Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning - Aug. 22

He WILL win if not stopped soon

Well, I judged Joe wrong. He did tell Frank he was going to go with the HoH side, not the Boogiemobile. The Boogiemobile, of course, could be easily confused with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. But I digress. Here's the latest scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Tears and Turmoil:
  • I was kind of looking forward to a complete blindside of Boogie. Thanks for blowing that, Joe!
  • In a way, Boogie and Dan are working very much to the same tune right now.
  • Boogie is avoiding others and letting Frank run around working his tail off to keep him in the house.
  • Dan is laying low letting all those around him fall apart.
  • Not so mortal enemies Danielle and Jenn kissed and made up. Well, not quite in a lesbian way, but ...!
  • Joe's big "confrontation" with Frank consisted of ... "I regret to inform you that my decision is a no."
  • Huh?
  • That's IT? From Mr. Big Boy Willie Fighter? Sheesh. What a letdown. It's bad enough he went to Frank sans Boogie.
  • Oh, sure. Ashley was there. But she doesn't count.
  • And she now realizes she won't count. After all, she's "voted out all of her friends in the house and has no one."
  • Her words, not mine.
  • Frank tried, but Joe ain't budging.
  • Hey, he even has a name for his alliance with Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle -- the Headhunters.
  • Joe then went up to the HoH room with the four plus Jenn.
  • Laughter and boisterousness ensued.
  • Then it was time for Secret Squirrel Ian to go into overdrive.
  • He walked about (on toes, as squirrels often do) and worked himself up, taking gaspy breaths.
  • Then he cried.
  • The Emmy goes to IAN!
  • He sucked both Frank and Ashley right in!
  • Frank stormed up to the HoH room.
  • A shot rang out! The maid screamed!
  • He yelled about how they made Ian cry.
  • Britney sat there looking actually shellshocked.
  • They sat in amazement at his fury for a moment after he left.
  • Then they giggled.
  • But then Ashley went up wanting to talk to Jenn alone.
  • No way, Jose!
  • Jenn lighted right into her in front of the new HoH group (which includes Joe).
  • Secret Squirrel is still being secretive -- neither Jenn nor Joe know his role.
  • One thing good about Jenn is that she does say what she means and she doesn't pussyfoot about.
  • So the cryfrontation went down, not a confrontation so much.
  • "But, but ... I'm all alone in this game!"
  • "You made your bed, now lie in it."
  • Okay, I paraphrased Jenn's sentiment there. But since her make-out session with Frank, I've wanted to say that.
  • As I write this up, the HoH crew is STILL up (including Jenn and Joe) out in the yard.
  • Jenn and Ashley sort of made up.
  • Boogie Boy is going to be history come tomorrow night.
  • But who will be the second boot?
  • Hmm ... 
No, I don't want to work with you

At least Jenn says what's on her mind

Just before the big crydown

The Emmy goes to  ... Ian Terry

OMG, Frank is berserk!

The big cryfrontation


MoHome said...

I'm not a fan of Joe, but I think it's cruel that they are making him believe he's the swing vote when he has anxiety/heart issues.

Kudos to Ian! Love that kid! :)

Sandarac said...

Go Ian.....I love Dan too!!!! Say bye bye Boogie, what a big baby. The way he is acting is ridiculous!!!!

JimmyB said...

"Well, not quite in a lesbian way..."


Becky said...

It tickles the spit out of me that Boogie, who decieves others with such glee, can't take it when the tables turn and he is on the hot seat. I will cheer when he walks out the door. I hope Julie tells him that Ian double crossed him. Better still, I hope that Ian tells him in a goodbye message. We will see if Boogie can give Ian the credit for overthrowing him. Terrific write up, Jackie.

Petals said...

I was also awake at 4, and was LMAO as Brit was vintage Britney, singing in the BY.
The monster that is Froogie or better yet, the Frankenboogie Monster, will surely be going berserk later this afternoon.

RBennie said...

You crack me up Jackie!

Patty said...

I have been thinking about the way the vote could play out. If Frank, Ashley and Ian vote to keep Boogie. Dan, Brit, Dani, Joe vote to keep Jenn...Boogie still goes home. Ian would not be breaking his word on his vote to keep Boogie, Frank would continue to trust Ian. Ian needs to tell Quack Pack it is the only way to continue getting information out of Frank to bring back to them, so they can plan their next move. Ian would not have to be the next HOH and place Frank on the block and Frank possibly be voted out next. It leaves the blood off Ian's hands, so that if he makes it to the finals he would have a better chance of getting Frank's vote for a win. As for Ian and Jenn, Ian could easily win Jenn over by telling her he has nothing personal against her and knew for sure she was not being voted out, so it did not matter that his vote went to Boogie, they are still on the same team now. Jenn would buy what Ian is saying and remain clueless Ian is in an alliance with the Quack Pack. It's a win, win for Ian with both sides. Ian will win HOH only when he really needs to win it. Something tells me Ian has not been watching this show for nothing, he is smarter than most give him credit for. So they say, never judge a book by it's cover. I think Ian just may be proof of that. Go Ian!

