Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Tuesday Night to Wednesday Afternoon - Aug. 14-15

The big date

It's kind of sad that the biggest news in the last 24 hours has been a juvenile make-out session. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of We Made Out on Camera!:
  • Yep, the big Frank/Ashley HoH room date went down.
  • They spent most of the time talking game.
  • Actually, Ashley kind of threw her buddy Wil under the bus -- told Frank she didn't like what he's been turning into, "the mean gay guy."
  • Frank tried telling her that he thinks that Ian was quite upset that she was going on the "date" with him.
  • She doesn't think so.
  • Since they had to (as Frank said) wait for the cheesecake to harden, they made out.
  • Ugh.
  • Joe, although told by Boogie that he'll be safe this week, is campaigning for votes ... yet not coming across as desperate as we've seen before.
  • Danielle says she's had a terrible week -- she's been "villainized" by the Janelle boot and the Zingbot said mean things to her.
  • Poor pitiful Danielle.
  • Heh.
  • The HoH room fish are dying ... as they do every year. What's up with that?
  • I liked the year they had the tarantulas.
  • Today is Day 40 in the house. Ian is thrilled to still be there -- he never expected to last so long.
  • That said, he should last longer. His name was tossed around in the beginning for eviction and isn't really mentioned in any immediate dream plans of those who would be HoH ... if they could win a comp.
  • Wil told Ashley she needs to get Frank out if he (Wil) leaves this week.
  • Ashley told Wil that Frank is playing Boogie's game, not his own.
  • Lots of exercise, whining about how hot it is, small talk, talk about previous seasons, talk about Have Nots eating soon, etc. 
  • Yawn.
  • I'll be happy to see a bit of drama with the new HoH and eviction tomorrow night.
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Eek! See, Ian ... NOT the girl for you!



Hunky in pink


Petals said...

IMO, these "dates" are just for the BBAD/feeds people. Seems so forced. Even the make-out, it was just silly.
and speaking of BBAD:
I have to add something !!
Delusionielle & Ian were chatting in the hammock, discussing possible up coming competitions. She asked, "So, if they asked who would America rather see in a bikini? Me or Janelle. Who would win"
Ian: Janelle
D: "okay. So, between me & Brit, who would win?"
Ian: Brittany
D: "okay. So...who is smarter? Me or Britney?"
Ian: Well, I think you may be more educated, but I think America would vote that Brit is smarter.

LMAO. It was sublime.

Anonymous said...

This is a reality show and its looking more and more obvious this time around that the diary room tells them to do things and TRY not to be boring. The show visited Franks family so IMHO I think Frank is there to stay. Just sayin.

monty924 said...

It was pure comedy gold. Agree, agree, agree :)))

monty924 said...

She now says she didn't know that Janelle had the sort of 'Jeff and Jordan' following, and she evicted her.

Danielle, Janelle had the BB love following long before Jeff and Jordan came along. Should have done your BB homework before going in there, ll

monty924 said...


Anonymous said...

Petals and Monty,

Ian/Dani bit was hysterical. I couldn't stop laughing!!
Dani looked SO ticked off, and I guess a bit shocked at Ian's responses.

The DUMBA$$ dingbat is either terribly insecure and needs constant stroking, or she has an unbelievably huge ego... which also needs constant stroking.