Saturday, September 01, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Friday Evening Into Saturday Dawn - Aug. 31-Sep. 1

It's just a jump to the left, then a step to the right

Let's do the Time Warp again! Or is it just another case of deja vu all over again? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Psychological Studies:
  • Yep, Frank is on the block once again. This time with Jenn. That was totally expected as per discussions and the revival of the Quack Pack yesterday.
  • They've been on indoor lockdown FOREVER.
  • Well, pretty much since they got the hammock yesterday.
  • A PoV comp was expected last night.
  • It never came.
  • But, as a result, they all napped for some hours before the BBAD feed went live.
  • They aren't allowed to sleep through that.
  • Frank is reading a lot into the fact that Dan's key was last to be drawn in nominations.
  • Not much to read into that. 
  • When the PoV comp eventually comes to fruition, everyone is playing except Shane.
  • Danielle thinks double eviction episodes are two hour shows. 
  • She's obviously wrong.
  • They do think another double eviction is looming, but they don't seem to feel it's this week.
  • Heh.
  • They are not happy with all of Jessie's healthy foods and no good junk food.
  • Danielle moaned about the foods, but Joe said he can work with it and make some good stuff. Oh noes, salsa but no chips!
  • BB finally told them there's no comp last night.
  • Sure ... after they all had taken huge power naps!
  • Jenn supervised as Danielle tried to teach Joe how to do a dance. 
  • He's bad. Very bad.
  • Shane joined in so it looked like good old line dancing, but Joe couldn't catch on.
  • Meanwhile, Dan and Ian were having a long talk not about the game in the HoH room.
  • They were discussing Ian's stimming (repetitive movements, rocking, etc.) and other OCD symptoms we've seen on the feeds.
  • Ian told Dan it's ADHD, an attention disorder. He keeps moving no matter what ... even if it's just tapping his foot.
  • He refuses to be on the medication they want him to take for it.
  • He denies it's any form of autism although the physical symptoms he exhibits are identical to many who have autism.
  • His parents knew when he was two years old. He realized he was different when he was six.
  • Dan asked him if BB knew when they took him on. We got the fish cam.
  • But Ian did say they obviously know now and haven't said anything to him.
  • He said it's a real struggle to control the need to constantly move.
  • Even when he's controlling it in social situations, he will still be moving something, but not blatantly rocking.
  • Ian also told Dan he got $1000 from the Pandora's Box yesterday, but not to say anything.
  • Ian hopes people like him. He thinks because he was aligned with Britney and they could hear the cheering for her from the audience inside the house, they might like him.
  • I like Ian. 
  • He really shouldn't drink to excess, though. But that tends to go for them all.
  • Ian thinks that Frank picked up on him working with the Quack Pack when Dan yelled "I'll rat you out" at the veto ball comp.
  • Dan asked Ian what the "mist" around him that Britney kept talking about was.
  • Ian told him it's what gets him out of trouble in the worst situations and makes people do what he wants.
  • Dan asked him again about becoming a Renegade with him.
  • Ian didn't really give him a definitive answer.
  • After all went to bed, Ian sat in his HoH room bed muttering, "It doesn't make sense."
  • Hmm ...

Ian discusses his ADHD with Dan

She's just Jenn(city) from the block


lynn1 said...

I was happy to hear that Ian got $1000 from Pandora's box.
I like Ian too. I wish he could win it all.

Kevin said...

I'm so happy that I stumbled upon your blog this season. Jackie's write-ups are often more entertaining than the CBS and Showtime2 shows. Thank you for your terrific work.

So who do you think viewers are leaning toward as Fan Favorite? Ian? Britney? Dan?

meb said...

Kevin... I'm leaning toward Britney as fan favorite... what? I'm a 'viewer'! LOL

I'm guessing those other viewers are going for Ian, if they can keep in mind how he masterminded getting Boogie out... If they forget that, then Dan for his mastermind of getting himself off the block. I just wish they'd remember that Britney was the one who kept us laughing throughout her tenture, thus making her a favorite in my book.

I'd rather Ian win the game (as Lynn1 says) and really have no preference for the $50,000.. well except Joe or Jenn or Danielle... Hmmm, guess I do have a preference.


