Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds into Monday Evening - Sept. 10

Jenn is still in the house. At the moment.

I realize that we're all just armchair quarterbacks here, but the gullibility levels inside the house are unbelievable. Isn't it blatantly obvious after what Dan did to Britney that he will do anything to anybody in the game? Why aren't these silly hamsters talking to each other about all the final two deals? All season long, they were willing to run with the latest news or rumor, but not now. Sigh.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Write Dan the Check Now:
  • Mundane and boring start to the day. Yawnsers.
  • Then they had the PoV meeting blocked to the live feeds.
  • At least Shane had enough brights to remove himself from the block with the veto.
  • However Dan escaped the block. Ian put up Danielle in Shane's place.
  • Ian told Jenn they needed to break up the couple.
  • @@
  • The real couple in the house (besides Ian and his stuffed snake) is Danielle and DAN, not so much Danielle and Shane.
  • Jenn accused Shane of working with Ian to get her out.
  • Shane played dumb.
  • He's good at that.
  • Danielle is once again very worried to be up on the block.
  • Dan told her that she shouldn't worry, she's safe.
  • Danielle asked him if he was going to tell Jenn she's safe.
  • He was a bit evasive on that one.
  • Huh.
  • Jenn apparently thinks she might have a chance because Ian told her "the honeymoon is over" for Shane and Danielle if a tie were to happen.
  • Like that will happen.
  • Dan later asked Ian what he said to Jenn, if he let her know that she's the target.
  • Ian told him the vote needs to be 2-0 to evict Jenn so he won't be put in the position of breaking the tie.
  • Danielle told Dan he's being paranoid because he keeps mentioning that she will go with her showmance instead of him.
  • Danielle once again vowed loyalty.
  • Blind faith in motion.
  • Dan is worried. He really is. He told Chelsea's photo that Shane needs to go.
  • Like she can do something about it!
  • Dan is the chef tonight.
  • Not much else going on. Tomorrow will be a different story.
  • Although Ian mentioned that Britney was evicted on a Tuesday in her season, no one seems to know there will be an eviction tomorrow.
  • Of course, it will actually air on Wednesday.
  • Unless they block the Wednesday feeds, I'll know the outcome. 

Danielle will be queen of the hamsters soon

Dan ponders frozen meat while Shane is fruity

Ian MUST win the next two PoVs, MUST


monty924 said...

This is my prediction, and yes just my opinion.

Ian wins POV at F4 and Shane or Dani goes out the door. Depends if Shane is HOH or not after the eviction.

Ian or Dan win the first two HOH comps and then it's a crap shoot. Dan has talked with everyone in jury at length at some point so he would be good in the third part of HOH, but you never know with that one.

Ian only goes to F2 if he wins that third HOH comp. No one will take him to F2 so he needs to win it and decide who 'he' wants to go with.

Uh oh! Dani just told BB to shut up, lol

monty924 said...

*Ian and Dan win the first two HOH comps

Sharon said...

It's a shame Dan has Dani as his main partner.
She's so emotionally HIGH maintenance.
Dan has to constantly prop her up and ask what's wrong when she's sulking.
She is so self-centered and needy.

PDX Granny said...

Dani just crawled into bed all by herself. I haven't been watching the feeds, so don't know for sure what's going on, but she's crying. She certainly is aware of the camera, and certainly isn't attempting to hide her tears.

Now, Shane came in, and it's a "Oh woe is me" talk by her.

I'm so over her!!!

Sharon said...

It's the same old needy poor-poor me thing with Dani.
I'm on the block, Dan is being friendly with Jenn and he shouldn't be.
Constantly needs to have someone pay attention to her and if she doesn't get that constant attention, she starts making up rediculous stories.

Today's whopper (to Dan) was fessing up that she has boob implants, but both have a lot of scar tissue and if she hadn't gone into BB, she'd be having chemo for the scar tissue. @@ @@ @@ @@

The girl is beyond belief.
Dan has to be just barely tolerating her.

PDX Granny said...

OK, she's mad because Dan was talking to Jenn, and let her cook him some fries. She can't stand the idea that he was smiling and laughing with the competition. I'd love Shane to see how upset she is by that, and think that maybe she also has a deal with Dan.

Sharon said...

Granny, Shane isn't bright enough to figure that out. lol

I think Dani is starting to build her case (with Shane) to possibly evict Dan asap.

Keeps saying Dan is too cheerful while she's on the block and that she doesn't trust him. @@ She's the ONE person he would take to the F2.

monty924 said...

Dani believes she's the only one in the BB house. Of course none of the others feel any pressure at this point. Why would they? Duh

Shane can't put two and two together in there. I will give him props for trying to give Dani a pep talk, but his pep talk is laced with so much stupid so I'll take the props back.

He and Danielle both believe they will beat Dan in a F2. I don't know about that...

Sharon said...

Monty nightly tidbit is priceless, as usual! LMAO

Sharon said...

I know Dan thinks he can cheer Dani up by being cheerful, but it ticks her off instead. Guess he's supposed to be sad and downcast all the time for her benefit.

Dani is so flippin' weird. I can only imagine what it's like to be around her in the real world. @@

Anonymous said...

Fortunately this BB season is more interesting than the past few years. Unfortunately this blog is making me yawn. Well I guess you can't have everything.

Petals said...

Why, oh why can't this all be a big Mist? Wouldn't it be great if the REAL F2 were Dan & Jenn?

(did anyone here catch Dani's conversation about getting implants to avoid having to receive chemo? A new low)

Ed in Ohio said...

Wow! Just saw a pic of Julie Chen this AM without make-up. Quite a difference!!

Petals said...

Kudos to Ian & Dan for A) remembering to request a flag for Labor Day, and B) remembering to honor 9/11 today.

I don't think I heard Delusionielle von Munchausen or LameBrain Shane mention either special day.

(who wants to bet that Dani has a story about 9/11, one that "tops" every one else's, even Jenn's?)

Petals said...

Sharon - LOL. Just read what you wrote about Dani & "real world". I think she doesn't know what real is.

Petals said...

Sharon - yes! You heard the chemo story!
She is detestable.

RBennie said...

I was just thinking about Dan's talk with Danielle when he said he grew her into a venus fly trap. How ironic would it be if she turned the trap on him? Dan thinks he has her fully under his control, but I think she is more than capable of turning on him.

tbc said...

"Dan ponders frozen meat while Shane is fruity" that quote made my day! Love it!!

Sharon said...

Well folks, BB doesn't want anyone to know what's happening cause feeds are down until Wednesday evening!

What will we do with all this spare time on our hands? lol

monty924 said...

Jackie and some of the other websites will know who is evicted later tonight. :)

Sharon said...

but... but.... Monty, that means there's really no "spare" down time and I NEED to watch the websites for results. (whine)

NOOOOOO... that sounded way too much like Delusionelle!! lol

Anonymous said...

Dan should bottle a "mist". He'd mMs more than $500,000

monty924 said...

Same here, lol. But I'll get to bed earlier tonight not having to watch the 'taped' live BBAD. ;-)

Sharon said...

Just watched the Jeff and Frank interview.
Frank is so full of BS. I'm kind of surprised Jeff agreed and didn't call him on some of it.

monty924 said...

I think Jeff has to hold it back some because of them going to jury. :)

Just like in the old days of HOUSE CALLS. I miss watching that at work with my headphones on hoping that nobody would walk by my office, or worse come into it, and see BB on my computer screen. :)))

Anonymous said...

If Jackie knows tonight will she share?