Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Saturday Daytime - Aug. 11

9:50 PM ET, the Zingbot arrived.
I hate the Zingbot.

Yes, Jenn is still in the house

Just to warn you ... today's been a heck of a lot of nothing going on in the house. Usually, by this time the Power of Veto comp has already played out. It hasn't even started yet. I'm thinking it might be a morph type comp played at night. The hamsters don't seem to know when it's going to be either. Anyhow, here's what's happened today in that Big Brother House of Impatient Imps:
  • Boogie, the first up as per usual this season, thought it might be a night comp first thing in the morning as they weren't on lockdown.
  • Ashley was also an early riser. She told Boogie she was feeling a bit better.
  • Boogie told her she needs to win some comps or people might think she's just coasting or needs to leave.
  • They eventually did get lockdowned inside a bit after 10am their time.
  • Boogie and Frank think they can get Ian to go after Dan, Danielle, Shane or Ian if he wins.
  • Too bad he's solid with the Quack Pack, huh?
  • The veto picks were: Boogie, Jenn and Ashley. They will play with Frank, Wil, Joe and Shane (veto ticket).
  • Frank and Boogie told Ian that the target this week is Wil.
  • Hmm ... Dan said that Renny won't talk to anyone from their season, no one at all. They've even tried to contact her through her son's Facebook page. Not what I expected from her, I'll say.
  • Dan has kept in touch with his BB nemesis Jerry -- even invited him to his wedding.
  • It sounds like Ian got his wish to host a comp -- the PoV.
  • Joe is playing the "I cook" card to stay.
  • What other card does he have? The Joker, maybe.
  • Ashley thinks she's a lost soul living in California.
  • Nah, I think she just might fit in some places. She would be definitely a lost soul in Camden, NJ.
  • As they were all sitting around bored for the comp ... who shows up?
  • Why, it's that nasty evil Zingbot who I never can understand.
  • Cut the feeds, the PoV comp must finally be on.

Slop for breakfast

What is Shane checking out?

Too much fish!

Ashley lives

It's still a thrill just to be there for Ian


Petals said...

Hey Ms Jackie, thanks for the info. I was away from feeds until just this evening.

Oh no, not the Zingbot. Pass the crackers, folks, because this is the CHEESIEST Big Brother routine.

Rooting for Joe to win POV, because...just because. I'd like him to have a fighting chance, and it would rattle the cage.

Ms Jackie, I was surprised about Rennie too! She was such a fun sassy Mama Bear type. Kinda like Paula Dean. Didn't Dan teach her to swim (Rennie, not Paula, hurhur)?

I vote to evict...Zingbot!

JimmyB said...

I know I should know...

Who's Renny?

Jackie said...

Renny was the older woman in Dan's season. She had personality plus and was a hoot!

Petals said...

Renny was on Dan's season, she was sassy, redhead, curvy, ball of energy. She was LOUD & sometimes said off-color things. Her accent was Cajun, not just Southern. You had to get used to her, but when you did, you liked her. She was older than the others so she was like a mom figure (maybe young aunt). I think she worked in a salon, she had a hip little hairdo & wore makeup, etc.
Jackie prolly has more accurate details.

Jackie said...

She was 52 during her season. She and Dan had a great relationship in the house. It's sad (and weird) that she won't talk to anyone from the show.

JimmyB said...

Thanks Jackie...The fog is clearing now!

monty924 said...

Renny is one of my favorite 'characters' (not players) of all time. She had me in stiches most of the season. She was eccentric in a very cool way. Loved her! Dan did make some odd comments early on this season about Renny bugging him during his season, but I always saw them working together and she did help him far.

I'll never forget her imitation of Tim Conway doing the Gorf (?) thing and always calling Jerry the "Colonel".

JimmyB said...

And thanks Petals!

Anonymous said...

NOOOOO, not the Zingbot... again!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited I did not have to see any pictures of Danielle when I came to read comments. Yipeeee

Petals said...

I am sure I am remembering this correctly: Dan taught someone to swim. Or someone taught someone else to swim. It was kind of odd at the time and then it was sweet.
Who the heck was it?

Sharon - Tomorrow I'll bring Triscuits, Ritz, Wheat Thins & Tortilla chips. Why? Because Zingot is so CHEESY, LOL

Witt said...

I think Dan taught both Renny and Ollie to swim. I swear I once caught their swim lessons on YouTube!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

the zingbot rocks

Petals said...

Thanks Witt! Yup - Dan taught Renny and Ollie. Glad to know I am not losing my memory THAT much. *smile*