Thursday, August 09, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Overnight Wednesday into Thursday - Aug. 8-9


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loony Losers:
  • Now, in addition to Frank and Boogie thinking Thursday might be a double eviction, Ian is thinking along the same lines.
  • There are too many people and too few weeks ahead to empty the house at one a week for the halfway party.
  • Frank was allowed out of the Spiritard for the party.
  • Wil, Frank and Jenn joked about how nasty their goodbye messages are to Janelle.
  • Is that really necessary?
  • Frank said that Janelle only apologized (for saying she hates him) because she wants to be fan favorite.
  • @@
  • I personally kind of hope Ian has that honor in the bag.
  • Janelle, while pressuring Dan for votes, said she thinks it would be illogical to evict her. She could work against Frank and Boogie.
  • Alas, I don't think that's what THEY are thinking, Janey.
  • Frank told Dan that he thinks that Wil, Jenn and Ashley are in an alliance.
  • No #&$#, Sherlock! At least, unlike Joe coming up with that alliance, Frank left Ian out of it.
  • Frank also mentioned putting up Dan or Shane if he or Boogie won HoH.
  • Pawn, of course.
  • Dan wasn't keen on that idea at all.
  • Britney still feels bad about the whole Janelle thing.
  • Wil said that Joe is "redneck trash." Not to his face, of course!
  • Danielle told stories ... forever ... again and again. 
  • Woe is me. I had to keep switching cameras. 
  • I don't really care for Danielle's perceived view on things.
  • Everyone is being evasive or outright lying to Janelle about the planned vote.
  • Diary Room told Britney she/they cannot tell Janelle about the real votes planned.
  • Thus, Janelle thinks she has hope.
  • But I think she might deep down inside know a blindside is coming.
  • Amongst her many stories, Danielle told Dan that she had struggled with anorexia.
  • @@ If she did, she shows absolutely no signs of it now. She's always munching on some snack or another.
  • Perhaps out of boredom, Wil painted cat faces.
  • So, that's it heading into the big eviction day.
  • It looks like Janelle is indeed going out either 8-1 or 9-0. 

Yes, Jenn is still there


Studying with Britney

Hanging onto hope


Witt said...

I'm first!! THAT'S a first itself!

I know this is BB, but is all this nastiness really necessary? I just keep thinking, "These people DO know they are on television, right?"

I understand the need to get out Janelle due to her skill with this game, but I'd go for Frank or Boogie first...preaching to the choir, I know.

Have a great day, everyone!

Witt :)

Ed in Ohio said...

I wonder what all these 'catty' vindictive people are going to do after Janelle's gone?

They've spent nearly the entire week and a lot of energy just to hurt Janelle.

Anyway after last nights show it was so refreshing to switch over to the Olympics just in time to catch the Women's volleyball match. A REAL competition!

Petals said...

Screw the rules - the hamsters bend them all the time. The coaches know where the "hot spots" are. Surely they know a way to let Janelle know. Duh.

[~~~ SAVE JANELLE ~~~]

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

danielle has struggled with anorexia? For the past 15 years my mother has STRUGGLED with anorexia weighing at 55 lbs . Hospitals dont help because medicaid doesnt cover anorexia and she is too high risk for regular insurance plus my mother is in denial about the whole thing. I dont think danielle has a clue about anything in life and I can't wait till her dumb butt gets kicked out of the house!!!..aarrgghhh.

meb said...

Petals... I agree.. If someone did go tell Janelle the truth, can they evict that player for breaking the rules? That's just plain mean not to tell her before the final vote is revealed.

I don't believe she's Favorite Player this year, because of Ian,I believe he will be... but she doesn't deserve the hateful goodbye messages that some of them have planned.

She's just playing a game and trying to win, even if it hasn't been her usual gameplay.

Anon 9:34.. Boogie 'playing in earnest'... methinks you've drunk his koolaide! LOL

I missed last night's party... monty you were really relaxed .. I needed some of that what you had. Make sure you bring it again tonight.

meb said...

