Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Brother 24: Live Feeds Monday Daytime - Aug. 20

Seeking the bully within

At least they had the Power of Veto meeting early so that the hamsters can react even longer! Here's the day's events from inside that Big Brother House of Bitter Bully Boogies:
  • Boogie started off first thing in the morning telling Joe what a smooth operator Dan is and how Shane needs to put him on the block.
  • Joe told Boogie that Shane wouldn't tell him who's going up in place of Frank.
  • Boogie went to the HoH room and told Shane that Dan is a coward and playing them all.
  • (Well, yeah. He's playing them all. That's actually a wise way to play the game and Dan knows it. But, coward? Nah.)
  • Boogie is actually indeed right about Dan's approach to the game -- friend to all, let others do the dirty work, etc.
  • But he's already told Shane all of this ... no need to bat him over the head with it again and again.
  • Frank tried again at Shane just before the PoV ceremony.
  • The ceremony (blocked to the feeds) went down.
  • Frank took himself off the block (duh!) and Shane put Jenn in his place.
  • So it's Jenn and Boogie on the block.
  • Oh my gosh, you'd think that Jenn is too self-important to not realize Boogie is ALWAYS the target.
  • She's invisible.
  • Why doesn't she know that?
  • Yeah, Jenn is still in the house.
  • She's all upset about being put on the block knowing that if she's there with Boogie, he'll go home!
  • Britney, covering her bases, told Jenn she had no idea who Shane was going to put up.
  • Jenn believes her.
  • Jenn is blaming her nomination on Dan.
  • Um. Okay. Boogie has got himself a full Dan Haters Not So Anonymous Movement going.
  • She started shooting Dan evil looks with an evil eye and singing "you look so pretty digging your grave" to him.
  • Oh my.
  • One would think that the Invisible Girl is a target, eh?
  • Ashley told Britney she wouldn't vote Jenn out.
  • Remember, they have that girl thing going on.
  • When Jenn confronted Shane, he said that she was telling information to Boogie and was the closest (other than bromance boy Frank) to him.
  • So they're on indoor lockdown.
  • Dan is on a couch reading the bible.
  • Frank, Boogie and Jenn are talking about him as if he wasn't there.
  • Tag-teaming.
  • Dan kept his cool, not even looking up from the bible.
  • Finally Joe called them out as bullies.
  • No, they weren't beating Dan up physically, but they were doing their best to get him mentally.
  • "Just chatting," Boogie said.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Later Dan encouraged Joe to go after them and challenge them like that again if needed.
  • Jenn said that Danielle should have warned her.
  • Danielle cried.
  • Joe still has no clue about Ian's role or the Quack Pack.
  • So he trashtalked Ian about trashtalking Shane to Boogie.
  • Joe told Shane that they need to get rid of the floaters after this.
  • Um ... goodbye, Joe?
  • They are pretty sure it will be a double eviction week although they weren't thinking that way yesterday.
  • Frank told Britney that he'd like to work with her after Thursday.
  • Well, he'd probably like to work with anybody, I'm sure!
  • Joe seriously thinks he's in an alliance with Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle.
  • He's a vote. Yep. In? Nah, not really.
  • Frank is really pulling Ashley's ear. It's hard to tell if she believes him or not. She should notice that all of his scenarios about the end of the game don't include her.
  • Meanwhile, Dan is getting folks to decide who to vote for in a second eviction if one should happen on Thursday.
  • Oh my. What a stressful house. I'm glad I don't live there!

And Danielle cried

Dan ignores the tag-team bully approach

Jenn claims she'll go "kamikaze"

Ian in the Memphis hat


Sharon said...

Great breakdown Jackie!

Methinks too many people realize how sneaky Ian is and his days may be numbered. Could he end up out before Joe?

monty924 said...

Agree... nice way to summarize a whole lot of action from today. I doubt Ian would go before Joe, but crazier things have happened in that BB house for sure.

monty924 said...

Did you catch Danielle going fishing for compliments/attention again by asking America Says questions? Once again she asked who was smarter, lol. Dan and Shane both said Ian. I almost fell out of the chair.

lynn1 said...

Finally the BB I love is here!
I will probably being singing the blues next week when my favs are on the block or get backed doored.
For now I am going to savor watching Boogie crash and burn.

Kaye said...

Thanks Jackie! At least something interesting is going down (for now). I have Sho2 for the first time in BB history(a suck up gift from Direct for the whole Nic debacle) I find it so tedious and boring that it puts me right to sleep!! I admire you for being able to watch all the excitment and post it for us. Thanks again.

JonMD1267 said...

I really would prefer Jenn to get dasboot this week, she brings nothing to the table let alone game and yeah it would be risky to keep Boogie in the house, but he is interesting to watch and the others would take out each other first in some cross fires, why can't Joe, Ashley and Ian see the points of that and throw Boogie the votes to stay.

Joe wanting floaters out, I almost did a spit take with that and him thinking he is in that groups alliance lol.

I think Ian has to be really carefull in the coming weeks he is being careless with things here of late.

Sharon said...

