Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Report, New HoH - Aug. 24

Will it go 'round in circles?

 What comes around, goes around. It's enough to get one dizzy this season! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Deja Vu All Over Again:
  • Yes, of course. Frank won the Head of Household.
  • Oh my. This throws a wrench into the works.
  • Frank told Joe he wouldn't put him up.
  • Memories can be really short in this house of hamsters.
  • Knowing that Ian is back in with Frank, Britney told Ian he needs to try to keep her off the block.
  • "Get him to put Dan up and we have the votes to save him."
  • Britney also said that Ian should go along with the "Dan in his ear" bit.
  • She's also thankful that she's been planting seeds with Frank for some time.
  • Britney and Ian vow to have each other's backs.
  • Oh, yeah. Thursday was Britney's birthday. They made a cake.
  • Britney and Dan talked about him probably going up and whether they'd have the votes to save him.
  • Dan is the only Have Not. Frank had to pick one person.
  • Dan volunteered because he's managed not to be one so far.
  • Dan was very matter of fact over the PoV -- "We had our chance for the veto, six against one, and didn't get it done."
  • Dan is sure he will be nominated and thinks his best chance is to go up with Joe.
  • Joe is inept. He most likely wouldn't win veto.
  • Plus, against Joe, Dan would have the votes to stay.
  • Thus, Frank's plan would go awry.
  • Frank is still on the All Dan's Doing kick.
  • Despite Ian's actions.
  • Ian got a letter from his mother in his HoH basket. The basket is all he has of his short reign.
  • Dan told Joe that he hopes Ian goes on the block with him.
  • But we know otherwise.
  • Dan told Ian he won't sell him out.
  • That's a bit of a moot point now, I think.
  • Joe told Britney and Danielle that Frank told him he's safe if he has his vote (Frank's way) ... otherwise he's up on the block with Dan.
  • Danielle, as always thinking it's all about her, is sure she will be put on the block with Dan.
  • Frank and Britney talked. He has to trust someone ... he seems to be going for Ian and Britney in his corner.
  • He might be able to trust Joe, but Joe has no game.
  • Nah, wait. He can't trust Joe anyway.
  • He's really grasping at straws. No one in the house is really an ally.
  • Frank says he doesn't like Dan's game because he always has someone else do his dirty work.
  • I quietly look at Britney and whistle.
  • Shh.
  • Don't let Frank realize it.
  • Nominations will be later (much later) today.

"Fun" in Frank's HoH Room

Ian's HoH Basket


Petals said...

What a rude awakening - in every sense. Frank won, ugh.
I didn't see the actual win, I assume he did a, "This one's for the Gipper" ?

I'm too emotionally over-wrought from the past 72hrs to get riled so early this morning.

(great party last night, Jackie!)

Kaye said...

That is such a sad pic of Ian all alone with his HOH basket. Wish I had been at the party last night. Boogie's expression was priceless when he got Ian's message. Go kid go!!!

Bluff said...

I think Britney is the ultimate floater and great at getting in others ears and having them do her bidding, but I can't take the hypocrisy when she has them do the dirty work, then they freak out because it's messing up their game and making them a target, and she turns it around and starts calling them out for trying to throw her under the bus and ruin her game. There's only ONE winner. They're just trying to do what's best for them like she is. I'm fine with lying and back-stabbing, but don't get mad at someone for doing to you what you're trying to do to them.

Jessica said...

Franks like a termite u cant get rid of!

JimmyB said...

Hmmmm. Frank won HOH. I'm shocked. Just shocked. @@

Anonymous said...

Is Jenn going to float her way to the end? She is on no one's radar.

Ed in Ohio said...

Uugghh! Somebody wake me when when this guy finally loses something.

Can't blame him though somebody else is going to have to 'step up' and start winning something (if they're even capable).

This was the worst case scenario for my taste. If Bozo keeps winning comps this could turn into a real snoozefest as far as I'm concerned.

lynn1 said...