Eeek... my original email address and avatar came back??? What's with that?

RBennie said...

It just makes me sick to think they are going to send Janelle out like that. What's with all the hateful goodbye messages? What horrible things did she do to them to deserve that? Janey has fan favorite in the bag. They can all forget about getting that.

Anonymous said...

Why is Wil so nasty to Janelle, after she saved his insecure butt,twice. I use to like him but now I can wait until his butt is gone, and Daniell, will end being one of the most disliked people to have ever played the game on BB and Boggie's comment to others that Janelle has almost won the game before, what the heck is he talking about he and Dan have both WON, these people are so stupid.

Anonymous said...

What was Janelle thinking, when Dan and Boogie asked her if she would be willing to vote out Wil and she said no, after all he has turned on her.

Janice said...

I am not a big Janelle fan BUT this constantly talking about her and giving her nasty good-bye messages is just "not nice" in my book!

Danielle is giving us southern gals a bad rap! She is one piece of work for sure. I listened to her discussion with Britney yesterday about her and Shane's supposed "showmance"! Britney was trying to give her good advice but she is too blind to see and take the advice to heart! I didn't hear her discussion with Dan about struggling with anorexia; does anyone know what time that happened? She certainly can talk about herself 24/7 can't she?

Can't wait for tonight's show!


lynn1 said...

I am beginning to wonder if after all is said and done, that with the exception of Willie Hantz, the people who have already been evicted and in all probability Janelle tonight, should thank their lucky stars they got out of the BB house. I think there may be some real crazy people in there this season.
Willie definitely had problems. I think there is no doubt that Danielle is delusional.
I believe we may see that Joe and Wil have some issues too.
where does BB find these weenies?

RBennie said...

Dan and Britney were impressed with Boogie's honesty about not being willing to turn on Frank. Well of course he won't. His only allegiance is to Frank. The only way Boogie knows how to play the game is in an alliance with 1 guy. Frank is Boogie's Dr. Will. They will learn soon enough that that honesty only pertains to Frank. Boogie's logic about Janelle almost winning the game twice was laughable seeing as how he did win the game. They bought the whole spiel though.

Petals said...

Anon@ 9:50am ~ Sorry about your mom. My mom also had a bout with bulemia/anorexia, was down to 74lbs (recovered and lived another 20yrs); it is nothing to boast about. But Delusionielle is bringing the Tall Tales to new heights.

Maybe Danielle's new nickname should be "Mimi"? Because all she can talk about is "me me me me me me me me me me me me me me "

[~~~ SAVE JANELLE ! ! ~~~]

Petals said...

Yes, guys - this level of immaturity and downright glee in the evil goodbye messages is unprecedented.
(Jackie, am I wrong? You're the Yoda)

Janelle is going to leave some items of her designer clothes behind for Mimi, so Mimi will have something to wear at the live shows. THAT is class. These bully messages may really hurt Janey, and she does NOT deserve them. IMO (no one does). She is a wife & mother, after all...come on.
[~~~ SAVE JANELLE !! ~~~]

Anonymous said...

I just hope that after Janelle leaves Boogie turns on Dan,Britney, shane,n danielle immediately. They would be crying all week

JonMD1267 said...

Didn't Danielle tell Will she was saving him with POV before she did it. They can pretty much say what they want in the houese, they only use that rule when it's conveinant for them. They need to think if that was the case they would be yelling at them all the time when they tell people you have my vote even if it was a lie. The only time I hear BB say something to them is when they sing, talk about behind the scenes stuff and to go to DR or cahnge a mic pack.

Again I don't know why that some of them don't vote the opposite of the house to throw things around a bit and stir it up.

I do think if their is a way for Janelle to come back they will do it, either with a returning player or something we vote on, that is if she wants to come back she may just be done with it all.

Chacha said...

If all the messages are truely mean, i would imagine that Julie won't have "time" to show them as she will have so many questions for the first "coach" being evicted.

