Friday, August 17, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Overnight Into Friday - Aug. 17

Shane is King of the House once again

Well, the big endurance comp is long over now as I get this written up. So, what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Well-Greased Hamsters? Read on ...
  • Due to the endurance comp, once again there will be no Have Nots this week.
  • Of course, we knew that when we weren't asked for our input last night!
  • Britney and Dan don't understand why Boogie went for the money.
  • I personally hope that Frank realizes that Boogie does NOT have his back since he went for the cash!
  • Danielle thinks that Dan is probably mad at her because she did better than he did in the comp.
  • @@
  • Joe wished that the "real news" Julie gave them during the show had included Romney's VP pick.
  • For some reason, that doesn't surprise me.
  • Shane told Britney, Ashley and Danielle that they could sleep in the HoH room and he'd sleep downstairs.
  • That was nice of him. I have this hot/cold thing about Shane. 
  • In an interesting change of pace, Frank knows more about the Mars Lander than does Ian. Huh. Who woulda thunk it?
  • They talked about their falls in the comp. Some did look pretty bad. I'm sure they're going to be hurting for a few days.
  • When Joe went to the Diary Room, the talk turned to his speech during the show. No one knows what he was getting at.
  • It was just weird.
  • Ian said his mother told him not to lose his virginity in the house. Heehee!
  • The big Shane HoH reveal went down. His letter was from his sister and he was a gracious host to all.
  • This is nice. Wait until the power goes to his head in a few days.
  • The rest of the house think that if Frank complains he couldn't get safety or the money, they can remind him he was saved by the reset. Ian doesn't think it was fair for Frank.
  • None of them think Boogie should have gone for the money.
  • Except Boogie himself, of course.
  • Joe is irked that Julie cut him off. @@
  • They got booze -- two bottles of wine, seven beers.
  • Shane told Joe he'll probably put Frank and Boogie on the block.
  • That would be nice. We'll have to see if it really happens.
  • Joe told Shane that Boogie and Frank had been thinking of nominating him (Shane).
  • Dan told Danielle that Ian is going to win the game. He's in the best place of all with no enemies.
  • Britney thinks Frank has the best chance to win it all and wants him gone.
  • Danielle told Shane that Frank and Boogie need to go up. He agrees, but is concerned about breaking up the Silent Six.
  • She's working on him.
  • We'll see later today who Shane wants gone. He's saying now that he will be putting them up, doesn't want to waste his HoH.
  • Now the Quack Pack is talking in the HoH room. They're pretty much deciding the Silent Six is history -- get them before they get us.

Ian seems no worse for the wear

Danielle thinks that Shane will send Frank home

Booze for all

Rub-a-dub-dub, three drunk girls in a tub
Quack Pack decides it will be Boogie and Frank nominated


meb said...

Thanks for this so early this am Jackie. This is exciting if it really goes down. I can't believe you didn't hear Frank complaining or talking about Boogie going for the money.

I don't dislike Frank... it's just he's aligned himself with Boogie and that taints him. Hope he can convince the QP that he'll vote to off Boogie if they don't put him (Frank) up. Sure thing to get Boogie off... But then, if he's on the block without Frank, he would probably get voted off in any event.

Again thanks Jackie... I enjoyed your post.

DB said...

I too think that Frank's devotion to Boogie is baffling... It's even weirder he thinks he can trust him. I can't wait to see what'll happen between them when they're on the block, won't be sad to see either of them go.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that Shane puts up Boogie & Frank together. But somehow the nasty wizard Boogie will pull strings to make him back off. I agree that Frank is tainted by Boogie. BUT, I think the only way to get rid of Boogie is to put him up against Frank. THEN Frank will see how loyal his "mentor" is.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Boogie and Frank .....GREAT NEWS!! I like Frank but Boogie is the one benefitting from Franks game....down with the chilltown loser

Anonymous said...

I hope Frank do not get evicted. I like Frank. I see a lot of comments about him. I hope Britney, Danielle, and Dan get evicted soon. I can't stand Dan; he is no better than Boogie smart mouth, being sneaky getting other people to do his dirty work and then brag about it in the DR

RBennie said...

I'm all for the put up Frank and Boogie plan. It's the only way to ensure that one of them goes home. One can win the POV and save himself, most likely Frank, but that still leaves the other to evict. I think Dan will be pushing to evict Frank because he still believes that Boogie wants to go to final two with him.

lynn1 said...

