Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds PoV Bulletin - Aug. 11

After nearly two hours of blocked feeds for the comp, they're back. 

Boogie looks miserable. He must have done poorly. Most are wearing scrubs from "Zingbot Labs."

And, the big news ... Frank won. Boogie and Frank say they now can be bums and relax until Thursday.


Anonymous said...

That pretty much sews up the fate of Wil ... or Joe.

Right now, Boogie isn't thrilled. Joe keeps giving the little "knowing" winks at him. Joe isn't proving to be the sharpest tack in the box.

Petals said...

Froogie seems to have all but broken from the Silent Six, and took the Quack with them. LOL
Would be great to have Joe come off, and Shane up, then Shane voted out. Team Delusionielle are worried that Shane will go home. Good! Shane seems to gutless to go congratulate Froog.

Boogie is enamored of Frank, he just used the "reg" tag, "Now comes the boredom, 5 days with nothing to do. I'll be sleepin' on the REGS"

monty924 said...

I just hope that they don't scumbag Dan. Anyone else can go, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ian is such a funny little guy. It's hard to tell if he has any real loyalty to to S-6 or the Quacks. I want to think most of his visits with Froogie are fishing expeditions because he talks to them, but doesn't really say much.

I'm inclined to think they'll keep W&J on the block, though it would be a nice surprise to see Shane go up (for me, he's a big zero).

On the other hand, I'd like see Danielle gone before him... just cause. Much as I dislike that Zingbot, he zinged her a good one (and she's not happy about it!!


monty924 said...

Sharon, I like the way you think! :)

Nina said...

Not too pleased that Frank won but it's just a game I guess. I am not a Boogie fan. In fact I didn't continue to watch BB that season because of those two. I could not stand their charades in the DR room or their behavior period. It looks like Frank has become another partner in this. I guess some like it, I'm not one of them. I'm not saying that I'm a Janelle fan but in this season Mike was too unkind He made it very personal and extremely hurtful for a Reality Show of this nature. Grodner needs to rethink her plan for the future of BB, and maybe take a hint that many people are liking Ian. How about more of this type personality? The majority are telling you this.

JonMD1267 said...


Sasha said...

I don't really have anything against Frank himself but his alliance with Mike makes it so I wouldn't be unhappy if Frank goes because it would upset Mike. I'd be more thrilled if these people would wise up and get rid of Mike. I just find him insufferable and so not the type of person I like. Yes, I realize that's not happening this week but I can dream about the future, yes?

Thank you, always. Your blog makes BB so much more enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie for all your hard work & excellent writing. I have been watching BB since season 1. Another season of Boogie & this dumb coaches twist left me not watching for the first time ever. I was watching a bit here & there until Janelle left. Boogie turns my stomach. So, for now....reading your blog is all the BB I am interested in. The producers really screwed up in casting & game format this year. It just couldn't play out at all. The players are not very bright & they are so boring the way they follow Frank & Boogie! Thanks again Jackie!

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with you Anonymous...This is not the BB that I have enjoyed watching and I too have quit...just come here to see whats shakin'.
I can't stand the sight of Boogie and it seems the producers really want Frank there and maybe win. How boring. The cast could not be any more clueless. I don't even like have Danielle cross my mind...would love to hear about a double eviction of those two with Frank to follow.

PDX Granny said...

Although I know it won't happen any time soon, I really want to see Boogie go. I have to admit that he's playing a good game, being able to convince others to make moves that they think are their own. However, that doesn't make me like him any more. I just want to see him gone.

Then Danielle.

Anonymous said...

With BB's style of programming during the 2011 & 2012 seasons, and the 'quality' of hamsters, I'd like to say I'd stop watching BB... but know that won't happen. Hooked is hooked.

Subscribing to the 24/7 feeds probably was fun a few years ago, but this season, it seems a waste of time/money. Subscribers are paying to watch a whole lot of 'fish' this season.


Tami said...

The casting this season was not brilliant to be sure. I would love nothing better than to see Boogie and Frank out of the house asap. I didn't like Boogie either of the seasons that he played previously and I dislike him even more this year. And I find nothing likable about Frank. At this point, I would love to see Ian, Brittany or Dan win it all as they are the only three likable house guests. I am definitely NOT glued to the TV this season. better do better casting or you won't have a show.

Ed in Ohio said...

I pretty much agree with Tami. Frank should've been gone already.

The'Boogie Man' seems to have assumed the role of producer/ director and is running the whole show.

And I agree that Ian, Brittany, & Dan are the most likable at this point.

The cast and storyline are not very good this season, but Jackie's is always fun! Later.

Nina said...

I am definitely NOT glued to the TV this season. better do better casting or you won't have a show.
I agree with you Tami. I don't even look forward to the shows like I did in the past. I think it was ever since they changed producers. The Boogie and Will thing is old hat. Why bring it back?? I think it's time for another change.