Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Afternoon - Aug. 29

Britney seriously needs to stop picking at her face!

Until tomorrow night, things are winding down a bit after the intense roller coaster of the past few days. That's good. I'd hate to break out in hives due to the stress. Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Capricious Crazies:
  • In his drunken state last night, Ian said he wanted to be on the show since 2001, since before the planes flew into the towers.
  • Okay. He was ten or so. Adults, especially in this area, who went through that really don't refer to 9/11 in such an offhand manner. 
  • But Ian WAS a child when it happened.
  • Jenn got all riled about the comment and blew things way out of proportion.
  • Ian said and did a lot last night when he was very drunk.
  • Oh. Wait. Who supplied him six beers?
  • Jenn?
  • Hmm.
  • Ian apologized again.
  • I hope he learned a lesson about alcohol. Many of us learned lessons about it when we were about his age. Some never learn.
  • Today he's repenting. And apologizing.
  • Yet Frank and Dan seem to want to keep the animosity over his behavior going. 
  • Yep, move that target on over.
  • Britney was also encouraged by others and very drunk last night.
  • But she didn't say much that would come back and bite her.
  • Ian apologized again.
  • Nor is it of any use to target her to take the heat off other targets because they've already told her to wear her pretty dress on Thursday.
  • They? Well, Ian. He told her that Joe and Shane are voting to keep Danielle.
  • I so wish it were Danielle going instead of Britney. Danielle does NOT entertain me.
  • Ian supposedly said something about graduating high school when he was 16 last night. I missed that.
  • But it turns out he didn't anyway.
  • Um. I started college when I was 16. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to do that. You just have to like to learn and have good grades.
  • Except for the Ian dissing, today was quite quiet compared to the past week.
  • Ian apologized again.
  • Britney talked about living in NYC and how she lived very differently from how Wil and Janelle lived in the city. She had little money.
  • She also said New Jersey was the most dangerous place to live.
  • HEY!
  • Danielle's hives are lessening and she says her throat no longer hurts.
  • A shame. I was hoping she'd lose her voice.
  • Dan told her and she believes that Shane is infatuated with her.
  • Oh, just gag me now.
  • Ian apologized again. 

Why must we watch Joe sleep on all four feeds?

Who will he knock off next?

Hopefully a life lesson learned about alcohol

Yes, Jenn is still in the house ... sans eye make-up in excess.


Patty said...

Could this house get anymore boring today? It goes from fireworks to pulling weeds.

Thanks for all your great work Jackie.

I hope Lynn and anyone who is in the line of storms are hanging in there.

Sharon said...

Yep, been pretty boring in that house today. Doubt it will be much better tonight.. unless Brit can "pull a Dan" and work everyone back onto her train.

Before Britney got drunk last night, she was unbelievably funny capping on Frank being "the best BB player ever."

Dan was laying on the couch nearby snickering. His reactions are so low-key that it was funny to watch him during Brit's Frank-bit.

monty924 said...

Lol, Patty. After the past couple of days, I'm happy for a 'pulling weeds' day. I need to rest up before the endurance comp tomorrow night. :)

Sharon, she was so funny. I agree. That's what will be so sad when she goes. Not sad that she is going in a game sense, or a Karma sense, but the humor will go out the door with her. :(

Terry is a Texan! said...

Jackie, I applaud your accomplishment....When I started college I was 17 and so naive and immature its a wonder I didnt run back to high school.
Im sorry Brit can leave. I would rather Jenn or Danielle butmostly Danielle would leave.
Frank will be so sorry.

meb said...

Sharon..I was watching last night's BBAD too, and she was so funny sober that they kept asking for alcohol and BB finally gave them a bottle of wine which they gave the whole bottle to Brit. She ended up tellin everyone how much she loved everyone.

I guess Ian got all the beer and he wasn't showing too much love. He got mouthy but I didn't hear him say anything mean. I didn't hear the 9/ll inference, but I can't imagine he meant anything unkind.

Hope they show some of Brit humor tonight. Gotta get in as much as we can before she leaves.

Karma is always what happens in BB. Isn't that what it's all about? I do everything I can to stay in the game (ie, getting rid of a great player), and then someone else does it to me (great player outplays me). No surprise. Brit is gracious about it, knowing it was always a possibility.

I still can't imagine where Jenn felt this helped her in the game. She wasn't going anywhere 'yet', so why help someone else's game plan. Dumb move.

And will someone please get Danielle out of the house!

monty924 said...

Meb, I think the flashback time stamp was around 12:46 so BBAD had been off for forty five minutes. I haven't even went back to watch it, but I might later. I think, like Jackie said, it wasn't the most sensitive comment to make about 9/11 to someone who lived there through it, but Ian was only ten at the time and I'm sure in his drunken state didn't even consider what he was saying.

I also agree with something that Dingo (read what she said), wouldn't it have been better if Jen would have just talked to Ian and explained what it was like to live in NYC during 9/11?

Anyways, looking forward to the blog party. I'm ready to watch this veto :))

Witt said...

Just found out the Redskins are playing Tampa Bay on NBC, not CBS. SWEEEEEEEEET! Can't wait for the show!

Witt :)

Petals said...

Delusionielle is probably VERY excited to be the only girl left in the house. Re her "no-mance" with Shane - IMO, he has just learned to tolerate her. She has learned not to snuggle & cuddle. Now they have that baboon thing going on (she picks & grooms him), so he has relaxed. Not quite "infatuated", Dan - but whatev.
I actually think Dan is fueling Dani so that she will act ridiculous again, thus irritating Shane & Frank, so they vote her out next week, and Dan has NO blood on his hands. Masterful.
Tonight will not be nearly as exciting as the feeds this past few days, but it will sure be a good show.
See you guys later!

Sharon said...

Petals, great thought, re Dan fueling Danielle.

No clue why Dani doesn't take Dan seriously when he says this is all game to him, not real life. Seems like he was telling her every way possible without spelling it out word for word. The play he made Sunday should have been a HUGE clue anyone with a brain... his loyalty is to himself at this point.

Anonymous said...

I saw Ian crying on the feeds and many a comments about how he pissed off the house with his HORRIBLE comments about 9/11

And REALLY??? That's it?? That's what he said??? WHAT THE HECK was wrong with anything he said???? They must really be bored.