Sunday, August 05, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday Into the Evening - Aug. 5

His Spiritard zipper is still broken

Surprise, surprise ... all has been re-waffled since my last report. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Indecisiveness:
  • Ian loved sleeping in his doghouse ... probably his best night's sleep in a month.
  • Frank decided he can't work out in his Spiritard because he hasn't another one to change to if he gets sweaty and it "blasts his junk."
  • Ian got on the show the old-fashioned way. He went to a casting call.
  • As opposed to Jenn who somehow got picked by her Facebook page and didn't have a clue about the show.
  • No, BB ... don't even LOOK at my FB page. I'd rather mock hamsters than be one!
  • Danielle thinks that she and Shane are powerhouses like Brendon and Rachel.
  • @@
  • As Britney, Dan and Danielle sat in the HoH room, Britney once again said she thinks they ought to boot Frank this week.
  • As opposed to the late night boot Janelle plan that Danielle and Shane loved when Boogie proposed it.
  • Of course, we know that Dan wants to keep the coaches to help maintain his own safety.
  • Dan once again pointed out that if Frank goes, Boogie becomes virtually powerless. They have Ian, Boogie doesn't. Jenn, basically worthless anyway, also isn't a Boogie fan since he ignored all but his boy Frankie.
  • Boogie told Shane that there's no way he can work with Janelle if Frank leaves.
  • Oh, goody!
  • Ahem.
  • Boogie is still trying to work Shane for the Janelle backdoor plan.
  • Boogie also told Britney that he doesn't want to work with Ian or Jenn.
  • Well, they don't care all that much for him either.
  • Ian has a bit of a soft spot for the guy, but knows he hasn't been treated with any kind of respect from Boogie.
  • After talking with Boogie and deciding that he's just trying to protect his own game (and Frankie Boy), Britney and Dan once again bring up the issues with the Janelle boot vs. Frank boot to Shane and Danielle.
  • They do realize that Janelle wants Boogie out just about as much as Boogie wants Janelle out.
  • Danielle said she had enough. The nominations will remain the same (Wil and Frank) and Frank will go home.
  • Janelle is now working her way into the current HoH gang ... once again.
  • Both she and Boogie are playing smarmy this season. Either could go. Boogie isn't AS bad as he was in previous seasons -- he's not anything like they're showing on the show, Diary Room must be instigating that. But Janelle is SO much different than in previous seasons. :-(
  • Dan and Britney are pretty much the same as they ever were.
  • They've decided, because of the blindside move last week, they will hint to Frank that he's probably going.
  • They can't outright tell him as that's against the rules.
  • But, of course, nothing will be said or done until after the PoV meeting tomorrow.
  • Ian was released from his dog garb and ways.
  • Frank has to wear the Spiritard for a week ... or, up until his (probable) eviction on Thursday night.
  • In the latest talk, Britney is a bit ticked at her boy Shane as he told Frank that it was Britney pushing to put him up last week.
  • Well, it was. 

Ian's costume is HOT, not HOTT

Who's the HoH this week? Dan

Ian's hiding in the shade in his doghouse

Danielle at her finest


Petals said...

All due respect, Ms Jackie but - I have to ask: HOW is Janey playing differently? I don't see it. I'm not trying to be argumentative or contrary; I really am confused about what some of you guys are seeing (which I am not).
IMO, the only coach that is behaving the same is Britney, b/c her season was just 2 yrs ago.
My love tends to be blind, so I am serious when I ask you to please point-out to me what it is that Janelle is doing that she did not do before.

Jackie said...

Janelle is betraying her alliances made, lying and flipping alliances dependent on who's in power. She never played that way before.

Have you been watching the live feeds?

Petals said...

I just got a trial for the live feeds. I'm trying to keep up, but I don't get to watch them as much as I'd like.
I guess I have missed her lying.
I know you are fair with your reports.
Are you still liking Shane?

DB said...

Shane is basically just another immature cocky hot guy in the house. His homophobic remark earlier and shouting "I'll give you another kiss" to Danielle during the HOH comp really tick me off. So unattractive. Although, i do feel bad for his pointless HOH reign last week, BB messed up big time by fixing the coach-now-player game.
I think you're right about Dan and Britney being the same as they were, which is why I love those two. I too think Janelle is very different this season, still like her, but not rooting for her like when she was on previously.

Jackie said...

I like the eye candy factor and the fact that he's been winning comps as he's my pool pick, but otherwise ... not all that impressed.

I like Ian.