Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Evening - Aug. 22

They got a new game to practice for tomorrow
Divine child on a mission

Joe: "I'm getting really ticked at Ian."
Dan: "What's he doing now?"
Joe: "He's being nice."

"I got a story ain't got no moral, let the bad guy win every once in a while. Will it go 'round in circles?" - Billy Preston

Yep, the hamster wheel does go around in circles. And, yep. The bad guy does win every once in a while (or more). Nope, it's not going to be a Boogie win this time, though! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hazy Hamsters:
  • After Frank told his bromance buddy Boogie what happened last night, Boogie was determined to call a house meeting to call them all out.
  • @@
  • Then his big talk with them all was that he didn't want to be the "epicenter of negativity." 
  • Say what?
  • Things don't have to be uncomfortable.
  • Um. Okay, Boogie. To quote you: "Actions speak louder than words."
  • C'mon, be a rain of sunshine in the otherwise stormy lives of your fellow hamsters!
  • He said he was upset that Ian and Ashley cried.
  • If it had been someone else crying, he'd be pointing and laughing.
  • The HoH TV screen flashed on balls in the yard (they were on an indoor lockdown).
  • But the image was gone almost as quickly as it appeared.
  • Ashley spoke her piece to the crowd. Boogie's not a bad person.
  • She apparently doesn't know about Erika.
  • Frank told them it's not just a game to him. It's his dream.
  • I guess no one else in there has that dream.
  • Danielle and Shane think they should get rid of Frank, Ashley and then Ian after Boogie goes this week.
  • What? Keep Joe over Ian who has been faithfully serving up information to them?
  • Dan said he wouldn't feel safe if Ian won HoH.
  • I don't know. Ian might go for the big move, but it wouldn't be this early I don't think.
  • They all keep thinking Pandora's Box or a double eviction this week.
  • Dan got it in his head that the show tonight would be a live eviction show.
  • Wrong, Dan.
  • Although you were wearing the same clothes you wore today.
  • Ian told Britney and Dan that Frank wants to put Dan and Danielle on the block and try to work with Shane and Britney.
  • Frank also agreed to throw the HoH to Ian.
  • Hmm.
  • Ian is still on his hate fest about Joe. He told both sides he wants a time limit on how long Joe stays in the house. He's decided 7th place is far enough.
  • Dan once again told Britney that he can't protect Ian much longer -- he's already "fallen on the sword twice this week and that's not good gameplay."
  • Britney got all upset with Ian because he mentioned that Dan and Danielle would go up. Now it puts Dan and Danielle in the position where they might be willing to work with Frank!
  • Ian apologized.
  • Profusely.
  • Hey, Secret Squirrel ... you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.
  • "You just sent me home!" she shouted in a loud whisper.
  • Frank told Jenn that he had to vote for Boogie to stay even knowing he's leaving.
  • But he'd like to work with her again after it's over.
  • Frank also started working on Joe again. This time, not so much for the Boogie vote, but afterwards.
  • Ashley said "slutting it up" wasn't her strategy, but she was just so bored.
  • Britney cried to Danielle. She's missing her husband's birthday and really not having a good time in the house.
  • Oh well.
  • If I were in that house, I'd be hitting the panic button and escaping.
  • But I'd never be there in the first place.
  • How about you? 

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Brainwashed ... if she had a brain to be washed!

Whoa! Bad hair day there, Britney!

Open sesame. Nope, that's not it.

Ohhh! Dollar store modeling clay!


monty924 said...

Once again, the captions are hilarious and spot on.

Donna in Alabama said...

Is it Brit's and her husband's birthday this week?
She must be PMSing the way she was crying and talking about leaving!

Jackie said...

Today was her husband's birthday, tomorrow is hers.

Donna in Alabama said...

Thanks Jackie.

Crap, I am a robot!

Patty said...

Jackie, I was looking at the picture of the Dollar Clay and trying to figure out what it is that Jenn is making...could it be her claws coming out or a new set of fangs? I will have to sleep on it tonight and maybe it will come to me in the nightmare I might have.

Thanks again for the daily dose of giggles!

Anonymous said...

Ian's pretty clever. He just told the QP that he knows it will be a Double Evict because BB had them ALL practice for the board ball game that everyone is sure is an HOH comp...but why would they let Shane practice? Because they aren't sure who will be outgoing HOH at the smart.

Patty said...

Jackie, I am watching the feed and Jenn just stated she made "flames" out of the clay.

I hope it does not burn down the house. I would not want Jenn to be blamed for turning the compound into the "House of Hell"

Sharon said...

Ian is sometimes a little too clever for his own good.

Members of the QP are starting to get concerned which way Ian will swing...
Who he would put up as HOH, or how he would vote after Boogie is gone and the house starts to change.

monty924 said...

Sharon, I think they put the fear in Ian tonight in the HoH. Between Brit and Dan, he knows he can't be this double secret agent once Boogie is gone. I'm just curious as to how Ian will go forward with this? Will he still be one of favs, or will he be on my D list? :) I still love Ian. He's playing the game he was thrown into and I would have loved to see him play without any veterans at all, but that was the twist.

monty924 said...

*one of my favs

JOKATS said...

I have a question that has been bugging me ever since I heard something Ian said on the show tonight...... He was speaking of his betrayal of Killtown & said (about himself) "like father, like son" was he referring to him & Boogie or is there something about his real family I don't know????

monty924 said...

Boogie walked in the first night saying "Daddy's in the house". Boogie was also Ian's "coach" during the early weeks. Ian was talking about Boogie.

Sharon said...

Thanks Monte. I was out for the evening and missed a lot! Without feeds, I can only read 'back' a while, but still end up missing quite a bit.

Even though we already knew how BB was going to go down on TV tonight, it was still fun to see the facial expressions.

Watching BBAD right now.
Boogie is such a poor sport.

monty924 said...

Now Boogie is doing what I thought he would do. He's got the acceptance thing and he's coaching Ian on what his speech should be to the jury if he's in the F2. There is a smidgen of goodness in Boogie.

There, I said it. ~Peace

monty924 said...

Sharon, you think so? Did you catch Boogie telling Ian what he should say to the jury if he were in the F2?

monty924 said...

Nevermind. Boogie can say something nice and then shoot himself in the foot with the next sentence.

Sharon said...

LMAO Monte. Boogie really is twisted. Watching Ian with the 2 of them... how does he keep a straight face?

Hollywood, grab that actor up!!!

Anonymous said...

Jokats, Boogie has supposedly taken Ian under his wing and has called the relationship, jokingly, like a father and son relationship.

Ian has said on the feeds that in his taped goodbye to Boogie, he will make fun of that by saying "like father like son. I learned from the best" and revealing he was backstabbing Boogie all along. I guess he also said it during a DR.