I would imagine the only ones they could possibly show would be Dan, Britney and Joe. They seem like the only ones who would leave a nice one.
Apparently Boogie said his wasn't mean also but its a game, yadda yadda yadda. We will still be friends on the outside.

Carter Morgan said...
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Anonymous said...

Save Janelle. I hate the people in this BB House. They are full of hate and I think Danielle is one of the most hateful players to ever be in the game and I mean in a VERY BAD HATEFUL WAY. NOT just game play.
Why don't they start talking about all the trouble Boogie has been in outside the house.
I am shocked they wanted him back. Boogie is nuts...its not him that the TV viewers liked it was TOTALLY WILL!!!!

RBennie said...

I really hope she won't have the audacity to wear Janey's dress as she's backdooring her! That's the part that really bothers me. If Danielle had nominated Janelle to begin with and she had a fair chance to fight for the veto, though I would still be upset that she's going, at least she had a fighting chance.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear your mother is doing better, anorexia is a nasty disorder and nothing to try to gain sympathy for. I really dont enjoy the back door part of big brother. I hate seeing janey with no chance to save herself

Anonymous said...

I just heard/read that Ashley was removed from the house. Any confirmation on that and how does it affect the vote?

Donna in Alabama said...

I heard that last night. Chat lines were saying she may have been taken out for medical reasons and that was why the long feed break. Then when the feeds returned, she was still there. I think that was just talk about why the feeds were down so long. JMO

Chacha said...

anon 4:06 where did you read this?
I know last night the hamsters were talking about her shoulder and needing to see a dr.
If they do remove her then Janie can stay right? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this happen...
i doubt it though

Anonymous said...

I'm betting that stuff about Ashley was posted by some idiot breaking in on Jokers' site. When I was watching the posts, those remarks were all removed within minutes. So I don't believe any of it is true.


Chacha said...

the feeds were blocked due to the half way party which seems to be a little strange with 12 hamsters left but oh well.

yesterday people were talking about boycotting the show if Janie leaves, apparently the numbers were down in the ratings. It will be interesting to see what happens after she is gone.

I could say I would boycott, but wont, come on if I had to sit through watching big brother winter edition then I can sit through anything.

Maybe next year AG will get back to basics and no people who know each other and just pick twelve players to live in a house

monty924 said...

LOL, Meb you can have my peace pipe for the live show. I harshed my inner mellow for tonight so I can rag on Danielle full tilt. Besides, being Ashley is exhausting. I don't know how she does it. *wink*

I'll be sad to see Janey go tonight and the good-bye messages will be immature for certain. Britney will cry, you know it. Remember her good-bye to Monet?

monty924 said...

Just saw your comment ChaCha. Heck yeah, if we sat through S9 we can definitely watch this season. My least favorite season ever! The only redeeming thing about S9 was all the Gnat chops.

Petals said...

Monty - LMAO!!
ChaCha - exactly. I will bitch & moan about my sweet pretty Janeygirl being gone, but I will watch every second just to see Delusionielle stew in her own green juices!
(eww, sorry. That reads kinda gross, but you know what I mean. And, if the juices fit...)

[~~~ SAVE JANELLE !! ~~~]

Petals said...

and what is the drinking word? Last week was "vote" and Gary & I got hammered.

LOL. We can drink whenever Delusionielle says the words "I" or "me" or "myself"

(she always misuses the "me"s & "myself"s. Grr...has anyone else noticed that?)
[~~~ SAVE JANELLE !! ~~~]

monty924 said...

Good drinking words, Petals. Yeah, the 'vote' was not for lightweights last week. We need to stay sober so we can root Joe on to win the HOH, lol. I'm telling you, that would shake the house up big time!

Judy said...

I am so sad for Janelle. I think part of the problem is that there is noone in the house she can bond with - her first time around she had such good allies - Kaysar, Howie, etc. Her magic just isn't working this time.

