Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Night into Tuesday - Aug. 13-14


A yawn a minute, here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Villains and Vamps:
  • Danielle said they (BB) told her it's okay to sleep on the floor of the Have Not room instead of the whacked-out beds ... as long as they don't go to bed before BBAD comes on.
  • Ian likes that Joe is a Have Not as now he can decide what he wants to eat rather than have Joe decide.
  • I understand that totally. While his cooking skills are good, I wouldn't want someone else deciding every day what I was going to eat. 
  • We won't even mention the not washing his hands after using the bathroom or dipping into the food with his fingers after licking them.
  • Ew.
  • Did you realize that Frank has never cast a vote for eviction? He's been either on the block or HoH for every vote.
  • Boogie has an ear infection which is getting treated by the BB doc.
  • He's actually more frustrated than anything else as he can barely hear out of the ear.
  • At least he's not saying his pain scale is 9 out of 10.
  • Boogie and Dan talked about earning each other's trust.
  • Boogie thinks Shane is more of an asset to them (Killtown) than is Dan. He also pointed out that Britney never made a big move in the game, always the blood was on another's hands.
  • Every time they talk about the Zingbot passing out in the yard, the feeds get blocked.
  • Ashley told Britney that Wil is expecting to go home.
  • Danielle think Shane got jealous because Wil chose her for photos with him.
  • @@
  • Britney really wants another alliance name rather than Quack Pack. She says it's embarrassing.
  • Shane told Joe that if he (Shane) wins HoH this week, he'll target Ashley and Joe will remain safe.
  • Wil thinks he has Jenn and Ashley's vote and knows he'd need three more to stay. Well, that ain't gonna be easy!
  • Wil thinks he's going to be evicted because "they don't want any real competitors in the end."
  • @@
  • Jenn told the others she lives in Bed-Stuy in NYC. Oh my. The last BB hamster from Bed-Stuy was Monica of IT'S AWNN! fame.
  • I see her as more of a Lower East Side or Williamsburg hipster type, myself.
  • That's about it. It still looks like it's Wil going home Thursday, subject to change (of course).

Ian gets cheesy

For the Haves only

Backyard ballet

Everybody must get stoned


Ed in Ohio said...

After reading some updates from last nights feeds....all I can say is Brittany, Brittany, Brittany, WOW!

Petals said...

What about Brit, Ed? I am watching BBAD now...she is being normal.
Wil is definitely subdued. I'm glad - now he knows how Janey felt.
And now another episode of ...
I don't think Shane is as big a douchebag as I did before - he is fine when he is working-out or coaching others; he just plain old does NOT want to be showmanced. Can't blame him there. Props to Jenn & Joe for getting in on the work-out. Health is good.
Ian is handsome.

Petals said...

OKay, Jackie I may need your Yoda help here: Isn't Memphis married? I know he had a wedding, because Dan attended. But is he STILL married?
Because Delusionielle keeps talking about him, seeing him at the finale party, etc.

Ed in Ohio said...

Petals, Regarding my Brittany comment, it's about a conversation the hamsters had late last night. (on Jokers)

I was kind of surprised!

Petals said...

Oh yeah! I saw that! Ok. hehe

Critical Media said...

I love the Wil is going home this week. It's what he gets for betraying Janelle. Plus it proves her point that SHE was the only reason he was still in the game--which is what pi ssed him off in the first place. LOL

RBennie said...

I agree. I have no sympathy for Wil. If he had voted to evict Frank last week then maybe he wouldn't be the one going home this week. He couldn't even last over a week without Janelle protecting him, LOL.

tbc said...

Oh, is Jenn still in the house? LOL

meb said...

Ed and Petals... the story Britney was telling late last night was hysterical. I was actually laughing out loud.

For those who didn't see or read about it... Britney was sound asleep and awoken by a rustling sound, realizing what it was, thought she was being accosted... yet, in her half awake state, couldn't tell who was doing it.. Joe or Shane... finally realized she was safe and ultimately discovered it was Joe.. She was disgusted by it, but her telling it with her flare for drama was just too funny.

Hope I haven't grossed anybody out. LOL Still laughing.

Jackie said...

Petals - I haven't a clue whether he's still married or not.

Ed in Ohio said...

Petals & Jackie,
Memphis just got married this past May. I would hope these newlyweds are still married. (It's only been about 3 months!!!)

Yes that was funny too but I was referring to another conversation the group had discussing personal hygiene & other sordid 'mature' topics.

monty924 said...

I've been off the BB grid for a couple of days bet kept with the feeds late (BBAD) time. Yes, last night's story time was hilarious from Brit's telling of it. There's some scuttlebutt out there that Brit was making it up to do what she does best, paint a hamster into a less flattering light. There doesn't seem to be any record of someone catching any of this on the feeds. At least the event/date she was describing. I have to admit though, she has me howling/laughing out loud watching it.

Danielle ramped up her delusions at little the past couple of days as well. She actually said the "the live feeders know the truth". Why yes we do, Danielle. Not picking on her but she has a rough road ahead when she gets out of there. Just sayin'. She's also shooting daggers at Britney now everytime Britney cuts off one of her tall tales with someone a lot more funny and interesting than whatever Danielle is trying to tell the group. It's comedy gold to watch it. :)

meb said...

Oh Ed... I truly thought you referred to Brit's comedy act. And yes, I saw what you're talking about too... I promise I won't repeat any of that. : )

Monty, if it was made up, then she should be in theatre as a comedienne... she was too funny. I had to watch it twice. With all the non strategy going on and nothing but Shane's musical chair exercises, I don't know how Jackie can pull anything from these hamsters to post. BORING!

Lars said...

I briefly watched the live glasshouse challenge read a few comments, I'm going to have to say BB is much better~ Jackie has the best BB blog

Petals said...

Wil is a zombie - schlubbing around in his pajamas, hair stringy, blank stare.
Welcome to KarmaVille!

Anonymous said...

The past few BB have not been very exciting...not like the Evil Dick days and Janelle at her best... THIS one however has to be right up there with the most boring and also the houseguests who love themselves as much as the camera's. Enough Britney!!!
I don't know who should go first but Boogie Danille and Britney top the chart.

monty924 said...

I actually am loving this season. There is so much to talk about between the coaches coming back, Willie being the Hantz that was evicted by BB (not the house), Janelle being scumbagged by her own team players (not to mention Dan and his lil' puppet Danielle), Britney doing her finest dirty work ever (even if it did lead to my girl's eviction), and Joe taking over Dan's yelling in the DR reputation. He really DOES YOU KNOW?!!

What's not to love about this season of BB? As with any season, we all find something to make out of it and I'm hoping CBS doesn't cancel my summertime obsession.