Sharon said...

Agree with Meb on all counts, except I'd like to add Frank's name to the list of get-not's. I hope he does NOT win anything.

JonMD1267 said...

I think I like Ian even more because he is honest about himself, he is for sure a fan favorite and I really hope he can get Dan out sooner then later. I can't see anyone beating him if he can make it to the end.

Donna in Alabama said...

I don't know if Ian has figured out how Dan's plan worked. It would only work if Dan agreed to align with Frank and Jenn... AND Dan had to throw Brit completely under the bus to get Frank to believe Dan is better to keep than Brit.
Was this what Ian was referring to when he said "it doesn't make sense?"

Kaye said...

I knew it had to be ADHD! He does have a great ability to focus though. If he and Dan are final 2 it will be a difficult decision for the jury. Dan may be the master but Ian is the young grasshopper!

meb said...

Kaye.. 'the young grasshopper'.. LOVE IT!

Sharon.. agree I wouldn't want Frank to win, but I wouldn't be so upset if he got the $50,000.. he sort of did earn it... it would be a lot easier if he just goes to jury this week!

Sharon said...

The best case scenario is Frank goes to Jury.
My fear is that if it's Frank and Ian at the end, Frank would win simply because he's won so many comps.He hasn't had to be socially adept because he's been able to just bully everyone... up to this point.

tbc said...

I think it's more than ADHD. My son is ADHD and doesn't have to move constantly. I have it as well, but, let's face it, I'm a lot older and calmer now. I never had to rock back and forth, nor does my son. ADHD is on "spectrum" and some things read Asperger's to me (also, "the spectrum"). Whatever...

Patty said...

((((Briiiing Briiinng Briiiing))))

Oh hi Brit, this is Frank, things are getting sort of stale here in the bb house. I'm not HOH for awhile. I am not getting maid service anymore and this character name Jessie, came into the house and took away all the great food we had and exchanged it for organic food. Chef Joe is doing the best he can to feed us, but I'm afraid he is not top chef when it comes to cooking with organic. I was wondering if there is a spare room at hotel jury that I can reserve. Preesh all the help you can offer me to get me a room. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, heck I would even take the lounge chair next to the pool if there is a big event happening in the area. Again preesh and I hope to see you soon.

Ashley:Brit who was that on the phone?
Brit: Remember the guy we met that worked for Nasa?
Ashley: oh yeah, he was cute!
Brit: well he is calling to see if he can reserve a room. He is going to be in the area until something like mid September.
Ashley: Well you know Brit, there are a lot of reservations already, but I know what we can do...Nasa can make a landing in my room, I think that will rock!
Brit: Great idea, oh shoot
Ashley: oh brit, you sound puzzled
Brit: I forgot to get his phone number. Oh well hopefully he knows he is welcome to stay anytime and he touches down sooner than later.


Patty said...

sorry, I know there are many error in my previous post, but I think everyone knows where I am going with it.

I am just trying to have a little fun with the lull we are experiencing on feeds.

Thanks for putting up with me Jackie. I know you are the best writer, so sorry you have to endure someone that is clueless.


Anonymous said...

Notice each time Ian drank beer, he rarely rocked back and forth

BozoFrankBlows said...

I don't think it's ADD/ADHD either. People with that are generally not very book smart (thru no fault of their own) and cannot focus, at all.

ceemurph said...

I'm sorry what?! Dani thinks the double elimination shows are two hrs?! Maybe you saw something I didn't. While I was watching two weeks ago I'm pretty sure she was STANDING RIGHT THERE! Did she exit the house during that time and replaced herself with a blow up doll thinking we wouldn't notice? Maybe it worked.

PDX Granny said...

BozoFrankBlows, your statement about people with ADHD not being very book smart is way off the mark.

My grandson has ADHD. In the 1st grade he was reading at 3rd grade level, and continues to read way above his level now that he’s going into 4th grade. He's been in the TAG (Talented and Gifted) program since 2nd grade. In the 3rd grade he got scolded from his teacher because he would put down the answers to advanced math and algebra problems without showing his work. His answer to her was that he did it in his head.

