Monday, August 06, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday Night Into Monday - Aug. 5-6

Safe this week?

Guess what? Now they're changing their minds once again! Sheesh. What's wrong with having a plan and actually sticking to it? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of You're Making Me Dizzy:
  • Boogie and Frank talked about being in the house with a bunch of dumb people.
  • Frank can't wait to make his goodbye tape to Janelle.
  • They think the boot Janelle plan is still on.
  • Danielle and Britney tormented Fran by messing with Big Ted, the big Teddy Bear.
  • Dan talked with Frank.
  • Boogie told Dan that Janelle would go after him if she doesn't go this week.
  • Janelle, lying, told Boogie she wants to work with him (after Frank goes).
  • Boogie, not lying, told Janelle he doesn't want to work with her.
  • They had a coaches meeting.
  • They're not a cohesive bunch.
  • Janelle said they could get together after Frank leaves.
  • Boogie doesn't want to lose his Frankie Boy.
  • Boogie told Dan he wants to sit next to him (Dan) in the end.
  • @@ Sure, Boogie.
  • Now, Dan has drunk the Kool-Aid.
  • He's on board with the backdoor Janelle plan.
  • He told Boogie he'd "try to sell the plan to Danielle."
  • Heck, it's what Danielle WANTS!
  • Britney feels like a bad person because she's lying to Janelle and she's not mean like that ... or she used to be.
  • Britney is crying, tired of lying to Janelle.
  • In a group vote, they decided to go with the backdoor Janelle plan.
  • Dan told Ian he's part of the core group, but Boogie and Frank are part of a secondary group that he (Ian) isn't a part of.
  • Okay. As long as Ian's name isn't up there for eviction!
  • Danielle discussed with Dan her speech bits for the veto meeting during which she plans to remove Wil from the block and put Janelle in his place.
  • As the hamster house turns ... 

Girl talk

Give me a hug. I need a hug.


Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie. I can't keep track of these hamsters. I think they should get rid of Frank or Mike, especially Mike since he's so sleazy (IMO). Any of them who've seen or were in previous seasons know Mike totally can't be trusted. Really the coaches all are threats since they've been there before. I like Dan but he's a threat, too. Oh well, at least all the waffling makes it a bit interesting. Have a great week!

RJM in SC said...

If we can't get Joe, then Janelle is a good choice for me. although It does make me a bit sad she will be a three time loser. there has not been enough about her personal life talked about on air that makes me feel for her to stay.

Petals said...

This takes a lot of air out of the game for me. I love Janey and want her to stay. The house will not be as nice for me now.
I hope there is another shift.

Lars said...

Surely Boogie must have forgotten;

Janelle will be voted back into the house as America's Choice!

Carter Morgan said...
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Witt said...

I have never been able to get behind a "Save Boogie" movement simply because the guy is SUCH A JERK. I find myself talking back to the TV (ha ha, as if he can hear me) with all the ridiculous and incredibly arrogant comments he makes. (My kindergarten students have more manners than this man.) I'm getting a little dizzy with all the game changes, so I guess I'll just see what happens Thursday!

Everyone have a good week! Thank you as always, Jackie!!
Witt :)
P.S. WV: onLinei: Please join me onlinei for the episode blog!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ORKMommy said...

Don't worry Anon, Jackie will delete Carter's ad/comment.

Petals, I just can't get behind Janelle this season. I loved her in the past two but she's no better than Boogie in this season. She floats to whomever is in power and isn't loyal to anyone, including her precious Wil. At least Boogie is open and honest and people know where his head is while Janey goes back and forth and isn't even nice about it. Jackie said it best in her last post...she's smarmy!

RBennie said...

I can't help but still root for Janelle. I don't have the feeds, so I can only go by what I've seen on TV. I think Janelle is playing a more "smarmy" game than she has in the past because "smarmy" people win BB. As awesome a player as she was in the past, it didn't get her a win.

Chacha said...

I just don't see the core six sticking together, the core four, but Boogie/Frank will start the backstabbing next week if either one of them is HOH.

I can't believe they are letting Frank skate through this house another day..

I can say though the feeds were a little exciting last night.

Petals said...

wow! Love what you wrote, RBennie!
That is how I feel. I just don't see the snake-in-the-grass that other people do. But I am biased, because I love me some Janey girl :)

Janelle is to Big Brother what Ozzy is to Survivor. IMO (and I love them BOTH!)

~~Silk said...

I like Ian, too. My late husband was a nerd, formally diagnosed as high-functioning Aspie, and I always tell young women, "If you want a good man, get yourself a nerd. They're intelligent, honest, sensitive, faithful, and best of all, grateful."

Chacha said...

I was rooting for Janie, but she has started getting caught in her lies.
I wonder if you thihk of a lie in that house do you actually start to believe your lie you told...I have seen it happen before.
In fairness to Danielle I like her idea that Janie goes home to her baby instead of Jury.
I think next week some may say Britney/Dan can go to their husband/Wife so lets take them out now.

Petals said...

Silk - right on! I love nerds. Ian is awesome.

MikesGirl said...

Woot Woot! Wil is off the block replaced by Janelle!!!

lynn1 said...

I guess I am going to have to buy a voo doo doll and some magic powder to see Boogie leave. That guy is such a tool and he always comes out ahead.

