Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds PoV Bulletin - Aug. 25

Frank is a carrot

The feeds finally came back after the PoV comp block. It was the reward/punishment comp.
  • Frank is a carrot.
  • Dan has to be in solitary for 24 hours in the Have Not room
  • Britney and Danielle have to be shackled together for 24 hours.
  • Dan's Have Not has an electronic "solitary" techno music thing pumping a beat, industrial techno music and disco lights.
  • He's not allowed to talk to anyone ... but us and BB. He has cake. He has a portable toilet.
  • He told himself (and us) he has 24 hours to figure out how he's going to spin this (stay).
  • OMG.
  • JENN won the Power of Veto.
  • :::fainting:::
  • Jenn says she will NOT be using the veto.
  • Frank won't play in the next two HoH comps (first one because he's HoH, second due to the comp).
  • Jenn is on slop for the rest of her time in the house.
  • Frank also had to take chum baths.
  • Frank was disqualified (cheating?), so Jenn won.
Dan in his techno industrial disco digs


Petals said...

Poor Dan.
Must've been a strange comp.
Jenn, if she uses the POV, will remove Dani.
Will Ian save Dan? Make it a Shane v Joe nom?

Anonymous said...

Jen is on slop for duration, wish Ian would use his veto on Dan, but they're all afraid of Frank, I wouldn't mind seeing Jen switch and save Dan instead of Dani

Sharon said...

Jenn says she's not using the veto at all.
Ian really is the only hope... if guilt gets to him.
If Ian doesn't, it looks like Dan is contemplating telling Frank about the QP and Ian.

Lili said...

People can go ahead and yell at me if they like but I am really sorta sick of Ian and would like to see him leave.

He bullies and smears Joe. He demands Joe take a side. Well which side is Ian on? Heck, Ian named the QP Alliance and ever since Boogie left Ian seems to have left the QP and taken up with Frank and Britney and is working to send Dan home.

How would Ian feel if he was on the block, Dan had the golden veto egg and refused to use it on Ian cuz he didn't want Frank to be mad at him?

Flip/float much Ian?

Guess Dan is leaving next, maybe Frank will follow unless he wins the next POV which is certainly possible.

Oh well, Jannelle warned them about how strong Frank was, they had multiple chances to BD him and didn't. Now everybody in that house is lying in the bed they all made.

Frank is almost unstoppable at this point, and I bet he will boot Ian before Joe so at least Ian won't miss out on the BB getting backstabbed experience.

Remember when Danielle saidwhen she was HOH and booted Janelle..."I am not afraid of Frank, I can beat him anytime, I already beat him in two comps, I can get him out anytime, Jannelle is the dangerous one!"

I think the only question left this season is who will the carrot take to F2?

Donna in Alabama said...

I heard a rumor that Frank cannot play in the next two HOH comps. Anyone know if this is true?

Anonymous said...

Yes Donna, it's true

He is HOH so he can't play in the next comp and because of the Veto comp, he can't play in the HOH after that.

He was disqualified from the VETO comp, so I'm not sure if that's his punishment or if that was one of the normal punishments he obtain while playing the game (everyone seemed to get random punishments)

Sharon said...

Yes, it's true Donna.
He's HOH now, so he already couldn't play in the next HOH. Then he got DQ'd during the comp today. Not sure, but that may have led to the extra HOH he can't play.

monty924 said...

Left the feeds to go out to dinner and this is what happens?

Dan is gone unless he pulls off a miracle. Frank cheated and got DQ'd, bwahahaha. Ian use that veto on your man. He doesn't outright cheat. :)

Ed in Ohio said...


Anonymous said...

Why is almost everyone here wanting Dan to win? He has already one the $500M, I dont think anyone that has won once should win again. He's a nice guy and all but he and any of the other former winners should not have had a chance to will again.. These hamsters if they had any sense should get rid of him and Britney. It has taken me at least 10 or more times to get my verification to be accepted

monty924 said...

Frank has to do the chum baths too. Goodie :)))

Judy said...

I can't believe that Jenn won the POV!

Poor Dan, cooped up in a room with flashing lights and pounding music - isn't that a form of brainwashing? I know it's not how this game is played, but Ian really owes him for not blowing his cover - but then Brit would go up. Sigh.

Usually the person in the silly outfit gets evicted, but not this time ...


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Lili, I hope Ian gets the boot soon, he is a weasel as far as I am concern, Dan took all that heat for him from Boogie and Frank and now he has turned on him, I cant see why everyone here is so into Ian all the little "I am so innocent" doesn't fool me.

monty924 said...

Ian's just playing the game like everyone else. I wouldn't mind seeing Britney go before Dan, but Ian is closer to Britney and he knows that Frank will put her up in one of them (D or D) come off.

My dream final 2 has been Ian and Dan. I can still get in there for Ian if not both of them.


Anonymous said...

This game has become so stupid, what happened to the HOH making their own decision as to who they wanted to go up? Now is't a house decision. In the early seasons there were two or maybe three people in a SECRET alliance now thid back dooring thing has just run amouk, it's not fun watching anymore.

Petals said...

Ditto Monty!

Lili - I'm not gonna yell at you, because I see your point exactly.

Anon - I'm a Dan Fan. Past winner or not, he is a good gamer and a decent man in real life.

If it can't be Ian/Dan final, then Ian/Joe - let the best double-agent win.

monty924 said...

Aww, Joe just mentioned my favorite place of all. The Smokey Mountains. Gatlinburg, Dollywood, Silver Dollar City (that was before it was Dollywood). Said he vacay'd there when he was young. I did too and still do now.

Donna in Alabama said...

Me to Montty, I still love to go to the Smokey 's and Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge...

monty924 said...

Not sure why, but they are ostracising Joe now. ???

Sharon said...

Haven't been watching closely (reading), but if they are, my guess would be because they all know he runs to whoever is HOH and blabs everything.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Donna, we just spent a week there in May. I love the mountains.

Lili said...

Jackie the Prove You Are Not A Robot font has become super hard to read.

Petals said...

Monty, I sent you a link re Mtns
Lili - me too! I can barely read it sometimes, maybe we are robors?

Poor Dan, somehow he has been able to sleep? The turned-off the music for a bit, good.

Hey Ms Angie!! The comments are (most times) more fun that the actual show, LOL