Granted, focus is a challenge for him. He has to be told 15 times to do something before it finally gets done. However, give him a bucket of Lego's and he can spend hours building elaborate structures, complete with mechanical type moving parts. Or give him a book and he'll read until it's either taken away from him, or he finishes it. He's especially partial to books on anatomy. In fact, at 9 years old, he knows more about the human body and how it works, than I do.

Of course, being my grandson I think he's exceptional, but he really isn't that much more exceptional than any other kid with ADHD. Having the condition has nothing to do with how "book smart" or intelligent a person is.

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Sorry, Jackie for getting so far off track here

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Ian. He just needs to go. Once a rat always a rat and Ian doesn't even see it. The only true excitement is Frank saving himself time after time. Otherwise this would be the most BORING season ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew there was something wrong with Ian. Just the way he acted. What a rat, glad I wasn't playing, I'd have yelled at him until they told me to stop. Litte whimp, (ratboy) what a snitch! Really needs to leave this game. GO FRANK!!! You weren't my first choice but gotta like ya know. You are a fighter. Ian and Dan (ratpack) fit well together.

Anonymous said...

Actually a surprising number of academicly gifted students are ADD.

Anonymous said...

Go away Boogie, you aren't welcome here.

monty924 said...

Well, not to get into a drawn out convo about ADD/ADHD, I know many brilliant adults who admit to being so. Some professors, some businessmen, and some people I know in the military. ADHD and intelligence really have nothing to do with each other.

When it comes to fan favorite, I'll wait to see if Ian makes the final three or not. If he does, I'll vote for Britney. If Ian goes to jury before then, he has my vote all the way.

Waiting to see who win POV.


Anonymous said...

Soooo true!!!

monty924 said...

Dan has the veto necklace

monty924 said...


Sharon said...

YAY!!! DAN wins Veto!!
He has F2 with Ian, but also has F2 with Frank.
Today, before the comp, Frank told Dan that if he wins, he should use the Veto on JENN and have Ian put up Joe. Frank has so many F2 deals going, guess he thinks he's too important to vote out? @@

To quote Jeff Dunham... dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Why would dan want the veto necklace? Is Frank happy about it (for now)

Anonymous said...

Thats what he should do "save Jen", "because she saved. Me_", let the vote be 2-2 and let Ian send frank packing.

monty924 said...

Who's Jeff Dunham, Sharon? Just wondering.

Dan could take Jen down for a jury vote, but I'm not sure he would do it. Get Frank out while the iron is hot. He's escape too many times before and the house doesn't really like Joe. It's really risky and we all know how Dan rolls that way, but I don't think he's that BB dumb! ))

Anonymous said...

If it's true that Dan won the veto, maybe someone with some since will get Frank out. I hope Dan doesn't fall for that F2 with Frank because the newbies will not vote for Dan against Frank because as they have said in the past neither of the former coaches should win the game. PLEASE VOTE FRANK OUT.

Sharon said...

Anon 7:56
No, I don't imagine Frank is happy right now.
Dan wanted to win the Veto to ensure someone else doesn't come off the block and Dan goes up... and out.
Frank will be working hard this week to get Dan to use the Veto on Frank.
I predict he'll fail.

Sharon said...

Dunham is a very funny ventriloquist/comedian... works with dummys. One is old man Walter (who says dumbass), one is Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Look him up on Youtube sometime... very funny stuff.

monty924 said...

Oh, okay. Now I know who you are talking about. Yes, he's so funny. I must have had a skull cram there, lol.

Sounds like it was OTEV. I stopped watching to eat dinner so I'm trying to catch up now.

Ariel Williams said...

I've been reading jackie's blog since ... well forever it seems. I rarely comment (because I find you guys funny enough to read in the comment section and rarely have anything to say that you guys haven't said already). On the ADHD topic, My son is 4 and has severe combined adhd. He has tested gifted, but will have a hard time in a school setting because, like Ian, he cannot sit still. he has impulsivity and inattentiveness, but it looks like Ian might just have the impulsivity. I think Ian just won my heart for fan favorite. I was leaning towards Brit until now!! >.<