The only reason I have been hating on Frank was his devotion to Boogie. If Frank had been on Brit's, Dan's or Janelle's team I might have been cheering for him from day one.
I am not particularly cheering for him now but I am interested to see how he acts and plays without the evil one guiding him.
It seems he has tried to calm Ian down even if it is only to get him to vote the way he wants.
At some point in time we know the Quack pack is going to have turn on each other. I don't think I would shed a tear if Danielle or Shane left. I know it is unrealistic to hope that Dan or Brit get close to winning.
The only 2 I would really be disappointed to see win or be in the final 2 would be Joe or Jenn.
At this point in time all I can say is go Hamsters, entertain us for the next few weeks, give us plenty of action and let fur fly.
May the best hamster win!

RBennie said...

So Frank won HOH - shocker! Not. I am a little shocked that he's willing to trust Ian knowing that he played Boogie. Although, I guess he doesn't have a lot of choices as far as who to trust. He desperately wants to have an alliance he can trust, but the problem is they are all against him. I'm still not rooting for anyone in particular and, in a way, that's good because I can just sit back and enjoy the ride without the angst of worrying about my favorite. Boogie is gone and that's the main thing I wanted to happen.

Petals said...

Agree with Rbennie, Lynn & of course, Ed. :-)
Bozo! Lol

Joe in NY said...

Britney is NOT a floater. A floater is usually someone who "floats" to the power and isn't running game. You don't have to win comps. By that definition, Dr. Will would have been the ultimate floater and that's just silly.

tbc said...

I thought Ian's departing words to Boogie was suicide. He knew that he was going to reveal all in his goodbye message. The seed has been planted for Frank. I am shocked, too, RBennie. I am looking forward to seeing how the week plays out.

Thanks for the updates, Jackie!!

Anonymous said...

Frank HOH
DAN & JUDAS JUDAS JUDAS goes up Please the door hit JUDAS JUDAS JUDAS in the AS-

Petals said...

I love Brit. I think she had pretty good game, nearly as good as Dan, except she lets emotions play with her head.

Anonymous said...

Boogie (BUDDY) Calling Frank you won HOH

Anonymous said...

I knew Frank would win.
Boogie's last words to Frank " watch out for Ian " if he fails to heed the warning, he doesn't deserve the win.
I didn't think Dan would play for veto during double-eviction.
I thought about BB 10;
Dan's season ) after all the blow-outs, Ollie voted for Dan to win, in fact I believe the votes were unanimous for Dan.


Anonymous said...

Frank HOH
SHANE & JUDAS JUDAS JUDAS goes up Please let the door hit JUDAS JUDAS JUDAS in the AS-

Boogie (BUDDY) Calling Frank you won HOH

Sharon said...

I have no doubt Frank will win any physical challenge, which will probably take him to the end.
However, I do doubt that he will win any mental challenge.
Yeah, Frank is smart. Just not as smart as a few others (like Ian).

Sharon said...

Thanks to Boogie's Dan-paranoia, Frank is strung out on thinking Dan has been behind everything 'bad' that happened to Froogie.
Wonder how Frankie boy will take it when he finds out it was his 'little bro' IAN.

Ed in Ohio said...

The problem I have with Frank besides being a Boogie lover is the fact that he wouldn't even be there had it not been for the 'Reset'. Luck of the draw I guess.

Some say he's the underdog...I look at it as just the opposite, he's dominating almost all the comps (by himself). But if he is going to continue to dominate the rest of the comps I just feel it won't be as interesting.

I would have preferred to see how the Quack Pack / HeadHunters would have broke apart from each other sans Frank.

lynn1 said...

Frank won't be able to compete in the next HOH and if he isn't nominated for eviction he could be back doored.

lynn1 said...

I wonder if the planets aligned for Ian and Danielle would they have the emotional fortitude to last to the final 2.

RBennie said...

At this point, even if Frank is not nominated for eviction by the next HOH, with the numbers dwindling, he will most likely still play for POV and, if the way the season has been going so far is any indication, will most likely win it.

~~Silk said...

As Boogie was heading for the door to meet Julie, Ian handed him something, something that jingled, and said something like "Here, take this with you."

Anyone have any idea what it might have been?

Ed in Ohio said...

Lynn, That's true, but if they go that route and Frank is not nominated the next time he can still play for the POV, and should he pull off another win they would not be able to B'door him.

Given his track record he may just win another one! They're gonna' have a real hard time evicting him going forward.

RBennie said...

I'm thinking it was some kind of keepsake that Boogie left for Ian and Ian gave it back.

