Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - Aug. 12-13

Wil he stay or go?

Although it's been mainly quiet in the house (what with Frank holding the PoV and the thought that the nominations will remain the same), there have been a few developments. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Screamining Mimis:
  • Shane told Boogie that Ashley will vote for Wil to stay.
  • Boogie told Danielle that she looked very nice and, though she didn't get a talk with Julie on Thursday, she looked nice then and had a lot of close-ups.
  • What's he up to?
  • Ashley, Jenn and Wil have been solidifying their alliance.
  • Maybe they should call it Floaters Get a Boat?
  • They're still thinking a double eviction will be going down this week.
  • I personally don't think so or it would be being hyped on commercials.
  • Shane is still worried that Frank will backdoor him.
  • Because he's so all important and all, y'see.
  • Britney and Ian are really bonding together.
  • No, not like THAT! Minds out of the gutter, please!
  • They decided if they could do it, they would throw HoH to Dan.
  • Let him get his hands dirty!
  • Ashley and Wil talked to Frank. They want him to make a big move, backdoor Dan, then they would work with him at getting rid of the other three -- Danielle, Shane and Britney.
  • Now, who would be a better and stronger team? Hmm ... methinks DDSB working with Frank and Boogie until they can't work together anymore.
  • Dan is a bit worried about what Ian would do if it came down to Frank/Boogie against them.
  • Britney isn't as worried.
  • Britney told her crew that Ashley and Wil had been in the HoH with Frank for a LONG time.
  • After Ashley and Wil left HoH, Ian went up for damage control and guessed that they wanted to work with them.
  • Ian told Frank he wouldn't trust Wil and was surprised by Ashley.
  • Ian reiterated that Wil or Joe need to go this week.
  • Frank told Ian that if they got rid of Dan, they (Boogie, Frank, Shane, Britney and Ian) could still work together. The only one who would be really upset would be Danielle.
  • Ian tried telling Frank that Dan isn't a big threat. "Maybe not to you, but to me he is," replied Frank.
  • He does have a point there.
  • Meanwhile ... Jenn, Ashley and Wil are jumping all around the storage room with new hope. They think Frank will go for the backdoor and their BB lives will be peachy-keen once again.
  • Frank ended up telling Ian that he's leaning towards not using the PoV this week, sending either Joe or Wil home.
  • Ian reported his Frank talk to Britney. 
  • She was surprised that Frank doesn't trust Dan.
  • Oh, come on now! Britney, wake up!
  • Right now, I think the nominations will remain the same. I know Boogie wants a safe move this week, bigger moves later on.
  • What Boogie wants, Boogie will probably get.
  • The PoV Meeting will be later today. 

Ian talking strategy with Danielle and Britney

Looking stoned when she's not

EEK! A giant hand in the lower right!


Anonymous said...

I just hope that they don't backdoor anyone because I think that is shady.....

Anonymous said...

Britney is right. They need toget rid of Frank. Otherwise, he will win this game.
Put me on team IAN. He's slowly won me over.
Thanks for all you do, Jackie!
Have a great week, everyone!
Patty Q

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Danielle!!!! So OVER her!

JimmyB said...

Boogie getting friendly with Danielle?

My guess is he's plotting a Dan eviction & this is one way to accomplish that. I'm not sayin' it'll work; but he's gonna try.

RBennie said...

I would love to see Dan get backdoored. Let him have a taste of how Janelle felt. In my opinion, evicting Joe or Wil makes for a lame HOH week for Frank. He's a major player in the game and should make a major move, but, of course, he really is just Boogie's puppet and will do what he's told.

RBennie said...

Danielle will probably turn Boogie's compliments into him having a major "thing" for her and trying to steal her away from Shane, who's madly in love with her, of course. LOL

Petals said...

Lol, RBennie! You're right!

Witt said...

I am always suspicious when Boogie is nice.

lynn1 said...

RBennie, I usually agree with what you post but I have a different perspective this time. I think Frank was smart to choose Wil and Joe this week.
Wil is a loose cannon and a sneaky player. Joe is so desperate to be in an alliance with anyone.
None of the Silent Six will care if Wil or Joe leave. If Wil leaves Frank and Boogie can make a sham alliance with Joe to get him to do their bidding or at least vote the way they want him to.
If Boogie is successful in getting
Danielle to move over to the darkside I believe he could manipulate her to do some damage. I am not sure he could convince her to turn on Dan or Shane but she is unstable to say the least.
The 2 people I most want to see leave are Boogie and Danielle.
I would rather Boogie get the Janelle treatment than Dan at this point in the game

RBennie said...

Lynn, I usually agree with most everything you say, and I see your point. Frank nominating Wil and Joe was a safe move. It doesn't piss off anyone (other than Wil and Joe). For you personal viewing pleasure, I would have loved seeing him put up one of the 6 and making them squirm. I would enjoy it immensely if they all got the Janelle treatment. Yes, I am still bitter. LOL.

lynn1 said...

I think it is worth noting that when Danielle was HOH, before she went Bonkers, she talked about nominating Frank and Boogie but Dan talked her out of it.
Now that Frank is HOH he wanted to nominate Dan but Boogie talked him out of it.

Sasha said...

Am I imagining it or didn't Dan and Mike have a "final two" discussion? Not that I believe anything Mike says but maybe that's why, Lynn? I think Dan has lost his mind to trust Mike in any way but I think that of anyone who trusts him. Of course, the most likely true final two deal with Mike is Frank. These hamsters better wise up and get rid of Mike and/or Frank. I prefer they get rid of Mike, I don't dislike Frank but the two together may very well take the game. I much preferred when Dan said he would consider going to the end with Ian. This week, I will get none of my "druthers". Sigh.

lynn1 said...

Sasha, I totally agree Mike Boogie needs to go. I don't know what Dan is thinking when it comes to Boogie.
It seems like Dan thinks because they were both coaches they have a real connection. All I can say is Dan better wake up and smell the slop.
I like Frank. The only problem Frank has for me is that he had the misfortune to be picked by Boogie.If Frank had been on any other team I think we would all like him.

Anonymous said...

I'd like Boogie gone. They are both way too cocky, especially Boogie. Frank needs a good kick in the butt, and I'd love to see Boogie get the boot... soon.

Will it happen? Probably not with this particularly stupid batch of rodents.


JimmyB said...

Once again: I was never a fan of Boogie; however...I am interested in entertainment value first and foremost. I'd like to see him stick around for a while. said...

i will miss u Wil Heuser