Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Night Into Tuesday - Aug. 20-21

Duh. I don't know how to play the game.

 Another night of tension in the house. But, hey ... they knew the job was dangerous when they took it, Fred. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Allies and Enemies:
  • The HoH crew talked about how Jenn has done absolutely nothing in the game so far.
  • Meanwhile, Jenn kept fussing about the huge target on her back.
  • Wait ... it suddenly dawned on her that she was the PAWN up with Boogie.
  • Why didn't anyone tell her?
  • Sheesh. She hasn't won anything, has basically been invisible, is put up on the block with the Boogie Boy with the bad reputation and previous winner (thanks to Dr. Will). Did they HAVE to tell her that she's not the target?
  • Jenn still believes that Britney knew nothing of the renom beforehand.
  • Okay, she's as gullible at Shane and Danielle.
  • Jenn also complained that the HoH crew was celebrating with their new ally Joe because Joe was making cookies.
  • @@
  • I think Joe often bakes and cooks rather than get involved with the interpersonal stuff. He may realize that his interactions with others aren't as winning as cookies.
  • Huh. I forgot that Jenn is one of the "older" hamsters this year. She's 37.
  • In contrast, Britney will be 25 on Thursday.
  • Joe is still running to the HoH crew reporting on everything he sees.
  • That's a bit different than how Ian is doing it. Ian reports when asked or for important game matters.
  • Joe runs to them about Frank and Ashley being close.
  • Boogie and Frank think they only need Joe's vote to turn it around to a Boogie stay situation.
  • They're wrong.
  • They don't have Ian.
  • They think they do even though they're fussing about Ian being so friendly with Dan.
  • Jenn is still all bent out of shape about being put on the block.
  • I guess she thought invisible stays until the end. Perhaps she thought Adam Poch was the ultimate BB hamster. @@
  • Frank keeps trying to pep talk Boogie.
  • Boogie knows that there's probably no chance in heck he's going to stay.
  • Frank thinks that if Boogie just lightens himself and becomes the "fun Boogie" again, it will help.
  • No, it won't.
  • Ashley told Frank that Boogie has given up and Joe went to the other side.
  • Well, duh.
  • Ian told Ashley that he would vote for Boogie to stay no matter what.
  • I think he's just telling her what she wants to hear.
  • He's still playing the double agent boy.
  • Ian reported his talk with Ashley to Britney.
  • Ian thinks Ashley is sticking like glue to him so he won't be able to talk to the others.
  • Meanwhile, Frank and Boogie are impressed that Ashley has come over to the Dark Side.
  • Maybe the thought of the kiss ...
  • Boogie keeps hatin' on Dan and Danielle even, Shane not as much.
  • Go figure.
  • He wants to expose Danielle as a nurse.
  • That was a stupid lie and most already realize she's not a kindergarten teacher anyway.
  • Boogie and Frank still think they have a chance with Joe even though he called them out as bullies.
  • Now, I think they'd have a chance with Joe if they were HoH crew.
  • That's the way Joe rolls.
  • We have another two days of this, folks! 

I do know how to play the game.

I know how to play the game even better.

I know how to cook for y'all

But .. but ... I'm BOOGIE!


Petals said...

But, but I'm Boogie - LMAO. Thanks!

I think Boogie will work the Delusionielle-is-a-nurse in his departing message at the live show.

Jennvisible is 37? Wow. I guess that Amy Winehouse makeup does a lot to hide age. Not that I will likely try it.
Ugh, how are we gonna make it thru the next 2 days?

ermaldude said...

I think Jenn is upset because she just realized shes not on an all expense paid vacation. Her trashing Ians and others game play now is Hilarious!! I really hope we can get a season next year with people who actually like and know the game! This is season is close to as bad as season 9.

Sasha said...

Oh please, get rid of Mike!! Please make my summer better. He is such a distasteful person. IMO of course.

Petals said...

So Shane lets Delusionielle sleep in his bed, "cuddle" or whatev, until he is ready to really sleep, then he sends her down to her bed?
That isn't even a faux-showmance. That is a NOmance.

Witt said...

Petals, you are too funny! NOmance...that has to be added to the Big Brother dictionary!! :)

I'm with you Sasha...it's my HO too.

Witt :)

Patty said...

Jackie, you have the best captions and recaps of the happenings of the BB House. I think your bloggers are hilarious as well.

Keep up the great writings everyone and thank you for the many giggles, you are all great!

RBennie said...

Okay, it's official. Jenn is going to have to find a new place to live after BB, because she's not allowed to come back to Brooklyn! She's making us look bad. LOL. At a time when she should continue to be invisible, she now decides to make her presence known - and not in a good way. I just hope that no matter how badly she might behave this week, Boogie will still be the one leaving.

RJM in SC said...

Jackie, Love, Love Love your captions today.

Witt said...

RBennie, I think you're right. I think the Quack Pack (every time I write/say that I think of Make Way for Ducklings)sees Mike as MUCH more of a threat than Jenn, so I think that's still a done deal (at least I hope).

Witt :)

Petals said...

ditto RBennie (LOL) and Witt!

Hey Jackie, too bad you don't have sound. That picture of Shane would be even funnier with a sound effect, like that "Huuuuhhhh" sound from Tool Time, remember that? hahaahah
(omg, "Tool Time", and it's a pic of Shane.)

Ed in Ohio said...

Jackie "knows" how to write captions!

Sharon said...

Another little gem from "Boogie's Book of Tastlessness and Bad Sportsmanship" .... yesterday, he decided he will tell Dan that when he leaves, he's heading to Michigan to F***K Dan's wife.