Lili said...

Am seriously happy to see Boogie go. He can dish it out but has no capacity it take it. He was gleeful and vindictive regarding the backdooring of Janelle, who would have done everything in her power to have all the coaches, including Boogie as Final Four. But he has done nothing but pout and rage since he went unbackdoored on the block. What a tool.

Britney has really played a masterful game this year. She is friends with all, I think some of the newbies even forgot she was a coach. Plus she has gotten Shane and Danielle to do her bidding with only a tiny drop of blood on her own hands. I really think she and Ian are golden right now.

Dan is quite good as well but Frank has made sure Dan is covered in blood and is almost everyone's target. Even Britney and Shane have spoken about turning on him, so unless Frank and Dan win the next 2 HOH's and POV's they will leave next I predict.

Final Four will be Britney, Shane, Joe and Ian.

Petals said...

Jenn made a great point in the wee hours: Frank has spent at least 3 yrs trying to get on this show. He was studied the seasons, the winners, the competitions, read books, etc.
And now, he is on the show.
But is willing to throw all of that research and preparation away for...
How embarrassing for Frank.

Jackie said...

Frank told Boogie what went down overnight. Boogie just had that odd Boogie smile on his face. He still thinks he's all that even though he knows he will go home tomorrow. He plans on confronting both Joe and Jenn. We'll see.

RBennie said...

What does he possibly have to confront Jenn about? She is on the block just like he is. Whatever she does to try to save herself is fair game. Did he expect her to throw herself under the bus to save him? I don't get it.

Petals said...

And Boogie needs to realize: you can't be all braggadocious about your Bentley & your red carpet treatment one minute, then crying "poor and single-father routine" the other. Why are you sooooo angry about going back to your life if it is so effing wonderful, Boogie? Why? Because you are full of S***
What kind of grown man feels the need to "go off" on another adult? Why? For fun? What does he gain? Respect? He can't even spell that word.

Petals said...

Boogie said it: he gets $36k if he leaves Thursday.
Fine. Take it & go! And stop trying so hard to be Reality Royalty - it ain't gonna happen.

Witt said...

Boogie is nothing without Dr. Will. When he won All-Stars (which he shoves down our throats at every opportunity) I think Will got evicted during the last two weeks, so Boogie only had to solo for that short amount of time. And then he was up against Erika and Janelle, who he could easily outmuscle (literally) in the comps that were picked.

Can't wait for tomorrow...

Witt :)

Artie45 said...

Good riddance to Boogie. I just hope that arcade ball machine with the ? mark doesn't screw it up.

Sharon said...

Jackie, thanks for the blow-by-blow.
Well, kinda-sorta since they never actually came to blows! lol

Dagnabit, I stayed up watching BBAD until it went off air. It looked calm cool and collected and like nothing was going to happen after all. Makes me wish I had the feeds.

Ian is priceless. I think Dan is the only one, so far, to realize how dangerous Ian will eventually be. The QP realize he's a Secret Squirrel (great name Jackie), but the general attitude seems to be "he's young, cute, poor guy has ADHD and rocks... but gets 'us' information... and he's worth a vote."

Anonymous said...

I don't like any of those people but Boogie, Frank and Ashley, Ian low down dirty dog turning on his team to jump to a side that continually talk about getting rid of him selling him out, Danielle thinking she is all that because she think she is with the it crowd. Dan didn't like him in his season can't stand his sarcastic behind now, Britney walking around stirring the pot in everybody business, Joe is just stupid, Shane an egotistical freak he do not know what he is doing. Jenn talking noise when she haven't done anything. It is a game but it a game to be the winner people on their sofa forget about that when they hating. If you going to hate on Boogie, Frank, and Ashley for what they are doing hate on them all because they all have some kind of issure I hope Ian lose.

Petals said...

Anon 12:31
LMAO. You are hilarious!

Sharon said...

Maybe Joe should have waited to tell Froogie. It's going to get UGLY today because that's the way Frank & Boogie work.

Right now, they have started to trash Jenn, calling her a pretty ugly name. All behind her back, of course.

