Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Daytime - Aug. 27

Aw, I hate to see Britney sad

I can't say I'm thrilled at how all of it went down. But, I'll admit ... it's what makes watching the live feeds all worthwhile. Not a once last season did we have live feeds as interesting and addicting as they have been for the past week. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Devious Dan:
  • It's no secret that I really enjoy Britney in the game and had hoped she'd make it to the end.
  • But, in the end, it's a game. I'm not personally involved. It really doesn't matter to me who wins or loses. It's not like I'm in the running for the half million.
  • What Dan did was underhanded.
  • But that's how to play the game. It was a shrewd move for him and it saved him this week, if not longer.
  • Okay ... to the news of the day ...
  • Dan got up early for the first time this season. He sat outside and addressed the live feed watchers.
  • He told us why he did what he did and how he was worried that Jenn wouldn't take him down with her veto.
  • He said if it didn't work, he'd accept the fact that he'd be walking out the door on Thursday.
  • He really wants to WIN the game (again).
  • He also said he'd remain true to Jenn, Frank and Shane.
  • I reserve judgment on that. He'll do what's best for himself.
  • Nothing much happened once the others woke up.
  • Oh.
  • Except that Danielle thinks she has shingles.
  • She's got something, for sure. It's not shingles, though. I've had them. They concentrate along the nerves generally on one half of the body or around the eyes. She has what looks like hives on both sides of her neck. The "I'm not a doctor, don't even play one on TV" in me says that it's probably hives from being so super stressed yesterday. Either that or she ate something to which she's slightly allergic.
  • Later Shane and Britney also thought it was stress related or she might have an allergy to the paint used in the veto comp.
  • As an afterthought, Dan told Frank about the Headhunter Alliance with Joe, saying he wanted full disclosure.
  • As expected, Frank wasn't overly surprised.
  • Joe always floated back and forth to the power.
  • Then the PoV meeting came down, blocked to the feeds.
  • It went down. Dan's Kool-Aid worked. Jenn saved Dan and Frank put Britney in his place.
  • Wah.
  • After the meeting, Ian tried to suck up to Frank (not knowing Dan outed his Secret Squirrel doings) and tell him he'd work with him until the end.
  • It turned into a screaming match.
  • Oh well. Ian got a bit too big for his britches there.
  • Frank had given Shane a heads up before the meeting as to what would happen.
  • After his fight with Frank, Ian grabbed all of his own HoH beers out of the HoH refrigerator.
  • And proceeded to start drinking early.
  • Frank told Britney she's the target.
  • Britney has cried on and off since the meeting.
  • :-(
  • Danielle has cried and she's not the target.
  • But, it is all about her. It always is.
  • Ian continued to lie to Frank about being Secret Squirrel which made Frank angrier with him.
  • Ian kept saying he had panicked with everybody pulling him in different directions.
  • He'd be better to 'fess up.
  • Joe told Shane that Frank told him that Ian was the rat.
  • So now Joe knows that the Headhunters was just a silly thing.
  • At times, Britney seems at peace with going home.
  • She told Jenn that Dan told her he felt most comfortable in the house when he's hated.
  • He actually said that to us live feeders just this morning, too.
  • Britney is outing all of Dan's gameplay, but not blaming Frank or Jenn.
  • She says it's just a game.
  • But Dan will not get her vote if he makes it to the end.
  • She did a bit which I SO hope makes the show ... it had me in giggles. She put on a "nice" voice being Dan, then turned into the wicked witch as Dan changed persona --
  • "Thanks Britney for cleaning the Have Not room for me" - Nice Dan
  • "Tomorrow I kill you." - Evil Dan
  • She gave a good ten examples and I was sitting here giggling. She has such a quick wit. I'm going to miss that in the house.
  • Frank, like Ian, has been early drinking.
  • Both are a bit buzzed.
  • Frank actually went after Britney to get back at Ian. He couldn't go for Ian as he had the veto ball.
  • The other outright humorous moment today was the BB piped through the house/yard voice that tells them to go to the Diary Room, get new batteries for their mics, etc.
  • This was a new one -- "Ian, are you wearing someone ELSE'S microphone?"
  • Um. I guess they're labeled? 