With or without everyone using 'the word' constantly, he somehow always manages to be more crude.

Ed in Ohio said...

I've never cared much for Boogie & his 'schtick' but talking about Dan's wife was out of bounds & way over the top. Classless IMO.

meb said...

Jackie.. I think I tried to comment on the captions before, but I think I was on the wrong post, so short of repeating myself... oh the hell with it, I'm repeating myself... you are spot on with the sub-titles. LMAO too...

Witt said: I'm with you Sasha...it's my HO too. WHO YOU CALLIN' a HO! LOL

RBennie... I'm with you!!! Please.. send Boogie HOME!

meb said...

BOOGIE SAID THAT!!!! What a piece of work he is! I was going to use a different word than 'work'. Now that I made you think of it, good...cause that's what he is!

If he said it to Frank and Frank laughed, then Frank is no better than Boogie, cause that's just wrong!

As for the "F" word, Frank uses it every other word. I don't get it... it adds nothing to the conversation. What is it that a lot of people can't talk without it? I used to think it added emphasis...made your point... not anymore... just sounds vulgar.

Does Dan every use profanity? I've never noticed.

Petals said...

I had also read about Boogie wanting to say that vile thing to Dan. I truly doubt he will say it. I think he will "out" Delusionielle's nurse thing, and will for sure get a mean dig on Joe. For some reason, Boogie seems to despise Joe more than anyone, even Janelle.
(my theory: Boogie is jealous)

Ashley & Frank seem to be heating-up (blech). The 2 of them together is like Fraggle Rock.

Petals said...

Janelle was a good example of how to exit with class. She tried to campaign, but even when she realized it was futile, she stayed cool. She didn't sit back stewing, plotting nasty one-liners to spew at people.
The difference?
Janelle has CLASS
Boogie is an ASS

Sasha said...

OMG, what a nice lunch break I just had, checking in on the comments here. Made me smile and even LOL (who you calling a HO?) I'm with anyone who wants Mike gone :) Just hope it happens! Thanks to Jackie and all y'all (have no idea where that came from...I'm in the Northeast!)

Sharon said...

I don't think Froogie know how to say a sentence without using F**K, or combination of it... and several times within that sentence.

Can't say I've ever heard Dan use an obscenity. Sunday night, they were playing badminton and he "might" have said sh*t, but I'm not sure. Lots people said it during the game, so I don't really know. Even if it did, that doesn't come close to the 'quality' spewing from Froogie's mouths.

I wasn't fond of the crew last summer... for the same reason. It's just so unnecessary.

Chacha said...

What Boogie said is disgusting about Dans wife but what is more disgusting apparently he said the DR loved what he was saying about Chelsea(dans Wife).
I do find that hard to believe.
If it is true I would hope the Diary Room would alert Dan on this so he is prepared.
No one has gone on the attack of Boogies son Brady---
Wives and Kids should be off limits.

Critical Media said...

It's funny how Boogie is going out JUST like Janelle.

Everyone's telling him they don't know what's going on or he may have their vote.

Critical Media said...

I think people use the F-word as fillers when they can't think of something to say. We generally curse when we're frustrated. Some people pause or say ummmm as fillers, others just curse.

Critical Media said...

stuttering or repeating words are used. Instead of saying

"I went to the the the the....KITCHEN" they say "I went to the the....fking kitchen"

Petals said...

I say "flippin" a lot! (I do say the real word, too, but not very much)

My fave is "oh flippity flip flop"!

But sometimes, it's "flippity f***"

Sharon said...

Petals, I say 'flippin' a lot too. It's just... cleaner... somehow. LMAO

And I like "dip-stick" as a description. Works for Shane, but it's much too nice for Froogie.

Sharon said...

Ok, Frank & Boogie are putting Delusionelle to shame now!

Frank: If we are both in the final 2 they need to give us both 500K.
Boogie: you know what will happen? The AR, gotta get on it.


Petals said...

Uhoh, Sharon. Delusionielle will have a melt-down if she thinks anyone is saying anything derogatory about her.

Amazing Race? Boogie? He can barely make it to the toilet on time, let alone a pit-stop in another country.

monty924 said...

Great captions, Jackie. Boogie already has an empty wheel at hamsterwatch, lol. I think Jessie was the only one until now to get his wheel before he left the house (twice). :))

He ramped up his ugly last night in there. Will be happy to see him walk out to meet Julie on Thursday.

Sasha said...

"Ramped up his ugly"?? Oh heavens, I didn't know he could get even uglier! Please evict him!

Anonymous said...

CBS, I hope would never allow Boogie to say something so reprehensible to Dan about his wife, if he were to say that they would immediately bleep him out I would hope and if they didn't I would never watch BB again. Because it seems as though they have a warnng.

Petals said...

Sasha, just when you think you've seen Boogie at his ugliest, he finds a new low. He has a time-share at the proverbial bottom of the barrel. LOL

monty924 said...

Lol, Petals. Good call there! The house is super AWKWARD (in my Dani Donato voice) right now. Everyone but Jenn knows that Ashley is voting to keep Boogie, and Joe wants to out her to Jenn. Fireworks are a guarantee at this point.

Maybe Boogie will get out all his inner hate and just learn to relax and enjoy his last days in the house like James Rhine did in All-Stars! :)

lynn1 said...

I hope we don't lose tv reception Thursday night when the gates of Hell open to suck their misogynist son, Boogie, back in.

Sharon said...

LYNN1... that one sent me into fits of laughter!!!!

Still snickering as I type.