I guess they thought Jenn should want them to throw her under the bus. Heck, they probably thought she should WANT to throw herself off a cliff for Boogie? @@

IMO, Boogie is a dirtbag on the inside of BB, and even bigger trash outside.

I think Frank is a decent guy. He just got misted and sucked into Boogie's nasty attitude and dirty gameplay.

When Frank finds out what kind of guy Boogie really is (in real life), I doubt he'll want anything to do with the scumbag.

Petals said...

Ack! They send us fishing right before Boogie's big house meeting? No fair!

Petals said...

oh puleeze.... @@

Donna in Alabama said...

Jackie, Monte, Petals,
This is the first time I have had the feeds and I do not know how everyone sees as much as you all report. It could be that I cannot stay up late and watch or watch during the daytime. When I do get to watch, it seems there is more fish than feeds! They cut every few minutes!
I wish I was working from home today so I could watch but maybe there will be more fireworks tomorrow when I can be watching!!

Go Ian and company!!

Petals said...

Donna - it is a lot of fishing. This is my 1st season of feeds, and I have them by accident (shhh). Every once in a while, a pearl of interesting sneaks through, otherwise, it is torpid.

Critical Media said...

This week has been more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Too bad it'll all be over if Frank leaves during Double Eviction. I kinda want him to stay so he and Ash can be like Joker and Harley Quinn, reeking havoc, entertaining us all.

Sharon said...

Well folks, looks like BB "might" be trying to pull another fast one.

Everyone in the HOH (on lockdown).
Boogie making-nice... for a change.
TV camera shows back yard (accident?) with balls.

Boogie says Pandora.


BB trying to save Boogie or Frank, or both... yet again?

RBennie said...

I will try to reserve judgment and wait to see what's going on, but if Boogie somehow gets to stay, then I'm going to have to start believing the conspiracy theories.

Critical Media said...

Boogie has been saying that he's going to scare everyone by talking mysteriously about a secret power, but he doesn't really have it.

Now if BB DOES give Boogie, Frank or Ash a power or design a comp where one of them can win. I'd cry foul.

Though when Janelle was set to leave I predicted they'd give her some sort of way to get back into the game. Guess they like Boogie more.

Petals said...

Agree with RBennie & CM

Sharon said...

For producers, Boogie's draw is that he provides a lot of conflict and fodder.

BB fans anxiously watch for Boogie to get it in the gonads because he's such a nasty piece of work. BB apparently likes that.

We can only wait and hope this isn't more interference.

Petals said...

Dan says he is 100% sure that there will be an eviction tonight AND tomorrow night.

(my WV is "winner"- cool!)

Ninboh said...

I don't agree with Ian's game. It's overkill. Once Boogie is gone there's no need for a spy. And in the event of a Frank HOH, Frank has bigger fish to fry than Ian and Ian will just say I had to vote with the house to reduce the target on my back. Done. There's no more need for espionage. People who overplay end up packing their bags.

Petals said...

Someone last night floated a theory that Frank must be independently wealthy, or at least have some source of income. That his "unemployed guy" is just his BB character. Because how else can a grown (?) man take off 3 yrs for BB auditions? They theorized that no 28yr old is unemployed, but belongs to 2 gyms, etc. They think he inherited some $$, or gets an allowance from his family.
(I will say that he has VERY nice teeth. They have to be veneers. I work in dental, and I'm telling you - Frank has good chops. Those aren't cheap)
What do you guys think?

RBennie said...

I will have to take a good look at him now. I usually can't get past the hair, LOL.

Sharon said...

Petals, lots of people assume that just because parents have some money, the offspring do too.

However, your theory about the gyms does sound plausible.
Frank's dad was successful enough in his field and may have opened gyms for Frank to co-own or manage. I doubt he inherited, but he might get an allowance (Nana?).

Theorizing on Frank's unemployment background is much more interesting than Danielle's faux teaching job... that isn't really secret anymore.

Anonymous said...

Love love love Ian

meb said...

I don't believe there are conspiracy theories... yes, I think they might encourage the hamsters to say things in the DR, but that's just for entertainment. If they didn't tell Ashley what to say, she'd just sit there with her smile and keep saying "uh, uh... and I'm scared". Ian probably isn't that much better at expressing himself... I don't see this as a conspiracy.

Boogie is on the block, the next thing to happen is the vote to evict (and I know we haven't seen the POV yet) but from what we already know ahead of time thanks to Jackie ... eviction is next and Boogie will be gone! (From my typing to god's eyes)... Period... end of story (now that's shades of old BB).

