Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Wednesday Night Into Thursday - Aug. 15-16

Wil this be his last day in the house?

It's countdown to eviction time in the house. But, more importantly ... what have those lovable (cough) hamsters been up to? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Friend or Foe:
  • Ian's incredible BB memory took us through a journey of past seasons. As he retold the comps, I remembered. But I could never just sit there and ramble off the stuff like him even though I've been doing write-ups for so many seasons.
  • Joe told Frank that if he (Joe) wins HoH, he (Frank) is 100% safe. 
  • He also said Ian would be safe. (Yay!)
  • Er, not that I'm worried about Joe ever winning a comp, just sayin' ...
  • Frank told Joe that he thinks Ian is a great kid, nothing he would have said in the first few weeks.
  • Yay. I'm enjoying Ian the most this year. He's different and refreshing, plus he's such a fan of the show.
  • Wil told Britney there are two pawns up on the block.
  • No, Wil. One pawn, one target and you're the target.
  • No, Britney didn't say that. I did.
  • A lot of the evening, Jenn and Wil segregated themselves from everyone else.
  • Not a great move if you're trying to save your butt in the house!
  • Jenn trashtalked Britney a lot to Wil.
  • But Wil really tried to convince Britney he'd like to work with her (Britney).
  • Not that it will do any good because he'll be leaving tonight.
  • Meanwhile, Joe joined in on the card games and discussions with others.
  • He also ate a huge gob of mayonnaise.
  • BB won't allow the Have Nots to shower in the HoH room anymore. About time as they were taking hot showers up there, not cold.
  • Jenn did try to shmooze a bit with Frank and Boogie. She is still way under the radar, but very expendable.
  • Frank is a bit worried that if Ian wins HoH, he'll put him (Frank) on the block because of his date with Ashley.
  • @@
  • If Ian did that, it would have nothing to do with Ashley, I say!
  • Wil did campaign for votes, but didn't get commitments.
  • Britney, Danielle and Ashley decided they'd Nair Ian's armpits.
  • Oh noes! Poor kid! He had a bad reaction to the chemicals and spent the rest of the night in pain.
  • It was so bad that the medic saw him.
  • He went to bed with ice packs under his armpits.
  • Boogie and Dan once again talked about their best chance of winning would be to be together in the final two.
  • They said there are people in the house who really "need" the money and that would affect the vote if they were in with any of the newbies.
  • Britney and Danielle think Shane needs to go. Oh my, Danielle. They realize he has deals with just about everyone.
  • They seriously think tonight will be a double eviction.
  • I don't.
  • We all know the BB promo machine. If there was a double eviction tonight, they would be hyping it all week. 

Ian checks out the tournament trophy

Will Joe go?

Newly hairless armpits

Will Boogie turn on him eventually?


RJM in SC said...

I did the nair thing under the arm pits years ago and it was a nigtmare. In terrible pain for days. I feel for Ian and hope it doesn't last too long.

tbc said...

This show has been my guilty pleasure for many summers. However, I could care less. The manipulation happening with the cast is so obvious this time around. I used to post a few years ago or longer, but I have 3 kids and that is demanding enough. They are 16, 15 and 12 and THEY aren't even terribly interested this summer! The 16 and 15 yr. olds are girls who have watched with me for a number of years. So, if the teens are bored...well, that sure says a lot to me!!

Jackie, thank you for your blog. I read it daily.


lynn1 said...

I know Jeff turned off a lot of folks lat year but I am looking forward to seeing him on tonight's show. Maybe he will add a little energy to the house.

I hope Frank got an inkling of insight that Boogie is playing for Boogie when Boogie told Frank he (Boogie) would go after Dan if Dan evicted Frank.
The only thing I don't like about Frank is his strong alliance with Boogie.
I really wish whoever becomes HOH would target Boogie. Yes I know Boogie is my pool boy but that was not my choice and I refuse to cheer for him.
I would rather any of the other hamsters to win over Boogie. Heck I would rather see the kitchen ants win over Boogie.

RBennie said...

I agree with you Lynn. I would rather see anyone else in the house win over Boogie. Even nonexistent Jenn! I can't look at Boogie without remembering how he treated Erika in the season that he won. She was beyond foolish, but didn't deserve to be humiliated like that. I could actually like Frank if he wasn't Boogie's puppet. The best part of last night's show for me was the Zingbot's zinger on Danielle. Everyone else shrugged their's off, but she was crushed. Well now that I think about it, I think I would rather see Boogie win than Danielle.

Patty said...

Can someone try to clear something up for me? I have the feeds. From time to time I hear some of the houseguest state how BB found them on facebook. Was there a facebook audition this season? Sorry, I do not have facebook, so I am in the dark as to how it works. I know CBS held auditions in various places.

Thank you for sharing any insite you might have on this.

lynn1 said...

I hope neither Boogie or Danielle wins.
I honestly don't know how BB casting folks find these emotionally cripple women year after year.
I guess people who are delusional and emotionally needy tend to believe that being on a TV show would change their life for the better when nothing could be further from the truth.
Maybe BB and some of the other reality shows could get a spin off show with Dr Phil or Dr Drew to get these pitiful people into counseling and on some Meds.

Jackie said...

Patty -- There was no Facebook audition of any sort. The producers apparently searched through public profiles and contacted people they thought interesting candidates.

RBennie said...

Do we know which hamsters were chosen from Facebook?

Petals said...

Jenn was a Facebook find.

monty924 said...

JoJo was, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I dispise Boogie, his face and grin makes me nauseous. Whats wrong with these people in this house? why aren't they trying to break up Frank and Boogie, Dan is just as stupid as the rest of them, is he refusing to see the relationship between Boogie and Frank because he trust Boogie to take him to the end, in actuality Boogie probably wont take Frank either, he'll take someone that didn't play the game so no one will vote for them. This is the most boring group to ever play the game and I waited all summer for these sorry player.

Patty said...

Thank you Jackie and Jackie's friends for your knowledge with the question I had with the HGS and facebook.

Lynn, sorry to say, I think our chances are better seeing a mug shot of them rather than getting help by Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew, but hey anything is possible.

Poor Ian, I sure hope his armpits are doing much better. I hate to see the others take advantage of him, as he is such a sport about anything. In the end, I hope it pays off for Ian and he wins. At least we can vote him America's Favorite and he can walk away with some money. He deserves it.

Have fun at the pool party everyone!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope BB reads some of the comments on various sites. I don't think many people are happy with this cast and many feel like the casting people for this show should be fired.
Please....I could do better.
Finding people on Facebook???
Oh my.....about as good as finding them in HOllyweird looking for acting jobs. I hope they totally change next year IF they come back. I cannot stand the site of Boogie and Danielle is about as bad. Dan is playing his same ol game and hopes to float to the end being everyone's best friend. Whatever. I will vote for Janelle regarding America's favorite because this cast does not deserve ANYTHING except an award for being boring. Thank you and goodnight.

monty924 said...

I'm not sure why people think that Dan floated to the end of the game. He actually threw a few comps early on because he was aligned with Brian, Angie and Stephen who were first out. After that he started winning and played a hell of a game. When he went against Ollie and got rid of Michelle, it was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Tonights hoh comp is the one where they have to fill the gumball machines up until the ping pong ball floats to the top to where they can pull it out. Shane or Britney will probably win this one. They're all gonna be sore tonight from busting their asses when they slip and fall on the soap. Should be fun to watch.

monty924 said...

Anon, how did you confirm this?

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Okay, nevermind. I see the pic at Jokers but don't you think nine in the HoH is a bit much for this comp? They usually do this when there are alike five or six left playing?????