Thursday, August 02, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Thursday Daytime - Aug. 2

Pre-live show relaxing

The day of the live show isn't usually too exciting. Today certainly didn't prove otherwise. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of One Goes Home Tonight:
  • Wil, Ashley and Jenn speculated that Jodi might come back tonight.
  • Nope. Ain't gonna happen, hamsters!
  • Frank told Danielle that Janelle is his enemy, not her or Dan.
  • Danielle was actually smart enough to just nod her head a lot when talking with Frank and didn't say much of anything ... other than she trusts Dan.
  • Frank thinks Danielle is going to vote to keep him.
  • I think he's probably wrong.
  • Janelle and Britney once again talked about how bad Frank smells.
  • Boogie thinks that Danielle is wishy-washy and doesn't trust her to vote to keep Frank.
  • Frank hopes the people at home are seeing Janelle for who she is.
  • Yes. Yes, we are.
  • Frank thinks he'll get a 4-1 vote to stay.
  • Keep thinking that way, kiddo!
  • Ain't gonna happen.
  • They all think tonight (coaches in or not), the comp will be endurance.
  • I believe so, too.
  • If it is, I'll stick with it posting screen caps and updates for as long as it lasts.
  • I bought some Starbucks Double Shot. Mmm.
  • Shane says that if the coaches come into the game it will ruin everything.
  • He's right.
  • Danielle persists in her lie about being a school teacher.
  • @@
  • Dan told Danielle that she can't trust Janelle.
  • Danielle actually made a decent observation -- they have two liars on the block.
  • Right now, it looks like Frank is still the target.
  • We'll see. Stop on back for the blog party and watch the show with us! 

We'll see if he's still smiling later tonight


lynn1 said...

I won't be able to stop by the pool party tonight but I do so love reading your take and everyones comments.
I am sending some babyback ribs for the pool party tonight. Just remember to wash your sticky fingers before getting in the pool.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Lynn! We'll miss you!

Petals said...

Rex Smith!!! That is who Wil reminds me of! Remember him?
Lynn, ditto Jackie - we'll save some dessert for ya! (homemade ice cream - vanilla & chocolate!)

meb said...

Awe lynn 1... thanks for the ribs... there's going to be a lot of drinking tonight, so we'll need them to help keep us a little sober. : )

monty924 said...

Will miss ya, Lynn... I'll bring roasted corn on the cob to go with the ribs. YUM!!

monty924 said...

Drinking word... ?

Any variation of the word VOTE! We'll be toasted early on :))

Petals said...

Yay! "Vote". That word can last all season, whooo!

monty924 said...


monty924 said...
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JimmyB said...

I'd like to see Jodi return...she kinda got a raw deal.

My best guess for a winner of an endurance comp: Wil.

That's based on nothing really other than my sense of who has the best chance.

monty924 said...

I would too JimmyB, but she hasn't been sequestered. She got as bad a deal as that couple on TAR a few seasons ago who didn't even leave the US!

We should keep 'vote' for the Thursday show and think of another word or action for Sundays and Wednesdays. :)

J B real said...

The only reason I would like to see janel's team win hoh is to see who she really wants to aline with, she and her team have promised the word everyone, I' d like to see who she will throw under the bus this time cuz if her team wins she can't swing to the power she will be the power. Although arrogant, Shane can win comps he's a target, but fights to stay in the game. I like Ian, hope he goes all the way, the rest of them....bye....

J B Real said...

Oops... that's promised the world to everyone.