Would have loved to see that one Monte. Somehow missed it. :(

Danielle needs needs constant attention and wants admiration, but her cup always needs to be filled.

As uncomfortable and gag-worthy as it is for us to watch, it has to be twice as hard for the hamsters in the QP since they don't want to chance turning her to the Dark Side.

Danielle reminds me of what friend used to say.... "Don't ask the question if you aren't ready for an answer you might not like."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sharon. I think Ian thought he was covering his butt by joining in on the bullying...the QP knows that but I think they think it was a bit too much and showed his true colors.

They were just talking about how they only need him for 1 week and they're letting him go.

monty924 said...

Teehee, I'll go back and find it on FB, Sharon. It was classic As Danielle's World Turns (Dingo).

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...


F3 on FB, start it at around 6:36 and bear with the fishies. Funny stuff. Follow it for about ten minutes. Gold!!!

Anonymous said...

Now Boogie and Frank are angry at Ian. He's been buddy-buddy with Shane and Dan even after he helped Froogie berate them.

Boogie and Frank don't suspect he's the mole, but they think he's kissing Dan's butt.

Ian Ian Ian.

Ed in Ohio said...

Glad to see the way things shook out today in the BB House.

I'm not gonna' say to much about the'Boogie Man' until I see him walk out the door. But I'm smilin'!:)

If Boogie does go they should somehow involve Janelle in Thursday's show. Maybe have her do a belated DR message to the Booger{Karma Chilltown}.

Frank-N-Booger so sad!

Dr. Will must be shakin' his head.

Stay cool Danny boy! You're the man!!

monty924 said...

Her really only has to worry about what one of them think. Boogie is out the door on Thursday and even Boogie knows that Ian is friendly/has been with Dan. Ian is still golden so far. Now down the road, it may get tricky for him. Sooner or later he will have to pick a definitive side.

monty924 said...

*he (Ian)

Sharon said...

Dang Monte, I'm one of the few dinosaurs left in this world without Facebook.

I can go into one of my daughters' accounts, but when I tried that, I didn't get beyond a few pictures and posts from yesterday, and I don't want to 'mess' with their accounts. :(

I'll just wait for you and others to keep posting and entertaining the rest of us with the good stuff!

monty924 said...

Ed, I like the way you think. hehehe

Sharon said...

Anon 11:30

A couple of days ago, Frank was smart enough to guess Ian is the mole, but Boogie (in all his wisdom) said NO... and convinced Frank, yet again, that he's wrong. lol

Ed in Ohio said...

Monty, Thanks and back at ya'! :)

monty924 said...

Sharon, not Facebook (FB). I'm talking about the Feeds. You have them, right? You can watch it on Flashback (FB). You can always catch anything you missed on the flashback feature.

monty924 said...

Sharon, are you channeling Joe? :)

Sharon said...

Monte, there must be 2 Sharon's on here... that all-caps replay wasn't me.

Thanks for clarifying about FB.

From now on, think I'll sign my name at the bottom so we can maybe tell the difference between the 'twins'


monty924 said...

Thanks, the REAL Sharon. I was kind of taken back by that reply. It didn't seem like something you would have posted.

Sharon said...


Forgot to say... no, I don't have the feeds.
Retiree, so I'm careful where I put $. I read Jackie's blog, Hamsterwatch and catch whatever is going on over at Jokers.

Sharon said...

Thanks Monte... I was a little stunned.

(who forgot to sign the last post. I'm OLD Ya know!)

Anonymous said...

Sharon and Monty924: i don't think that was a legitimate user. The real Sharon and REAL jackie have orange B's next to their names. Probably ust a troll causing trouble.

monty924 said...

I alerted the TRUE Jackie. Thanks all.

Sharon said...

Anon 12:22.
Thanks for noticing and posting that info.

We'll have to keep watch for people who aren't legitimate. Don't like the idea of someone thinking we are insulting each other.

Sharon said...

Ian so hung up over Ashley, he'll do anything for her. It's looking like he has gone to the Dark Side.

Ashley has switched to Froogie, and now Ian has told Ash he would be voting to keep Boogie.

Then the next shoe dropped. Ian & Britney were on the hammock. Ian said he wanted to have Joe vote to keep Boogie, and he would vote to evict Boogie... to throw the blame on Joe.

However, with the 'guarantee' he made to, I'm more inclined to think his intention is that they would BOTH vote to keep Boogie.

Then Britney told Ian that Joe has made up his mind to vote out Boogie and plans to say so tomorrow. Ian just said, "oh."

Someone please tell me it isn't so...

Jackie said...

Keep in mind ... real trolls get their comments removed.

Carry on.


Petals said...

Wow - I just read all this, and Ms. Jackie must've removed the nastiness from the jerks. Thanks, Ms. J!

Lars said...

Jenn claims she'll go "kamikaze"
I live in a rock, I honestly didn't understand what she meant by going " kamikaze "

Lars said...

I meant to write in a rock--Not under a rock!
I don't understand why people react on impulse, what happened to " its just a game?"

Sharon said...


Kamikaze were Japanese pilots who would take themselves down in flames, literally, for the kill.