~~Silk said...

*WIL* is off? So it's Frank and Janelle? Whoa. That's interesting. That's more than interesting.

Petals said...

So Janelle "lied". I am listening to Dan and Britney lie right to Janey's face.
I guess Janey being a housewife and new mom has taken some of the edge off her lies. Dan & Britney are lying soooo much better.

lynn1 said...

I feel like this is de javu.
All the girls are going to be evicted and we can watch the brigade, Chilltown II or whatever the guys decide to call themselves play the game.

RBennie said...

Aww crap! I was hoping they would waffle again. I am not a happy camper!

lynn1 said...

well who knows what happen between now and Thursday.

Petals said...

ACK! I have seen Danielle eat cereal a lot, and every single bite, she dribbles milk on her lip, down her chin. She sweeps the spoon twice, once for the bite, and back again to catch the drip.
It is the most irritating thing to watch. How can someone NOT have mastered eating cereal by the age of 10?
Sorry - venting. But this is a real observation.

Ed in Ohio said...

Aaww for Cripes Sake! How many times are they gonna' nominate Frank only to let him off the hook?! The guy must have 9 lives.

Backdooring someone/anyone is not very nice to watch. Janelle at least deserved a chance to play for the veto. I think it's a cowardly move.

I wonder if Dan, Danielle & company are going to live to regret this move. We shall see. Gonna' miss Jani!!

RBennie said...

Don't try to make me laugh Petals. I'm mad. ROFL.

meb said...

Petals... Danielle/cereal.. LMAO... I'll have to pay attention now.

Ian's my pool pick, and tho I like him ok, he's not my choice for the win. I'd be OK if he wins Favorite Player.

I watched him in BBAD last night and he commented that in a comp of knowledge in who did what when or when something happened, he'd have a good chance to win that HOH, but that Janelle has a good memory of that too... then he's in the hot tub and Janelle is on the side pumping him on when certain things happened and he was giving her everything he knows... I was yelling at him to stop giving her more ammunition.

Petals, Janelle has been my favorite throughout all of BB, so it upsets me that she's so 'sneaky' this season. I think it started as a coach trying to save her team, but now she wants a coach alliance and she's still lying to them as well. Guess it just doesn't sit well, even tho I'll be the first to say it's part of the game. She just never had to do that before.

If Janey does go out of the game, I hope it does happen before jury, agreeing with her going home to her baby sooner.

Witt said...

My English professor would be so disappointed at my lack of descriptive phrasing...but:
WOWWWWWWWWWWW! Wil off, Janelle on! I bet she was PO'd to the extreme. Ed is right; Frank is getting nominated just about every week and he is still there!! Nominate and vote out Boogie...he didn't want to reset the game anyway, and I'll enjoy watching the game more!

Petals said...

Ed, RBennie (and other Janey fans) ~
It will be pretty sad to see the goodbye messages. Frank & Boogie were wickedly gleeful when they talked about taping them. Grrrr

Petals said...

agreed meb -
At least she can be with Violet sooner.

meb said...

I'd hate to see them being mean to Janey in their goodbye messages if she does go. That's so unfair to anyone who leaves.. just not necessary.

Petals said...

Jackie - did you mention that Danielle and Ashley had tried out for The Bachelor? Where did I hear that, besides from Danielle just now?

Ed in Ohio said...
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Petals said...

LMAO - they named their alliance "the Silent Six" and when Ian is included, "Quack Pack".


Ed in Ohio said...

Bunch of cowards & liars.

They're all just as 'smarmy' and decietful as they are accusing Janelle of being. (maybe more)

Karma's a B!

I hate to say this but I've lost a great deal of respect for Dan. Oh well they all want "THE WIN $$$"

Jackie said...

Once again, I edited this to leave out the commercial. Carter, if you wish to post comments here, leave out the commercials. Thank you.

Carter Morgan said: "I’m glad that they are finally involving Ian, even if it’s in such a minimal role. He can be a great player in the game, at least mentally, if not socially. I can’t believe what keeps happening in this house! It has been constant back and forth on any decision that they have to make! Even in last night’s episode with the nomination ceremony Danielle couldn’t keep her mind straight until the final second. I can’t wait to catch up with the live feeds after this mornings Power of Veto ceremony! "

Jackie said...

Petals - I don't recall mentioning that, although I may have heard it myself. I did say SHANE told Danielle that "this isn't The Bachelor" when she was throwing herself all over him.

Petals said...

Ahhhh...okay Jackie. Thanks. I knew I had seen or heard that Bachelor reference somewhere before. (but how funny - Ashley & Danielle didn't make the cut on Bachelor, LOL)

meb said...

Jackie... or anybody who's seen reactions... what are the other hamsters 'saying/whispering' about Danielle taking down Wil and putting up Janelle... and mostly what has Wil done since then?

Again, one of those times when I wish I had the feeds.

monty924 said...

Actually, one of the BB interwebs reported that Shane had tried out for the Bachelorette (maybe the Bachelor, but thinking it was 'ette) and didn't make it. I find that very odd. Not that he wasn't chosen, just that he tried out for it.

monty924 said...

... and I'm heartsick for Janey. Once again, the best player to have never won BB. She could pull a rabbit out of her hat, but I doubt it. :(