I can expect the unexpected, but I agree with RBennie, that if there is some way BB messes with this pecking order, I will be royally pissed!

Anxiously sitting back to see what happens next.

meb said...

I just read what I just wrote and I don't even know what I said. LOL

Sharon said...

Too funny. Hamsters scrambling to figure out what the balls meant in the back yard. Now lockdown is over and there's nothing there. lol

RBennie said...

LOL, MEB. I understood you perfectly!

meb said...

Sharon... LOL

I was thinking lockdown was because they were trying to set up Pandora's box... but then that's usually up off the HOH room and that's where they were, right?

Hmmmm... BB is up to something .. hope it's good. I'm tired of talking about the Boogers!

meb said...

RBennie... thanks... you are so kind.

Petals said...

Who is ready for the next Survivor?? Sept 19!

RBennie said...

I am. I can't believe that Blair from Facts of Life is doing it.

Ed in Ohio said...

I don't know? If I'm Dan I'm not putting a lot of trust in Ian right now.

There's something about that little squirrel..............

Sharon said...

Ed, from what I'm reading right now, Dan has told Dani he won't throw himself on his own sword for Ian again.

Dan also told her that if he gets the boot, to target Ian asap.

Petals said...

Ed - I agree. I had my phase of liking Ian. I think I am over it now. Don't hate him,

Jackie said...

Petals -- Frank has had extensive jaw/molar surgeries, wears a retainer at night to keep that smile. He also owns a rental house and has tenants. So, it's not like he's just some poor unemployed beach bum, per se.

Petals said...

Ah! Thank you, Jedi Jackie! That answered my question about his chops (I knew it!) and his $$.

Petals said...

LMAO - just noticed that Boogie's haircut makes him look like a mental patient. Or a kid that tried to cut his own hair with the big boy clippers.
RBennie - I don't think I can refer to her as "Lisa"; she will always be "Blair", right?

Petals said...

Ian mentioned that they are going to do a segment about his hammock-ing.

Sharon said...

Frank is incredibly desperate. Talked to Dan trying to get him to the Dark Side. Dan just kept saying things like "I admire your hustle."

From that convo, Frank gathered that Dan has seen the light. So he went to Boogie and said it will be a 6-2 vote for oogie to stay, thinking Dan & Joe will both throw them votes. @@

Since the name Delusionelle is taken (rightly so), there has to be an appropriate 'play' on Frank? I'm depending on all you creative folk!!

Sharon said...

Petals, has everyone in that house taken a CRAZY pill? LMAO

Critical Media said...

I wont be watching tonight because it clashes with my being a captive audience to 2 hours of SYTYCD...but I can't wait to see it online.

And @Petals, we know Frank's father was a big time, over controlling Wrestling STAR, I'm sure he saved some for Frank. He tried to control everything else in his life I wouldn't be surprised if he was the type to save for his family. Also, during the BB spot highlighting his family, they looked pretty well off in a pretty nice home.

I've also heard that while he doesn't work per se he owns property and probably rents it out, as Jackie said.

Maybe the balls in the yard was a practice/test-run for a later competition...I'm almost sure Pandora's box would give SOMEONE the opportunity to come back into the house. With Janelle AND Boogie out, there may be another compete-to-get-back-in things like they did with Brendan.

Petals said...

Sharon - I can't keep up with the action this afternoon!
A name for Frank? Hmm..without Boogie. Hmm...

(Delusionielle is exposing 80% of her bust. Not accidentally. She keeps checking herself out in the mirror @@)

~~Silk said...

There's that arcade thingy that mysteriously appeared with the question mark on a cube - that's full of balls. Then the back yard is on the HOH TV during a lockdown in the HOH room, and the yard is full of balls. Are these hints? Of what? Should they be searching the house for hidden balls, maybe?

Sharon said...

Are all their balls in the air? LMAO

monty924 said...

Donna, I had the benefit of a two week vacay, and I use the Flashback for most of what I miss while I'm asleep or at work. I'm sure Jackie does the same. I will say that BB really messes with my sleep in the summertime, but I still do it year after year, lol.

I'm hoping they bring back the raining balls POV that they did in S8 with Dick, Eric, Zach and all. They've used the same jumping into a lane thing for too many seasons. If they have to repeat one, I'd like to see that one again.

monty924 said...

What do you think Boogie's reaction will be when he gets out here and finds out his homey (Dr. Will) put his money on Ian?

Anonymous said...

Frank = Funk

He smells.

Petals said...

ANon - or "Rank", "Stank".. LMAO