carter, if you are hoping to draw people to Dish for their wonderful services, unfortunately you seem to be doing the opposite.

This is discussion about BIG BROTHER, not television and digital recording providers!!!!!!!! Jackie asked you nicely to stick to the show, and I am doing the same.


Chacha said...

Danielle told Boogie that they would leave Frank on the block so it doesn't look suspicious.

As Far as Danielle, I think her stock will soon plummet. She is now straight out lying to anyone who will listen about what she and Janelle talked about yesterday evening.

I think she is beginning to believe her lies. She also seems to have some serious self image issues. She is so worried what other people are saying about her but says horrible things about other people.
Shane was right, she should have been on Bachelorette not BB.

It also seems she has drunk the koolaid and thinks she is a powerhouse. It seems each HOH has thought this was after the POV ceremony.

Petals said...

ChaCha -

I know! Danielle is completely twisting everything Janey said.

And Danielle DID try to go on Bachelor. She didn't make the cut. LOL

Artie45 said...

Really,really stupid to vote Janelle out when instead they should be breaking up the Frank/Boogie alliance. BB production wants Jannelle to stay as she probably draws more viewers than anyone else. Don't be surprised when they concoct a scenario to let her back in.

monty924 said...

Danielle's story on what went down between her and Janelle got more twisted (good word Petals) and down right outragious with each new person she told it to. At one point even Britney looked like she was tired of hearing it all. She also, and this was hilarious to me, got caught in her delusions when she was talking about what she said during the POV meeting. Can't remember the exact thing, but everyone in the HoH looked at her like, wth? And she quickly come back with, "well, I almost did".

I said I wasn't going to listen to her convos for more than 5 minutes, and then I couldn't tear myself away from it all. Especially when all that happened between her and Janelle was a girl talk, gabfest with applying make-up (with a little Janey work thrown in there). If you believe Danielle's version, it was a full out verbal fight with Danielle coming out on top and throwing Janelle out of HER HoH, lol.

Oh, and p.s., Janelle stole all of her HoH food, lol.

Petals said...

Monty - Yup. Exactly - Danielle's version has mutated into some "monster" of the actual conversation that she had with Janey.
It was girlie stuff, like you said. Makeup, Botox, shaving, skin care, yada yada, etc etc.
And you are SO RIGHT - Danielle's version has morphed into a catfight from Bad Girls.
When the other hamsters see the actual footage of the actual conversations, they will know what a nasty little liar DANIELLE is.
We with the feeds already know. Gr!

RBennie said...

A question for you guys with the live feed. What is Janelle's demeanor like since she was put on the block. Is she quiet and sad, angry and bitchy, something in between? Is she trying to save herself or pretty much given up?

Petals said...

Danielle not only twists her Janey convos, she exaggerates ALL of ther conversations when she retells them.

Since the veto ceremony, the whole house is upside down, inside out & going crazy. YAY - Janey on the block is NOT good for anyone.


monty924 said...

RBennie, she's been quiet but still planting seeds all around. She hasn't given up yet. YAY! I just wish Joe would overhear just one convo from any of the 6 and report it back to Janelle, especially if there's also booze involved. Janey is at her best when she's fighting to stay.

Petals said...

RBennie - ditto Monty. Janey is quiet, friendly. Confused. She keeps trying to talk to people, but they clam-up when she approaches, and when she moves on, they shred her.

Very high school cafeteria.

monty924 said...

what would be even more fun is... Joe makes something up out of thin air, when in fact he's close to if not spot on with the whole truth. Remember Kevin and Natalie's lie to Jeff? ;)

Petals said...

Monty - did you notice? They didnt ask Janelle to be in any pictures. Then Brit felt bad and stood next to Janey for 2 pictures.

So sad. :(

monty924 said...

Good article and read on the entire thing that went down in there last night and way into the morning. For those without feeds, this article is spot on.


monty924 said...

Yes. How much you want to bet Danielle deletes it before she turns the camera in? Guess we'll see when CBS uploads the HoH pics.

Petals said...

I was thinking the same thing: that she is going to delete to TWO pics of Janelle.

I am disappointed in Wil; my gayguy crush is nearly extinguished.
And I am beginning to loathe my pool chick. Jealousy - jealousy of Janey strikes again!

Chacha said...

like I said earlier, Danielle drank the HOH juice and has a big head.
I see in the future(three days from now) Danielle will be moving on down, and by that I mean she will be a have not and complain that she should have gotten rid of frank.

monty924 said...

Such a teenager that one is. Really!

Chacha said...

Danielle has some issues like i said before.
Does anyone else who has the feeds notice that she is always asking does anyone talk about me, say I am fat, talk to shane.
The best was when she stated Shane is her boyfriend, dan her dad and Brit her BFF.
In the end I see her shredding Britney like this as well..
When Frank tells her Shane doesn't want a showmance/real romance she will completely fall apart.

Jackie said...

Attn: Carter Morgan -- this is the last time I'm editing your comment to get rid of the commercial. From now on, if you push the company you work for, your entire comment will be deleted although some of it is on topic.

