Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Brother 14: The Interview Aftermath

What? I looked totally DUMB all summer? Thanks, DAN!

Alas, I can't post the live feeds backyard interviews. We got another super open-mouthed gape from Danielle when Missie told her that Dan told Shane that Danielle was playing him (Shane) all summer as Shane got evicted. Last night, Danielle's love affair with Dan came crashing all about her. She told all the interviewers she sees a future with Shane.

Meanwhile, the live feeds interview with Shane saw a man who went on about being broke, jobless, maybe homeless after wasting a whole summer. He said the long distance relationship has no future. On the other hand, I really liked Mike Boogie's backyard (live feeds) interview -- he's so happy with Ian he could bust. It's good to see another side of Boogie. He's actually human. Go figure!

On The Talk, Ian showed his before season plan was exactly how everything went down ...

Hit the 'Read More' link for more Jeff backyard interviews as well as reliving the jury grilling and final speeches. I have too many videos on the main page and it's slowing the loading. But, there are more ... trust me!


Anonymous said...

I never watched any of the Jeff interviews until now. I'm glad I didn't. Can't stand him.

Sharon said...

Like many fans, I enjoy Jeff, and find it easy to see why Jordan became enamored. He's so outgoing and personable, and his interviews are much more lively and fun than the other backyard interviewers.

monty924 said...

Thanks, Jackie. As my BB withdrawl continues, I've watched everything I could get my hands on today. That's what a day off of work will do to a BB addict like me. :)

I still have a lot of the Superpass to go back through, but I'm trying to pace myself. Kudos againg for the amazing job that you do for all of us here at your blog.

Ed in Ohio said...

Thanks for posting Jackie! Enjoyed the interviews.

My final thoughts on BB14;

- Ian won the Money (popularity & jury bitterness)

- Dan won the Game (just didn't get the votes or the big $)

- the jury for the most part voted the way they played the game.........

To CBS maybe you should think about putting some 'real' back in your reality show. The constant & ever increasing 'orchestrating' by production is slowly changing the genre.

<3 Janelle
<3 Britney
;-)Dan is still the man
:))Good Luck to Ian use the $ wisely.

Judy said...

Thanks, jackie - I came here hoping that you would have another BB blog entry! Like Monty, I am in severe withdrawal - I watched the segment on "The Talk" twice (my husband couldn't believe it)!

I thought Dan behaved in a gentleman-like manner after Ian won - he waited for Ian to leave the house first, he confirmed to Shane that Danielle didn't know he was going to blindside Shane.

I was impressed with Jeff's interview style - he came across as very relaxed, related to Ian well and wasn't thrown when things didn't go exactly as planned.

I have been smiling all day because Ian won. I have watched BB since the first season, and I have never wanted anyone to win as much as I wanted Ian to! He's really grown up, and gotten so cute! I agree with Jeff that there will be ladies knocking at his door.

Thanks again, Jackie and everyone who made the blog so much fun to read. I made a Paypal contribution, but I know you could never get enough to cover all the time you spent making BB fun for everyone!

michi said...

Well put Ed- Dan definitely won the game!

PDX Granny said...

What a great season! Thank you Jackie for all your hard work. I hope you were able to rest and get better today since you had no live feeds to keep up on.

I thought I was going to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Then I came over here and see all the videos to watch. My bed is calling, but I'm ignoring it.

Ninboh said...

Somebody should just tell Danielle that Dan made everyone look dumb this summer. That's why he lost, people don't want to feel dumb. They might be okay with being beat but they don't want to admit that they are dumb.

JimmyB said...

Ed in Ohio: Agree all the way.

Shane's a child--it's all about him.

The jury got it backwards; I was just as disappointed with some of the individual votes as I was the outcome (Britney's in particular)

Ian would have deserved the win if he would have evicted Dan when he had the chance. He didn't.

Dan's the best player will likely ever see on the show.

lynn1 said...

Thanks for posting the videos. I'm in the same boat as many other folks suffering from withdrawal from BB.
Last night after I ranted for at least 30 minutes about Frank winning Fan Fav my hubby told me "I know you have virtually lived in the BB house but Ian won and the show is over. It's time to move on."
I really missed the show last night. I discovered that Thursday night Tv sucks.

Francien and Gary said...

I am sure Ian will have girls knocking on his door....sadly though, some for the wrong reasons.

Sharon said...

I thought it interesting listening to the interviews with Danielle.

She actually admitted she would have taken Shane (over Dan) to the F2. Yet she becomes angry when she hear's Dan would have taken Ian, not her?

Dani can't (won't) see that she planned on doing EXACTLY to Dan what Dan said he would do... if it came down to him winning the final HOH. What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander?

Now I gotta go get a life!! LOL

Chauncey, not Billups said...

i love that Ian won. i know a lot of people say that Dan played the better game but part of the game is not pissing off the people that vote for you to win, ask Dani from the earlier seasons, the best player not to win. There is line that you can not go past and Dan went way beyond that line to the voters went with Ian. Like Ninboh said, people dont like to be made to look dumb.

monty924 said...

Exactly, Sharon. I just shake my head when I watch or listen to the interviews. Dalton Ross of EW has a great audio with all three of them (separate interviews though). Free podcast on iTunes if anyone is interested. Great interviews.

I believe Ian deserved the win. Best player? They played two different games and Ian's was respected by the jury and Dan's wasn't. One of Dan's friends texted him that he got "Hantzed", but I don't see that. Ian wasn't the floater that Natalie and then Sandra on her Russell season was. JMO This is the first year that I can honestly say that either of the final two deserved the win.

I'm still slowly going through my BB withdrawl. It takes me weeks! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am so happy Dan lost and we don't have to endure Danielle anymore.
Way to go Ian!!!

P.S. Danielle: Please have someone show you how to fix your eyebrows.


monty924 said...

Glad Murtz has excerpts of his chats. This should answer how Dan's wife feels about the swearing on the Bible and her:

The entire interview is really long but it was a great one with Dan's mom chiming in to. :)

Sharon said...

Monty, that was priceless.
It wasn't the Quack Pack, it was the Gheese Pack. lol
Dan's mother was so funny. So enthusiastic, and there's no question that his entire family supported him.

ceemurph said...

So.... I heard there's a BB Canada coming up soon? Any ideas when and where we can see it in the states? (clearly my equivalent of 'hey guys I'm out of crack and I need to score some more') I HATE BB WITHDRAWL!