If Shane does put up Frank and Boogie, I think the only way Frank can dodge the bullet is to win POV.
I like Frank and can't stand Boogie. I think Frank will be Shane's target.

Janice said...

Sure hope Shane follows thru and does put Boogie and Frank on the block BUT.......Boogie should be the target rather than Frank!!

I sure hope Dan wakes up and realizes Boogie won't take him to final 2........Boogie is smart enough to know that if 2 coaches go up; Dan would win not HIM!!

That's my opinion; could be wrong!


RBennie said...

If you really think about it, Frank and Shane would make an unstoppable alliance. They could just trade off HOH each week. No one else is winning. I don't count Danielle's win as it was a fluke, LOL.

RBennie said...

I agree Janice. I think if Boogie and Dan were F2, Dan would win easily. I think Boogie is smart enough to realize that also.

Anonymous said...

IF Frank gets evicted, it will be interesting to see if Dan will be dumb enough to help Boogie out.

On BBAD last night, the cameras zoomed in on Frank sleeping and I had the feeling he might have been a bit depressed. Frank's not stupid, so maybe Boogie going for the cash instead of HOH was one of those "light-bulb moments" for Frank?


RBennie said...

If that wasn't a light bulb moment,then nothing will convince Frank to dump Boogie. As soon as they said 10 grand was up for grab I knew Boogie would go for that. He's so sure he's got the game in the bag that he doesn't need to even try for HOH. I think Britney was smart to go for safety. I'm surprised more people didn't.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Janelle.

Patty said...

For once it would be nice if the HOH follows through with what THEY would like to do. I think Frank is more dangerous to keep in the game, he can play. Whereas Booger, well he rides the coat tails of other players. I will give Booger credit, he does a fine job of planting ideas in other peoples heads and letting them do the dirty work for him. Britney is getting a little stale to watch also. She is the female Booger, JMO. I am thinking at this point it will be a Ian & Dan or Ian & Shane final, unless they don't get rid of Frank, than it will be Ian & Frank final. I personally hope Ian takes it all. The gals are way to emotional to be carried through.

meb said...

Janice, RBennie... I'm agreeing with everything you guys said. When they announced the $10 thou Boogie's fist shot in the air... so you knew then he was going for the money.

Sharon, I love the 'light-bulb moment' analogy. That's what I was trying to say earlier... but I like your words better. : )

Britney going for safety was smart as you said RBennie, since she didn't know who might win.

I actually felt sorry for Wil. I so wanted Joe to go, only because he hurts your ears, and eyes for that matter. His family was a delight though so they endeared him to me a little.. not much .. just a little.

I still hope Frank can convince Shane to not nominate him promising to vote to get Boogie out. I think that might be his only option, since he has tried to get Shane out of the house twice now...

Still loving Britney!

meb said...

I love Ian and will vote for him as Fan Favorite, but he has done nothing to warrant giving him the win. He can tell you every move anyone ever made or did throughout BB history, (almost) but that doesn't make him a good game player.

I love the idea of Shane/Frank as the final two. Don't think it'll happen, but it would be great to watch. They're really the only two who have actually had any real game play.

Jeff was some eye candy last night, but other than that, not much that added to the show. I didn't know he was doing that interview of the evictees, so it was good advertisement for that. I may have to take a look just to see how he does.

Wonder how many times who's going up on the block will change between now and next nominations. I hope it remains the same when that time gets here.

RBennie said...

Janelle will get my vote for fan favorite. She's still my favorite BB player of all time. I agree that Ian hasn't done anything worthy of the win yet, other than appear to be the safest person in the house. I would love to see what he would do with the HOH key in his hands.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think Ian is the safest person in the house. A few have mentioned how popular he is and he would probably win Fan Fav. IMO, that could also indicate they wouldn't want him sitting next to them in the Final.

Jenn is probably the safest, at least for the foreseeable future. She's very careful who she talks to... and when. Nobody is even slightly concerned that she will win anything at all, or that she might float through and they could be sitting next to her in the end. Seriously doubt she'll get that far, but stranger things have happened.


Petals said...

Hey Jackie & E'one.
I crashed & burned with a summer bug this week, hated missing the live party :(
Watched feeds early this a.m. and discovered (NOT a shocker) that Boogie is still an ass. Complete;y self-consumed and living the "boogie show".
I do, sadly, believe that Boogie has some pull with the production. He is definitely a "B" player, but that still must be impressive to some underlings, as he seems to get his way a lot. @@
GO IAN! is all I have to say.