Dan explained everything to the feeders this morning

Then she turned a bad situation into comedy gold


Anonymous said...

Who went first during the VETO ceremony? How was that decided?
Cuz if Jenn went first, it would stand to reason Ian would have done something with his VETO, no?

Thank you Jackie! Love your blog!

-Stacey in Montreal

Anonymous said...

Oops... just read the comments on your previous entry.


Thanks again!


PDX Granny said...

OMGosh!! I've been away from the feeds and posts for the weekend. I saw the show last night, but had no idea Brit was going to end up on the block. What a shocker!! I really thought she was safe for at least one more week.

I like Dan, but I would rather Brit stay.

Becky said...

My hat is off to Dan! Sneaky move, but as you said, Jackie, it is a game. I also agree that Ian let the power go to his head and got a little too big for his britches.

Petals said...

I will miss Brit's wit, too. But any sadness I might've had for her blindside got squashed when she snarked Janelle. At least they are telling Brit that she is the target; Janey was lied to, to her face, by Britney.

Magical Dan, man. Wow!

RBennie said...

I would have said the same thing yesterday PDX Granny, but what Dan pulled off today has made me a convert. I thought he was toast and now he's back in the game and aligned with his archenemy. Amazing. I feel a little bad for Brit, but then I think about her part in Janelle's eviction and suddenly I don't feel so bad anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for Brit. She has been crying all day long and bashing Dan and anyone else who wants her out....I think she should call Janelle. Her phone number is


monty924 said...

Ian is a funny drunk. :)

monty924 said...

Feel the same way, Petals

Sharon said...

Nice to see Brit and Dan privately making up.
Not that she'll stop trying to save herself, but...

Petals said...

Anon - LOL!

I'm glad to see Britney calming down a bit and having a talk with Dan about the "why"s of his game. Being an ass or a bully doesn't change anyone's mind, it just makes them happier to see you go, e.g. Boogie!

And the entire past 24 hours of emotions, arguments, nominations, drinking, shouting was surreal due to that half-witted carrot costume!

{note to A.G. ~ next season, try putting a couple more $$ into the unitards/costumes. This season, they look like rejects from a 7th grade Home Ec class.}

Denise Silk said...

I didn't like Britney during her season, I actually liked her much better as a coach, I also don't like how she claims its a " game " but at the same time, she thinks its okay to backstab everyone, it was annoying listening to Brit say over and over how bad she felt about lying to Janelle,if I truly felt bad about lying to someone game or not, I wouldn't be so quick to do it again.
Brit saying she wouldn't vote for Dan, is someone who thinks its only a ' game ' when shes not the target!

Sharon said...

Despite Frank and Shane making a deal, I'm not convinced he will vote to evict Brit. He talks to Dani and Brit out of both sides of his mouth.

Who knows what Joe will do. He hates what Dan did to Dani yesterday, but he doesn't want to vote Brit out either.

Petals said...

IMO, all this BFF stuff between the Brit & Delusionielle is probably about over. BOTH want to stay, BOTH want the money. They will begin to campaign against each other - very quietly, very passive-aggressively.
And then watch the fur fly.

Sharon said...

yup. In her own way, Brit has already been campaigning.

Dani has been staying pretty quiet (still the sad face). Though she said she wouldn't campaign against Brit, within the next 24 hours, I fully expect she'll start her 'poor abused me' bit to Shane and Joe. Just don't know if Shane is so tired of Dani's routines that he doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here listening to Danielle and come to the conclusion that while she looks like she could be in her late 20s, she HAS to be much younger.

Look it up and, sure 'nuff, she's only everything makes sense.

Anonymous said...

She's only 2 years older than Ian.

Now I feel bad for judging her on her immaturity so much.

Anonymous said...

Convincing Joe to vote out Brit shouldn't be very difficult, Frank & Dan offer him a place in the final 3

monty924 said...

Even though Joe is saying he'll vote with Shane, I agree with Anon 1235. Make a deal with Joe and you have his vote. True floater.