Thursday, August 02, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Wednesday Night into Thursday - Aug. 1-2

With a rebel yell

Hamsters don't care that they probably have an endurance comp tonight! Most are up even though they've been in lockdown since early yesterday morning. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Foolhardy Fellows:
  • Joe made salmon cakes for dinner. 
  • Hmm ... I could have that tonight!
  • Not made by Joe, thank goodness. I'd make my own.
  • Frank told Janelle he doesn't hate her. He only said it because she asked him.
  • In the real world, does anybody go around asking people if they hate them? If so, I guess I must move in different social circles.
  • Ashley told Shane she thinks Frank is flirting with Wil for his vote.
  • Shane thinks that's disgusting.
  • Britney, Ashley and Danielle don't think Frank wears deodorant and smells.
  • Ew.
  • Danielle continues to stick to her lie about being a teacher.
  • I just don't understand that girl.
  • Ashley told Dan that Ian would be her target if she got HoH.
  • Hey!
  • Janelle told Dan she wants Ian and Jenn out if the coaches come in since "they will be against the coaches."
  • Hey! Leave my little Ian in there!
  • Joe told Jenn that he has Danielle's vote to stay.
  • Um. I don't think you should be running around saying so, Joe.
  • Dan told Danielle she should go to bed and stay away from all game talk.
  • Shane reassured Joe that he'll have the votes to stay.
  • Even though Wil told him otherwise.
  • Ashley and Janelle both think it was a big mistake for Ashley to tell Dan that she wanted to get rid of Ian.
  • Wil made a Jodi face out of Play-Doh and they talked about her as if they actually knew her.
  • As I get this posted, most are in bed or heading there.
  • But I bet some won't be able to sleep. 

Jenn let her hair down

Creative fun


RJM in SC said...

Really would like to see Joe go tonight, not for the game, just because he is so getting on my nerves. I guess Dan taught him how to shout in DR. I would like to see Ian go far in the game and am disappointed the coaches are coming in.

Sandaroo1 said...

I don't mind the coaches coming in but they need to leave Ian alone!!!! Hes my man I love him!! I also wish Joe would go tonight....he is so annoying, loud, paranoid & that thing on his chin.......ughhhhhhhhhhh

Petals said...

"I am the cheese" regarding the coaches being in the game. And regarding Joe - he doesn't really bother me, but that landing strip on his face does, LOL.

Excited about tonight! "Tonight, tonight, tonight! Hot-Damn tonight!!"

~~Silk said...

Yes, Joe is annoying, but he's just an annoying clown. Sending him away might be good for us, but not for the Game. Boogie is an evil elf. Getting rid of Frank would hobble Boogie, deflate some of his arrogance, make it more difficult for him to steamroller everyone else.

I hope they ashcan Frank.

~~Silk said...

If I were one of the hamsters and they brought the coaches in so late, I'd walk out.

(If Frank is still there, they may as well all walk out.)

RBennie said...

I agree with you about Boogie, Silk. The main reason I want Frank out is so that Boogie won't have that ally. If Frank stays and the coaches come in, Boogie and Frank will be Chill Town II. Joe is annoying, but not a threat.

Anonymous said...

I can not stand Ashley, her and Britney's voices actually make me sick.

Patty said...

I am not certain if BB feeds Janelle so much info in DR session, so that it does not make them look bad that they invited her back and she turns out to be a 3rd time loser for them or what. It sounds like it was not Joe's idea to make breakfast for Shane & Britney, it was the works of production, according to Buddytv...I thought you were not allowed to talk about production. Joe should be told to remove his mic before taping his DR sessions, he would come in loud and clear without it. He even beats Dan's loud sessions. Frank staying would make the show much more interesting, but I agree with RBennie, it would become Chill Town II and that would inflate Booger pea size brain the biggest part of his whole body, ew! Keeping Frank in the game would possibly knock Shane out quicker. He is the only one worth looking at as far as the guys in there. He wear a lot of pink I noticed. If they kept Joe it really would not matter, he is not going to the end anyways. I think the only way Ashley will win is if she is in a comp on a space ship...I am not sure what trip she is on. I hope that if the coaches come back in, which I believe they will, no matter how we vote, Ian gets HOH and puts up two coaches, especially Booger. I just think the hamsters thinks he is a nobody and they treat him poorly. What is that saying?...Karma is a what? I am starting to think Ian is my favorite this season. So far, jmo, he has played the cleanest game so far. Time to go eat my waffles. Have a great day everyone and thank you Ms. Jackie for the greatest blog!

Anonymous said...

Supposedly America is voting to include the coaches or not, yeah right! I wish they would leave it the way it is! I bet they knew from the start this was going to take place! An3 yes....goodbye FRANKIE BOY, go home and take a shower and while your at it GET A HAIR CUT!

Chacha said...

I am not so sure they feed Janelle all that info. I think some of the stuff she makes up.
When Joe kept saying production had him do that(storyline), BB never came on and said You are not aloud to talk about production, just like they never say that about Janie talking about her sessions where production, supposedly said something.
When they talk about getting dropped in the game, BB will come on and say, You are not loud to talk about DR sessions/production with other houseguests.

Do I think that they will be dropped in no matter what, YES. I said this a week ago when I voted NO repeatedly from computers.

I just don't like that idea, its like last year..

lynn1 said...

When, not if, the coaches join the game I hope Janelle, Brittany and Dan corral their teams of flying monkeys to vote out Boogie.
That would be the highlight of this rather lackluster season for me.
Once the evil elf is gone I can be happy for anyone who wins.

Jackie said...

On the day it happened, I actually reported right here that Joe said that the DR suggested the breakfast.