I was shocked when Boogie asked her if she would evict any of her former team and she said nothing at all. I started to wonder what was wrong, because that's not vintage Janelle. Missing her baby? Who knows, and this is totally speculation, but it does make me wonder...

Boogie gives me the creeps - always has and always will - but he has made two priceless contributions to the show this season:

1. "This is the Big Brother house - you can bounce checks!!!"

2. From last night's show speaking to "dog Ian" in his doghouse: "I know this a little weird, but do you need to go to the bathroom?" (My husband says that made the entire season worthwhile.)


Anonymous said...

Have to say that it's highly unlikely that Joe will win anything at all, but agree that it would be fun to have him win HOH... just to watch the rest of the hamsters freak. Just imagine the vision of them all HAVING to be nice to him for a week. Kinda brings a tear to my eye!

Can't wait for Danielle the Delusional Bully to get her personal wake-up call.


monty924 said...

I couldn't agree more, Sharon but wouldn't be so fun? As long as Shane doesn't win it, I'm fine. I can't stand another week of HOHitis out of those two. If he gets it you know Danielle will think it is her HOH too. I want to watch her squirm this week!

Susan in MA said...

I'm not pleased with this season's hamsters. They suck and they're boring. Janelle never had a chance. I dislike intensely Danielle. She sure got overconfident with her win.

Janelle will be better off with her baby and husband than with these boobs.

Delee said...
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Delee said...

So it begins....Grrrrr just saw "football" on here so no BB at 9p...on here at 2am and that is if the game does not go long!

monty924 said...

I'll ammend my last comment. I don't want Shane, Britney or Dan to win. That cuts Danielle's legs out from under her. Boogie wants to go after Britney and that will definitely have the Duchess of Delusion squirming as well. Bwahahaha

My pick for the season win is Dan or Ian and after that...

Petals said...

I have heard a few times that Froogie is now targeting Britney. If that is true, and the "Outsiders" alliance knows it, certainly it can filter down to Brit before tonight. And in the hours between now & then, she can flip ALL the votes against Frank!

She was already on the fence.
Could happen. (pleasepleaseplease)
[~~~ SAVE JANELLE ~~~]

Donna in Alabama said...

I'll join you Petals!


Anonymous said...

I hope plenty of people do not watch BB tonight. If they find some miracle to save Janelle then everyone would watch the next episode. I am just dreaming but sometimes dreams come true!!!!!!!!


meb said...

Petals... please... no Mimi for Danielle... I'm Mimi to my great grandson and the thought of the word would be ruined for me.

Let's call her something else... Dumbass would work!

Petals said...

meb - LOL, ok. Delusionielle for sure, and sometimes Duchess Delusion. But the drinking word is whenever she says "my, myself, mine, me, or I"

We won't be able to drive, hur hur

Desperate for a miracle!

[~~~ SAVE JANELLE !! ~~~]

meb said...

Great... you should be listening to BBAD from last night... she's saying all of them.. and all at the same time.

You guys can drink... I've got monty's peace pipe... soon to be at peace.. yep, yep, yep!

Anonymous said...


Along with Jackie's site, I also try to follow a couple of other sites for updates about BB.

It appears that one has decided to go "on strike" because of the DR leaks that allowed the hamsters to hear Dan's DR session. Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened, but BB has previously shut down sound leaks quickly... which was not the case this time.

From reading other posters here, I think most of us agree BB 'helps' the rodents 'see' what they want each of them to do. Maybe JMO, but it does appear that BB intended for the coaches to enter the competition. That's fine, but they did it before eviction and declared a non-eviction. Now there's the extended leak, which gives even more indication that BB is "fixing" things a bit too much.

Am I alone in thinking all this?


Anonymous said...

Ok, now it's payback time for evicting Janelle. The idiots that voted her out and put Boogie and Frank in power will soon see what a stupid move they made. I would've had more respect for Danielle if she would've put her jealousy of Janelle aside and made the better decision. I hope she is the next to go.