Monday, September 03, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Into the Evening - Sept. 3

They tried to fly the flag

For a PoV meeting day, it sure was subdued around the house today. Here's what happened inside that Big Brother House of Misfit Toys:
  • Shane told Danielle that he told Frank he has his vote and he'd (Shane) work on Danielle to get her aboard.
  • Yeah, he's got their vote alright ... vote to EVICT!
  • Danielle told Joe that there is nothing Frank could say to get her to keep him in the house.
  • Danielle told Shane that she isn't a kindergarten teacher. She said she's a nurse with three degrees. 
  • All bow to Ms. Educated But Little Sense Lady!
  • Then she kept asking him if he was mad about it.
  • @@
  • Dan froze Danielle's panties.
  • Not with her in them, unfortunately.
  • Frank still thinks he has Jenn's vote.
  • I think Dan's mist got to her.
  • Frank told Jenn that if he can pull it off and stay, they can "gut them like pigs."
  • Ew.
  • They played cards half the day and into the evening. Boring.
  • Joe and Ian had an extensive talk.
  • Now they have a final two deal.
  • One of many for both of them.
  • Frank is suspicious because, all of a sudden Joe and Ian are best buds after hating each other for weeks.
  • Joe is still ticked at Dan for how he treated Danielle.
  • He isn't privy to the facts.
  • Dan is still playing Shane like a fiddle.
  • Lots of big yawns today.
  • But Thursday should bring the bang back in the game. 

Has Joe really got a deal with Ian?

Mr. Werewolf Wrists


monty924 said...

Werewolf wrists, lol!

It's been unusually boring in there for a veto ceremony day. Joe's still ragging on Dan every chance he can get, but other than that... not much new going on in there. Zzzzzz

monty924 said...


Michael Clarke Duncan, 54 died. One of my favorite actors. The Green Mile is one of my favorite Stephen King books/movies.

RIP John Coffey :(

~~Silk said...

Yeah, Mr. Duncan. Great voice.

Sharon said...

Dan's has a teasing nature, but he going to have to start being a little more careful of Dani's 'sensitive' little feelings. He's been ticking her off lately. Hate to have her turn on him.

What some people have to do to keep alliances!! @@

Sharon said...

Michal Clarke Duncan.
Great voice, wonderful actor, and always such a nice, cheerful guy when I've seen him in interviews.

54 is so young. RIP

Sharon said...

Dan is absolutely EVIL and relentless in promoting a romance between Dani and Shane... in and out of the BB house.

Shane asking what they would do in her home town. She said probably go to lunch for starters. Shane asked her to name a place and she said CRACKER BARREL. Oh yeah, that's all kinds of romantic! @@ good grief.

Petals said...

Sharon, I think Dan is brilliant to promote the nomance.

Poor Shane. I truly think he likes boys, or at least girls that look like boys. He is too young to know it yet. JMO

Delusionielle will require additional therapy after the show. Nurse? Kinda. I guess. In that sense, my MOM was a nurse. So was I, in HS, when I took the same test in order to work PT overnights at a nursing home.

Sharon said...

Petals, it is brilliant.
At the same time, I can't help feel that Shane also encourages Dani and then pushes her away when she tries to get close (all for his game, I'm sure).

Last night was a perfect example. The slept in the same bed again, but after all that encouraging conversation, she wants to cuddle and he pushes her away... again. How many times does this twit have to get hit over the heat?!

Dani is apparently an LPN, which is a nurse. She just doesn't have that extra qualification to be a RN. By that definition, she couldn't possibly be a 'Charge Nurse.'

Now, Dani could be 'in charge of caring for' a number of elderly patients while she's on her shift... but that's really stretching the 'charge nurse' claim.

It's obvious that the poor girl has a lot of issues that have to be affecting her in real life as well. Sometimes it becomes rather difficult to watch all her insecurities running amok.

Sharon said...

'scuse the typos. Wish I could go back and make corrections, but I'm sure you get the drift.