Sunday, August 05, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Report into Sunday Morning - Aug. 5

Bubble bath time!

Are you ready for your Sunday morning waffles? What started out as a funny but rather boring costumed after PoV comp night took yet a new twist. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Changing Tides:
  • Ian is still taking to his costume well. He needs to be kept on the leash whenever outside of his little dog house enclosure in the yard.
  • Frank proved too busty for his Spiritard. The back zipper broke and no one is on staff to fix it until Monday morning.
  • Thus, Frank is in a half-Spiritard.
  • But that's not the big news.
  • The big news is that Boogie got out of his slump and into the game once again.
  • Y'see, both he and Janelle excel at mind tricks and deception.
  • Britney and Dan, on the other hand, are more into figuring out mind games and deception than they are at practicing it.
  • But, like the Godfather himself, Boogie offered up a scenario which is hard to refuse.
  • His idea? Join forces, Danielle use the veto to pull Frank off the block and ... wait for it ... wait for it ...
  • Put Janelle on the block and get her out this week.
  • Dan is skeptical of the plan as he knows how Boogie works.
  • Shane and Danielle have drank the Kool-Aid and feel that Janelle would definitely target them next week.
  • Britney doesn't really trust either Boogie or Janelle.
  • There do seem to be more good points to this plan than bad -- Boogie and Frank working with DSDB is safer than them working against them.
  • Danielle really dislikes Janelle.
  • Janelle is playing super shady with her lies and mind games this season and isn't loyal to anyone but herself.
  • Boogie is right when he said he's stuck to his alliances.
  • Janelle stands a better chance to win a comp than either Frank or Boogie, neither of which has performed all that well in comps.
  • Dan, although skeptical of Boogie, decided they need to add Ian in the mix. Ian was NOT brought up by Boogie in his HoH talk with them.
  • But Dan is really gung-ho on getting Ian aboard.
  • So they (DSDB) talked to Ian. His role is more of a double agent within a single alliance. DSDB will be more faithful to Ian than to either Boogie or Frank. Ian will be privy to the inner circle of the group and not share with Boogie or Frank.
  • They plan to talk to Boogie and Frank to tell them they want Ian aboard with them for more numbers, but nothing about how in he really is with the group.
  • Ian already has a name planned for the alliance, but we got fish.
  • Dan is still worried that Danielle is playing personal (due to her dislike of Janelle), but is slowly coming aboard.
  • If they do team up, they would control the vote to get Janelle out.
  • Also, if they do team up, the peripheral players -- Wil, Joe, Jenn, Ashley -- would be easily expendable in the coming weeks.
  • Will they waffle again before the PoV meeting?
  • It's really looking like Janelle may be out the door early.
  • Dan is worried.
  • However, I'm privy to stuff Dan isn't. I saw Boogie and Frank talking. Boogie is apparently on board with the alliance. It isn't just a mind game -- in the end he would be betray them, but not until then.
  • I just don't know. 

Ian can eavesdrop from his enclosure

Joe takes Ian to the fire hydrant

Who arrives in HoH immediately after the new waffle?

Boogie revived

Not allowed to roam off leash


JonMD1267 said...

I think Janie might be in some big trouble this week. I saw some of it go down on BBAD last night. Boogie is good and he has for sure got them thinking. If you look at the vets, they are playing the game the way they did when they were on before, Dan, has his core four group, Boogie has his bromance, Janie is alone. Dan may really be the only one to save Janie this week.

RBennie said...

Well I for one am not happy with this new plan. Can't these people stick with a plan for longer than 5 minutes? Say it ain't so Janey can't go!

lynn1 said...

Trust Boogie? Isn't that an oxymoron? I don't know maybe it is just moron.

monty924 said...

Danielle can't stick with a plan, because she's Danielle! Dan is right when he keeps driving it home that she is playing personal and not strategic. Not that getting Janelle out wouldn't be strategic, but she's not doing it for that reason and her mouth is going to sink her soon. There's a long time between now and the veto meeting and if anyone can turn this around it is Dan.

May not make the pool party tonight.

Jackie said...

I don't know. I'm not liking Janelle so much so far this season -- she's being foolishly deceptive and getting tangled up in her own lies. She's jumping aboard whichever ship has the power for the week. She's betraying her own alliances. And, since I've seen both sides of the talk (HoH, then Boogie and Frank alone), Boogie is indeed wanting this alliance. We'll see if Danielle changes her mind again. But, it just might be the smarter move for them right now.

monty924 said...

