Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Tuesday - Aug. 14

Hammock campaigning

I'll be happy when Thursday comes and the real activity starts up again. This week it was three days of action, four of doldrums. Here's what happened through the day and into the evening inside that Big Brother House of Waning Wannabees:
  • Ashley wanted to braid Frank's hair but he didn't want to show his receding hairline (covered by the mop now).
  • I didn't get a screen cap of it, but YES ... his hairline is very receded.
  • Wil, Joe and Jenn wouldn't be surprised if Ashley floated to the final two.
  • Wil is telling the others that Frank was too scared to make a big move and get Dan out this week.
  • He thinks if Dan was taken out, everyone else would have a fair chance to win.
  • @@
  • Of course, Wil is pretty sure that he's going home and isn't a happy camper!
  • Boogie doesn't live with his young son or his "baby's momma."
  • Britney and Ashley rebelled against photo day in the house, making faces.
  • They are "so over it."
  • They think a Pandora's box is coming.
  • They think a double eviction and fast forward is coming.
  • Heck, they might even think Christmas is coming.
  • They are bored.
  • Ashley wants her first "big girl apartment." She can pay the rent on mine if she wants to know what it's like.
  • Joe got reprimanded by BB for tasting things not allowed as a Have Not.
  • About time.
  • They should also talk to him about licking his fingers and sticking them in the food others will be eating.
  • Dan and Frank talked about how to eventually get rid of Britney and Shane.
  • Then Britney and Shane talked about their final four deal with Dan and Danielle and how Ian doesn't know about that.
  • Joe campaigned, telling Britney and Shane that he would target Ashley if he won HoH.
  • Like Joe could win a comp! Bwahahaha! That cracks me up!
  • Ashley (who used to say Ian creeped her out) said that Ian is spending too many hours of the day with Britney.
  • So she's going on a "date" with Frank tonight.
  • It's not that Ian didn't propose a pool date with her to get back in her good graces.
  • Ian said that all the girls will forget him after they leave the house.
  • That's about it. They're grasping at straws for entertainment in the house. Comp time can't come too soon. 

Fashion plate

Has outstanding college loans

Can Dan do it again?

Labeled drinkware this season

Eye mask as a fashion accessory

Frank gets little braids

Boogie and his ear


Nickelpeed said...

They actually think Dan could win? I think if they keep Boogie, he'll win.

If anyone reads this, I won't be here Wednesday or Thursday night, I work. Have fun!!!


~~Silk said...

Someone asked if Shane had hair implants. I wondered about that, too -- the "tufting". But gel and a comb will do that. He has a very low peak, and I can't see a hair implanter (?) doing that on purpose.

How did Ian label the glass? I thought the hamsters were not allowed writing materials.

RBennie said...

I don't know how you do it Jackie. Watching anything that boring would send me right off to sleep. I hate when the eviction is so set in stone and there is no anticipation for what might happen. Wil goes home (yawn). Joe winds up on the block again next week (yawn). Have there been any Jen sightings lately? I am so disappointed in my fellow Brooklynite. She's giving us a bad rep.

~~Silk said...

I just watched a news clip about Kurdistan, and almost fell off my chair when I saw the reporter. If you want to see what Ian will look like in a few years, go to

JonMD1267 said...

I didn't even get through all the recap because of Joe again, for someone who is like this ninja chef and what not (and I am sure he is pretty good from what they say)you would think he would flippin know you don't dip your fingers in the food, does he not watch "Chopped" they are always making comments about people who do that. That is all carry on :)

JonMD1267 said...

Ok, now finished the rest of the recap ha.

You can kind of see Franks hair line way back yonder in the one pic you put up ha.

Ashley is like Porsh 2.0 except she comes up with her Ashisms that do ammuse me. No one is going to realize she is still around until final 2.

I did see Shane telling Britney last night about his financial woes, I'm not saying that they were not having a legit conversation or it was him throwing out the I have problems card, it's kind of hard to tell at times in the BB house until we get a at home clip.

Also Ian was kind of spazzing with the Ashley thing, I'd like him to pull it together more and be close with the others but I think they are going to take him to a certain point and Skipper Dan is going to ditch our little Gilligan of the BB island.

Anonymous said...

Did Ashley and Frank do the nasty?

MoHome said...

When you see shots of Shane from overhead and his back is to the camera, it looks like he has a bald spot on top!

Anonymous said...

This is the worst and most boring group ever. There won't be anymore BB shows if this is how the casting continues.

tbc said...

Ewww. Just the meer thought of Frank and Ashley gives a whole new meaning to the words "the nasty".

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny when you think about it.
In the past couple of years, we've all said "this is the worst and most boring group ever."
Then we got this gaggle.
What's even more amazing (or appalling), the hamsters always think they're great entertainment... the best ever!!!

It's pretty bad when BB has to go and seek out new hamsters from Facebook!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Sharon. BB has not been good for a few years. I think thier casting sucks. You are so right...every group of the past few years thinks they are going to be famous and never have to work again. VEry funny.