Critical Media said...

For Ashley to have such a bad back, she sure is scrunched up in that tub.

Anonymous said...

@Critical Media: I was thinking the same exact thing. I think Britney secretly knows its going to be a double eviction week. I don't see any other reason why she would go for safety. I think she may have figured it out and maybe thought she would be safe for DE too.
I think Shane should put up Frank and Boogie. Have someone, any one else but Boogie, win POV and get Frank out. Boogie isn't the strongest player this year, so he wouldn't win the HOH for Double Eviction. That's their chance to get Boogie outta there. I wish we could talk to them.

Anonymous said...

I always agree with Petals. I also think that production wants Boogie and Frank. I think they are going to make that happen. Too bad. ENOUGH of Boogie. He is such a disgusting person. Sorry..JMO I have not watched the show since Janelle left but I do keep up via Jackie. If there is a big move to get Boogie/Danielle out I might tune back in or IF THEY BRING JANELLE BACK!!! :O)

Anonymous said...

I would not rule Ian out as not being a strong player. He is a smart player and is not going to rock the boat until he has to. We have not seen what he is capiable of doing as of yet. Dan played in the background in his season and took it 7-0. Jordan did not do anything of much value in her season and she won. JMO, I believe Dan is smarter at outwitting Boogie. Dan knows how to get his information and plan out what is best for him. I think if Frank were to break from Boogie, which I do not see happening, he would go far in the game. Maybe with some luck things will change with that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Petals, think there were a couple of sickies last night. Hope you are all feeling better today.

It's a wonder the 2 self-absorbed people in the house haven't killed each other.

It appears Dan is even getting tired of Danielle "everything is about memememe" now. Today, the comv went...
Danielle: "Did you see me wipe out?"
Dan: "You've asked me that 12 times."
Danielle: "I didn't ask you."
Dan: "Yes, you've asked everyone."

Anyone wanna bet that dummy won't take the hint?


Anonymous said...

I think that anyone would want to be sitting next to Boogie in the F2...All they have to say is...He doesn't need the money and he's already won 16 thousand here.

Critical Media said...

I do not think Ian is a strong competitor. He may be smart and have a great memory, but it's useless if you don't know how to use it.

I think the only reason he has made it this far is by the grace of the house. They enjoy him (mostly to ridicule him). Once the numbers dwindle and they can't hold on to him much longer, he'll be the first to go unless he's lucky enough to get a memory/mind comp for HOH or POV.

America also seems to like him, but I don't even like him as a player/character because as smart as he is, he acts like he has no mind of his own. I just hate that he kicks himself in the head, volunteers for slop/havenots/etc., lets people shave him, streaks, etc. just to please the house...that really bothers me. I'd like a Britney or Dan win now that Janelle's gone.

monty924 said...

I agree that they are all onto Danielle's annoying memememe routine. Us peeps who have been reporting from the feeds have been annoyed all along. Now it's coming to light in the house and out here.

I'll love a Boogie/Frank nomination, but you know that they will go after Frank unless he wins veto. I'll be rooting for Frank and keeping my fingers crossed that Boogie goes out before jury. Haven't done the numbers in my cough syrup fog, but the first one out of the fast forward should be going home. I think, lol

Thanks for the comments Sharon. I hope Petals is feeling better. I'm still yuck. Got to get better before Sunday night. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon Monty. Hoping your summer 'stuff' doesn't hang in there for flippin' ever.

Frank has made a few statements that show he has a better brain than most of us probably expected. Maybe it's the surfer-dude hair? :)

Even if the POV comp requires brain-power, I think Frank will still have a good chance at it.

After Boogie's 'performance' last night, Frank just might start using his brain-power because he's pretty ticked that Boogie didn't go for HOH. Maybe Boogie's star is finally fading. One can hope...


monty924 said...

Same here. Hoping Boogie goes to meet Julie on Thursday night!

Anonymous said...

I am hearing lots of things about production messing with the game more than usual. They don't want Boogie or Frank going home. People on the live feeds have heard it play out I guess. Can't they just let this play out and maybe FORCE some of the floaters to PLAY THE GAME!!!
I want Boogie GONE!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I have no problem with Dan leaving either. Everyone knows how he is playing the game. Its just not sinking in with some of the houseguests.