Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Daytime/PoV Meeting - Aug. 13

Frank sometimes cooks!

What is it? Day 38 maybe? I've lost track. Sometimes I need the show to remind me of these pesky details. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Nefarious Ne'er-do-wells:
  • Frank told Boogie about Wil's backdoor Dan proposal.
  • As I thought he would, Boogie nixed it. He thinks it's too soon to make that move.
  • I know that Boogie has ulterior motives regarding all of this. He's talked to Dan that if either of them is up against a newbie, especially one who has won comps (IE: Frank), neither would stand a chance to win as they've both won a season before.
  • While Boogie doesn't trust Dan, he'd rather go against Dan in the final two over pretty much anyone but a floater. He thinks his chances are better.
  • But will he say that to Frank?
  • Nuh-uh! No way! If Boogie can't win, he wants Frank to win. His bromance with Frank might even allow for him to be in a final two with him.
  • Boogie is worried because Frank told Ian of the backdoor plan Wil proposed.
  • He's scared Ian will tell Britney.
  • Heh. Of course. Britney and Ian are a lot tighter than Ian and New Wave Chilltown.
  • Frank was really wanting to backdoor Dan.
  • Boogie was really not wanting him to do so.
  • Guess who won that battle?
  • Boogie, of course.
  • Frank doubts Ashey's pain. She claims it's 9 out of 10 on the pain scale, yet seems to get around fine most of the time.
  • I don't doubt that she has pain. But I do think that sometimes when it's feeling a bit better, she plays it up for attention, sympathy, drugs ... whatever.
  • I've had major surgeries. 9 out of 10 on the pain scale is heavy duty, go to the hospital type pain.
  • The ant problem continues in the kitchen ... every year, same thing.
  • Well, a shocker. The PoV ceremony (blocked feeds) resulted in the nominations remaining the same -- Wil and Joe.
  • Told you Boogie would win that battle.
  • Britney told Ian they need to let Dan know how close he came to being backdoored.
  • Dan claims he knows what he's doing and won the game once.
  • Frank is still telling Joe that he'll be safe this week.
  • Right now, that's the truth.
  • However, it's still a few days. Sometimes things change.
  • Meanwhile Dan asked Ian exactly what was said to him about the backdoor plan. While he rebuffed Britney, he thanked Ian.
  • BB took their ball and net for the pool. 
  • Probably because they abused it.
  • So they created Salsa Ball -- two small plastic bins, lemons and apples. The goal is to toss the apple/lemons into the bin while the opposing player blocks it.
  • Yawn.
  • Heh. Jenn asked Joe where he gets sea salt. He told her to Google "exotic salts" online to find a retailer. Britney said, "You can get sea salt at Marshalls."
  • I get my sea salt from Marshalls, too! 

Britney is looking fluffy

Grr. Joe takes communal food with nasty fingers

Salsa ball game in the pool


JimmyB said...

Ha...I already said Ashley's pain wasn't a 7 or 8.

Now she claims it's a 9???

She'd be in tears and begging to leave the house. I'm not sayin' she's faking. Just that she doesn't know what pain is.

Auntie Leigh said...

I am skeptical of Ashley's "pain". She looks pretty stoned most of the time. I am glad Frank did not go for the back-door of Dan. He has enough enemies as it is and I like him and think he is playing a good game. I hope they take out Wil. He is a good player and I kinda don't like him very much. He seems snarky. And who would have guessed that little odd Ian would be doing so well. I hope he stays in the game. He is fun to watch and he is such a true BB fan. As I said once before, he is BB's own "rainman".
And as always, thanks to you Jackie. You run a wonderful site and give enjoyment to a lot of folks. Take a bow. Chow.

Becky said...

I have Wil in the pool, but I won't miss him much. My heart belongs to Ian. I wonder if he is as well liked on other blogs? Unless he does something really stupid he has my vote for America's player -- if CBS allows me to vote.

The WV is almost impossible to read. I do not like when it is blured.

Nickelpeed said...

Missed Sunday night. My daughter and SIL were here and we went out for dinner.

I do not believe Ashley's pain is 9-10. I've had surgeries where mine were 9 and 10. I can handle a lot of pain, but 9-10 IS roll on the ground crying pain.

I wish a couple of people would team up and get rid of Boogie and Frank. If they do not do it now, they will go to the end.

Buzzmaam said...

Why doesn't BB call Joe out on never washing his hands after using the bathroom?? He just did it again and now he's fixing dinner!! I'm surprised no one has gotten sick from eating the food handles and the HG eat.

Anonymous said...


A few days ago, several hamsters were discussing Joe's finger-licking and then touching food afterward, and also about his not washing his hands after bathroom visits.

It's not like Joe is a well-liked person in the house. I'm surprised they haven't called him out on it themselves.


Witt said...

The bathroom issue came up during Season 3...Danielle called Gerry on it, since he would always make salads for the group and toss it with his hands. I remember it being a living room conversation with many people present, rather than a one-on-one discussion.

Witt :)

kidiekat said...

I just found your site. Yay...
I agree. Pain 9/10 is rolling up in a ball and not moving.
Yessssss. Some one needs to tell Joe to wash his hands. ickk

Anonymous said...

I wanna know what restaurants Joe works in cuz, I certainly won't be visiting them EVER... not quite a good resume Joe for future references. you're suppose to be a chef for gods sake. Number one rule is hygiene ...wash your hands..all respectable chefs are slicing their hands watching you....GROSS...