Carter Morgan said (sans ad): "The live feeds keep getting better and better! I don’t think Janelle has any chance of saving herself this week, but we’ve seen strange things happen before. I really think we will see the first coach eviction on Thursday, and I can’t wait for it!

Petals said...

LOL CHaCHa. Yes, Danielle has the mentality of freshman cheerleader.

I read somewhere that a best case scenario would be Danielle opening Pandora's Box - and it would be that the 2 existing nominees come down and must be replaced that very minute!


monty924 said...

She's going to have even bigger problems when she gets out into the real world. Petals is right when she describes how they all shred Janey when she's not around.

Janelle is larger than life in some BB circles, including Jokers where she is a member, and she will absolutely shred Danielle and others when she gets out and sees all of this. It will make her treatment of the nerd herd seem like a tiff. My prediction, at least, unless she takes pity on Danielle's instability but I kind of doubt that.

Petals said...

Danielle is truly Captain Delusion.
She is having an imaginary romance with Shane & a best-friendship with Britney. You could almost see Brit's eyes roll when Danielle re-iterated: "Britney, I'm serious, I want you in my wedding"

It's like Sunset Boulevard, LOL

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...
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Ed in Ohio said...

Monty, Nice article you posted above. Good read & spot on. Thanks for sharing.

Dani appears to be delusional, self-absorbed, & very JEALOUS!

It sucks that all the nice 'eye-candy' is being evicted so early on...Bummer!

Seriously though....It's a shame how they are all treating Janelle...she deserves better.

Anonymous said...

I still happen to think Danielle made the best move for her game. Jani would be putting her or Shane up with Boogie if Jani or her flunkies won HOH next. I don't like the way Jani was playing and Boogie & Frank genuinely want to stay with the 6 til final 6. Dan even tried to trick Boogie with a scenerio where Boogie could come after the 6 before it got to final 6 and Boogie said 'No. I want to stay with the 6 til final 6. Boogie hasn't been throwing around lies like Janelle. I wish she had played differently. If she had I bet Boogie would have worked with her longer. I've just been hearing how Dani has been playing lately & I don't like it. But I still think she made the best move for her game. But we'll see.

Richard in Tx.

Petals said...

Richard - I really don't think Janey & crew were targeting Danielle. Janey (and everyone else) kinda thought Danielle was a non-issue in the game. Janey wanted Frank out, for sure, then Boogie, maybe Shane or even Ian (due to his skills).
Danielle is deluding herself to think that she was ever in Janey's head, other than a fleeting pity thought. JMO

Pack4seatac said...

Hi all,I've watched BB for many seasons but this is my 1st time to unfortunately miss it.I'm getting ALL my info here & tyvm for being so descriptive.I get all my info a day late but am really mad I miss the pool parties & margaritas!Lol. Anyway here on the West coast time doesn't matter.Thoughts:why do people want Janelle to talk about her family?This is a game even tho they call it a reality show.Sociology 101-group behavior.Do you really believe Ian has Asperbergers?He's definately smart;maybe he studied for his role on the show just like in Rain Man? Hmmm.Have a fun nite! Go Janelle!

monty924 said...

Anyone in need of a giggle should read Danielle's HoH tweets. Reading the response/replies is a must. :-)


Anonymous said...

In the past, I've been a fan of Janelle, but not so much this year. Still can't help like her, even if she hasn't been what we've come to expect from her at all.

With that said....
It's expected the hamsters will wall be lying, and Janelle has certainly done more than her share, but they all have (no matter what they each claim). However, Danielle has decided to bring lying to a whole new ugly level.

I don't fault Danielle for putting Janelle up... if she felt that would be her best move... but there has been no need for her to be so vicious now. All the lies about the conversation she and Janelle had last night are so unbelievably over the top.

Janelle is trying to get Danielle's vote to stay (fat chance), and anyone else who will listen as well... but Janelle wasn't mean or nasty to Danielle in any way, shape or form last night.

It's nice that Danielle is a nurse, but that has nothing to do with the way she is now portraying herself on BB. The insanity of her crush on Shane (who has repeatedly told her that he's not interested... but she persists), along with her most recent actions, say a whole lot more about her as a person.

With her insecurity and jealousy issues, Danielle is rapidly showed that she probably would have been a "good" bully in school.

I truly hope she's not this nasty in real life.


Petals said...

Right on, Sharon!

Petals said...

I truly detest Danielle & Britney. More so Danielle - she is bragging about how mean she is. "My goodbye speech to her (Janey) was epic".


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe Danielle was so concerned or upset over Janelle being mean? I don't think Boogie or Frank could even hold a candle to her.

What's to brag about? I hope she has an opportunity to see all the feeds from the show, and 'review' her own attitude towards people.

Wish I could be a bug on the curtain when she finally finds out what everyone really thought of her.

Needs a good slap upside her head!

In all fairness, I've become increasingly disappointed in Will's behavior as well. He has sucked a comps, Janelle has had to save his butt, and then he doesn't appreciate it (other than an initial thanks when she took him off the block). Trying to straighten some of his dumb moves, she made a remark about saving him, and he got all jacked up and turned on her. If she only knew... maybe she would have let him fry on that hot-seat. Talk about a huge ego.