Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Tuesday into Early Wednesday - Aug. 28-29

#SleepOftheInnocent / #NoConscience

Grr. Yesterday there were all kinds of live feeds issues. Malware? The live feeds are malware? Well, I suppose if you think of the house and its hamsters on the wider scale of representing humanity ... yep, malware. The utopian world gone awry.

Here's what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Pernicious Peeps:
  • It's getting way confusing.
  • They're all lying and it's hard to predict who's actually with whom.
  • Dan and Frank are going to be the final two.
  • No, wait ... Joe and Frank will be the final two.
  • Oh no, I'm in error ... It's Frank and Jenn in a final two deal.
  • You see the common denominator there, right?
  • All these deals. It's likely to crash right down on him. 
  • Frank can't work out in is carrot suit. Aw, too bad.
  • Frank thinks Ian needs to be gone before long because many of the later comps are more geared to him -- puzzles and quizzes.
  • Frank thinks that by Dan remaining in the house, he's taken the largest target off himself and put it right on Dan.
  • Joe has perfected the art of cooking slop cookies -- both Jenn and Dan are loving them.
  • Jenn, who's on slop for the remainder of her days in the house, cannot eat the additional foods voted on by the viewers.
  • Britney continued being very vocal about Dan's game strategies. She pointed out that Dan and Frank are working together.
  • Shh ... that was supposed to be a secret!
  • Similar to the nice/evil Dan bit she did Monday, Britney did a hashtag Dan routine.
  • #DanGheesling = #noloyalty and so on.
  • They got the HoH camera and fun was had by all.
  • Or, like the reveal of the HoH room, they tried to make it look like it was all fun and giggles.
  • Joe seems to want to lean towards saving Britney. Hmm. She has Ian. If Joe and Shane would come over to her side ...
  • Both Joe and Shane really seem to be in a quandary. It might not be an automatic Britney evict.
  • Meanwhile, now Danielle is going around talking with a hoarse voice to go with her neck hives.
  • Perhaps she has an allergic reaction to not being the center of attention?
  • Britney threw around Frank's stuff and beat up Big Ted the stuffed bear.
  • She then hugged Ted.
  • She didn't hug Frank.
  • Frank is a bit worried. He had a long talk with Joe and Shane to reinforce that they need to vote Britney out.
  • Danielle is also a bit worried.
  • Shane told Britney he's undecided.
  • Shane told Danielle that he and Joe will tell Britney tonight that they won't be voting for her (Britney) to stay.
  • :-(
  • Shane denied to Danielle that he and Joe made a guys final three deal with Frank.
  • They did.
  • But who can keep track of all of these deals? I need a spreadsheet here!
  • Joe is having knee issues and had to be seen by the doctor. Bursa problems. I guess that can scratch him out of physical comps.
  • Oh, wait. I'm talking JOE. He can't win comps anyway!
  • Shane told Ian he's definitely voting to keep Danielle.
  • Ian told Britney that Joe and Shane will be voting to keep Danielle.
  • :-(
  • BB gave them alcohol.
  • The whole bunch kept encouraging Britney (and Ian to a lesser extent) to drink, chugging the booze down.
  • Britney got drunk. :-(
  • Ian told her that Matt (in her season) called her a succubus.
  • Britney said, "I'm not the succubus. Danielle is."
  • Danielle: "What's a succubus?"
  • Heh.
  • Britney finally almost ran to the bedroom and collapsed under the comforter.
  • Frank and Joe are still up playing games in the yard as I get this posted.
  • It looks like #byebyeBritney on Thursday. 

A future treasured memory

No, Danielle is the succubus

Danielle boring Shane to naps

Drunk Ian almost fell asleep while standing


Petals said...

Great recaps, thank Ms J!

1) I am really impressed that Matt from S12 even knew what a Succubus is, and
2) not at all surprised that Diseased Delusionielle didn't.

PS - Dani has been studying at the Rachel School of Tearless Weeping.

RJM in SC said...

Here comes that big old nasty, dangerous bag of wind blowing...Oh wait , that one is not Issac, its FRANK!

Petals said...

*Scary thought alert*

If Delusionielle is the attention/love/recognition whore that she is appearing to be, AND a nurse (ahem), then isn't there a possiblity that she could go full-blown Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy?
She fits the description.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed that Joe and Shane will vote Brit out.....bad move for them could they not see the advantage to keeping her...especially with frank unable to play the next 2 hoh's........bye Brit was fun!


Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed in Shane. Doesn't he realize if it wasn't for Britney he probably would have been gone a long time ago. I hoped he would be loyal to her until the end.

meb said...

Could Dan have another shocker coming and convince Shane and Joe to vote to keep Brit and he secretly votes for her too instead of Danielle. He and Brit could really work together to get Frank out. I know he doesn't want to go to the end with her cause she is too well liked and would probably win but he could sure be using her now. And maybe, just maybe, she might be able to pull it all out and get rid of Dan instead. I know.. wishful thinking.

RBennie said...

I don't see that happening MEB. Dan knows he can control Danielle, so it's in his best interest to keep her in the game. I enjoy Britney's humor, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the karma factor of the situation she is in right now. Ian is getting less and less likable to me as the game goes on. I would enjoy him being the one to go next week.

meb said...

RBennie... you're raining on my party... I want Brit to stay. : ) I'm watching BBAD right now and Brit is drunk big time and I feel like I've been drinking with her. Just really hate to think we won't have any of that humor for the rest of the show. Oh Well!

Sharon said...

Thanks Jackie, I was looking forward to your synopsis and captions this morning!

Re Danielle (the attention whore). Last night, Brit went into a really funny description of "Frank, the best BB player ever" and then the guys were talking about movies and certain lines from the movies. I couldn't help notice Danielle started itching for attention, again, and kept interrupting for a conversation about... Danielle.
Best part? Nobody acknowledged what she was saying and it fell flat.

I'll miss Brit for her spontaneous humor.

Sharon said...

Poor Ian. He's so young and not socially adept at all. He wants to badly to fit in. I think most have been pretty good with a young man who still acts like a teenager, but that's about to stop.

While Ian was drunk last night, he said about 9/11. No clue what he said, but it must have been pretty bad. It had Jenn pretty upset. Frank & Dan have referred to it, but haven't indicated exactly what he said.

Petals said...

Yeah, Jenn may have lost someone in 9/11. Hmm. No more alcohol for Ian!

Sharon said...

WHOA, Dan told Brit that after Dan won (last time), Boogie asked him to invest in a business.

Dan didn't do it because the "financials didn't make sense."

Petals said...

Yuck. Boogie is such a hustler.

monty924 said...

Dan has more smarts in his little pinky than Boogie has in his entire brain and body. I know, that doesn't make any sense, but LOL

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