Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Special Bulletin: Dan's Funeral at the Game - Aug. 26

What did I do?

Now we know Dan's Plan. He asked for a house meeting after they ate dinner. He said it was his funeral as a gameplayer and that he just wanted to enjoy his last few days in the house. He said he wouldn't have time to address everyone Thursday, so wants to do it tonight.

Oh my.

He went through each houseguest, saying great things about them. He saved Danielle for last. Everyone was teary. Danielle looked with anticipation ...

He said he was looking for someone to have his back like Memphis. She's no Memphis. She's dead to him in the game.

Oh my.

He told Frank he wanted to discuss something privately with him. Danielle is a quivering crying fool right now. Jenn thinks Dan planned it all to hurt Danielle's game.

In the HoH room, Dan is explaining that Ian was in with them. He told him how tight Ian and Britney are. He's obviously working on Frank to get Danielle out and stay. Then get Ian out. If he can turn Frank his way ... which might be possible now that he knows the Ian connection and he might just stay. Apparently what she did was throw the veto comp.

He's telling Frank they would make a good final two.

Hey, Dan may still have the magic in him.

Eek! Now their plan is to have Jenn use the veto, get Britney out and for Dan to explain/apologize to Danielle.

NOOOO!!! Get Danielle out, I beg of you!

Now Dan is telling Danielle it was all a scheme to get them both (Danielle and him) to the finals.


monty924 said...

And now he's ratting out Britney and Ian to Frank. :)))

Oh Big Brother! :)

Sharon said...

Oh my is right!!
Somehow I didn't think Dan would it, but he knew they were all stabbing him in the back, so guess they are all fair game now.
No more Mr. Nice Guy!

monty924 said...

It's getting good in there. Teehee

Sharon said...

Dani is still upset with Dan for making her feel so bad, but we all know she'll go along with Dan's plan.

She's going to have to be one helluva actress... at least until after Veto.

Sharon said...

Getting late but can't bring myself to turn off BBAD.
I want to see what happens next! lol

monty924 said...

There is a glimmer/twinkling in there *wink*

It may be bye-bye Britney

monty924 said...

Danielle has so many F2 deals going, it's bound to catch up with her!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what I am reading right now. If Dan pulls this off, he deserves to win.

monty924 said...

Sparkles all over the place!!!

monty924 said...

But first... Britney is sprinkling her BB fairy dust around too. Oh, I hope her's doesn't stick!


monty924 said...

Whew, looks like Delusionelle escaped this round. Come on tomorrow let this play out!

Lili said...

If Dan pulls this off I say start making out the check to him right now.

I don't have the feeds but can not tear myself away from Jokers.

I mean the QP, especially Britney turned on him after Frank got HOH. Dan did really poorly in the HOH, the Veto, and the PB. Then he goes into the torture chamber for 24 hrs, then plays sick, then makes every single person in the house seriously hate him via the Let's Be Mean to Danielle House Meeting.

From there he discloses all to Frank re QP, Ian, Britney etc. Frank suddenly agrees to a F2 with his mortal enemy, turns around convinces Jenn to use her veto that she sworn she never ever would, and Dan survives?????

Wow! Boogie and Frank ruled via intimidation, bullying, and Frank's stellar talent at comps.

Dan rules via sheer, calm, intellect for planning master strategies, and a phenomenal understanding of how to manipulate/mist people to get them to come around to your way.

This will be stunning enough if it just keeps Dan in the house this week against the impossible odds he was up against. But if he keeps going, makes F2 and then wins a second time he will completely displace Dr Will as the greatest BB player of all time.

Hard to keep typing.... a heavy, misty, cloud is making it hard to see the keyboard....yes Dan, what ever you need Dan....

Anonymous said...

omg! Dan kills me.

Petals said...

LOL Lili!

Yes, Jenn had the best phrase: "Dan pulled a rabbit out of his a**"

RBennie said...

Wow. What a difference a day makes! I have never really been a big Dan fan, but, if I had a hat on I would take it off to him for dreaming up this brilliant scheme. If all this goes according to plan then I will finally have someone to root for in this game. Who would have thought it would be Dan!