RBennie said...

LOL Ed, great minds ....

Ed in Ohio said...

RBennie, think alike!:-)

Some of these word verifications are really hard to read. It's a good thing they're not on during the Pool Partys.

lynn1 said...

There likely to be some comps that don't have physical strength as their basis. Some of the others may be able to beat Frank in those comps.
Plus if Frank wins competitions fair and square maybe he should be the winner of bb.
I am no fan of Rachel's but the season she won I thought she earned it.
Ed I am with you the Wv is especially bad today.

Sharon said...

Here we go folks. The HOH is locked and Frank can't get in.

Could it be Pandora?
Will he use it?
Will Boogie (gag) enter the scene again?

Petals said...

I am taking a BB recess. I was sooooo consumed this week, and now I am exhausted. Love you guys, but I need a nap, LOL.
(yes, this is really Petals) bwhaha

lynn1 said...

unfortunately for me, real life/duty calls and I can't spend all day on my puter chatting with with you, my good BB buds.
I'll check back later on and hope that those sill hamsters haven't blown the house up.
If anything major happens give 'em hell for me! LOL

Sharon said...

Petals, n
Now really, you know you won't be able to resist!!! LMAO

Judy said...

On the live feeds last night I saw Ian talking to Frank. It seemed as if he might have 'fessed up about being the mole, but I didn't see the beginning of the conversation, so I'm not sure. Ian was going on and on, in a very agitated way, saying that he had tried to throw the HOH comp by guessing way over the correct number, but Ashlee was even more over, so he won HOH. Frank was very warm to him, said that everyone screws up sometimes, and he was like a little brother to him (frank), and he wasn't coming after Ian.

Also, after the second eviction, they were all sitting around the table at various times and Ian looked miserable. He was rocking like crazy - I felt so bad for him. Britney came up behind him, gave him a short shoulder massage, then put her arms around him for a long hug and said something consoling to him. I was really touched - it seemed like a genuinely kind gesture on her part.


Nina said...

It was a good show last night, but I have to say that message boards like this one what do keep me up to date on happenings. This is what makes BB great. I don't have the live feeds but do have Show Time, and being in California makes it so I can't enjoy it unless I stay up half the night, so thanks for all this information.

Nina said...

I do think Frank is a good player but his attitude and foul language makes it hard to like him. Some of the things he said with Mike were so uncalled for, and not forgotten.

On the other hand, I do like how Britteny has changed, and love how she relates to Ian. I hope they end up in the top two.

meb said...

I just realized something. If Frank had played his cards right and lost the HOH, he could have been evicted and spent the rest of the time in the Jury House with Ashley. With no one watching... just think what they could have had going on.

OK... so it has nothing to do with anything... it just popped into my head.

Sam... Dan did win all of the votes his season. I just watched some Youtube of favorite BB moments and that was one of them. Renee was still there... She promised to keep in touch with people... and I think I read somewhere that no one can get in touch with her... she won't answer calls. I liked her.

There was one with like 22 of Britney's funniest DR moments. LMAO ... adore the girl.. she is so funny... it had the Boogie goodbye message in it as well as the one about JoJo... the girl should do stand up comedy.

Jackie said...

Ian said something about giving Boogie his sunglasses, so that was probably what changed hands.

Chris Baron said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the updates guys, there was a lot going on after last night’s live show. I was talking to a coworker at Dish who is a Frank hater and they were saying he is going home in the next round of eliminations. It looks like Frank has other ideas, and has yet again secured his position with everyone else gunning for him. After the show last I got a little curious as to how exactly Frank got where he is so I went back and watched some of the older episodes. My Hopper has a huge storage capacity so I still had every episode from season 14. I had forgotten that they started to try and cut him on Day 5; at this rate I think he could carry himself into the finals, but I don’t think he can win.

Sharon said...


Sharon said...

Well, it was Pandora's Box.
Ian won some kind of Veto.
Of course, Frank will be putting Dan on the block with (maybe) Danielle.
Frank & Brit are telling Ian not to use his Veto power (Brit scared she would go up).
Dan still feels he has a chance... unless Frank puts Ian on the block next to him.

teagan203 said...

Lets go frank such an exciting week!!