Have to post, just because I like the WV here.


Any track Danielle can take at the moment is the one she's "sure" of. The key is to be the last one in her ear at any given time. She's exhausting....

Becky said...

I don't care as much for Janelle this season either. I say get Jay out this week and Boogie ASAP. If they ever watched the show then they should know how untrustworthy he is.

Anonymous said...

I too was thinking that Boogie was just pretending to be upset about the change in play. He likes to play people. I say backdoor Boogie.

Lars said...

I agree with you Jackie, about Janelle!
I hate to admit this but Boogie almost seems sincere, I actually like him better this season.

Its interesting watching Dan,
Game plan is written all over his face!
I see the Coach in Dan, he's very
convincing even when he's telling
" Half-Truths "

I think Janelle would back-stab
Dan before Boogie!

I like both Dan and Brit, I didn't care for Brit during her season,
I like her much better this season!

Carter Morgan said...
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PDX Granny said...

I had high hopes at the beginning of the season for a Janelle and Britney alliance. Didn't quite work out that way, did it! As much as I hate to say it, Janelle just isn't the player I wanted to see this year. She keeps turning off those she's working closest with, then when trying to make it better, doesn't. Since her loyalty keeps switching, I wonder who she'd target if she got in power.

PDX Granny said...

From some late night feeds, it sounds like the DDBC group is seriously thinking of taking Boogie up on his offer of an alliance, but bringing in Ian to help get rid of Frank and Boogie after they get rid of Janelle. If they do go with this, and manage to keep their mouths shut, Janelle will be in for a shock! Of course, that was all discussed a few hours ago. All could have changed by now.

BTW, am I the only one who screams at my TV to tell Britney to STOP PICKING AT YOUR FACE!!!

~~Silk said...

Jackie, I am amused (not!) that Optimum pays to advertise on your blog, but Dish thinks they can sneak in free.

Jackie said...

Carter Morgan said (without his advertisement) -- "I would have a hard time trusting Janelle more than anybody so far this season. Boogie has, at least, stayed as loyal as he could so far. This is my first season, mind you, I’m as much of a newbie as the ones on the show. I just really think getting Janelle out this week, and then maybe Boogie or Shane next week would be huge for the rest of them."

Carter -- I will be removing the ad part of your comment from now on. If you want to post just show comments, fine.

Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie. The ad parts were annoying and it will be much better without them. The BB parts of his postings were fine. Re the current info being posted...yikes things can change quickly! I am very biased and don't trust Mike one bit. I'd love him to be gone and somehow I'm sure he'd claim it was all his idea anyway.

Petals said...

Carter Shmarter...
I love my Janey girl, so I'm really hoping this current "plan" is aborted.
Danielle is my pool girl, so I am pleasantly surprised that she seems to have more on her mind lately than boys, LOL.

Anonymous said...

If Janelle goes...I am not watching. Dan is super super nice....but boring. Boogie is a pain and I frankly cannot stand him. Britney is okay but a few quarts low. I hope the plan to get rid of Janelle does not happen.

PDX Granny said...

LOL! That didn't last long. They flipped again, and for now, it's Frank going. But wait a few minutes and you don't like it, now worries. It'll change again.

ORKMommy said...

Petals - Can you honestly say the Janelle we're watching this season is the same Janelle we've watched in the past? First she aligns with Britney, then with Boogie (Boogie!!!), then back to Britney, not to mention the backstabbing and egotism. I was excited to see her on this season but she's just disappointed me so much that I hope they do backdoor her this week!

Petals said...

Ork, honestly - I see her playing her game,period. Dan is playing differently than he did in his season. They (coaches) have all matured and are not the same players that they were in their other seasons.

meb said...

I haven't been happy with Janelle this season either, so I thought Boogie's plan was excellent, cause now is probably one of the only good times to get rid of Janelle. Otherwise, she is going to start playing and winning and it'll be a lot more difficult to get her out.

Knowing that DDBS sat and talked it out, decided to include Ian with him really on their side, made it an even better idea. We won't know how this works out until after next POV, to see if Danielle really takes Frank down and puts Janelle up.