Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Night Into Tuesday - Sept. 17-18

Are they ALL still alive?
With the HoH room closed off since last week, I guess they occasionally show us the fish to show that most are still alive. It's weird, though. A single camera will be on the fish instead of two trained on the room from different angles. It shows that they indeed could have four cameras in four separate places instead of the normal two rooms, two angles each. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights:
  • Not feeds per se, but ... Julie Chen was on Craig Ferguson last night. (Not literally ON him, but on his show!) She just started talking about Dan's gameplay and he cut her off. Every time she started to talk BB, he interrupted. Grr.
  • It sounds like the final three will be on The Talk either today or tomorrow while the winner will be on The Talk Thursday.
  • Dan kept asking Ian questions about Survivor. Ian is as much a fan of that show as of BB. I too have watched every season, but can't just list the seasons in order and spout out the winners.
  • I'd say he should go on the show. Alas, I fear he'd weigh 20 pounds at the end of it, though.
  • Danielle is coming back to life and being better around Ian. She even played cards (Speed) with him last night.
  • And, she even smiled occasionally.
  • Hmm ... Ian heats up peanut butter to go over his ice cream. I never thought of that. I need to try it with chocolate ice cream.
  • Danielle admitted to Dan that he carried her through the game even though she claimed she carried him through it the night before.
  • Dan put on a big sad act for Danielle with his own pity party about how bad he is.
  • Hook, line and sinker if I believe him!
  • Danielle believes him.
  • She tells him she'll get the whole jury to vote for him.
  • @@
  • Remember, she gets about five minutes jury time before they vote (if she gets tossed by Ian or Dan).
  • Ian hammocked. 
  • Danielle, never learning, popped more pimples in the mirror.
  • I hope they clean that mirror soon.
  • Not much game talk (other than previous seasons and Survivor).
  • They're asleep as I post this. 

Fountain of Survivor knowledge

Will she ever learn not to do this? Ever?

Quoting the bible ...


Petals said...

As much as I enjoy the Survivor talk, I can't help but wonder if production is prodding all this recent Survivor talk as a good lean-in for the new season. Seems plausible. Heck, seems likely!
Dan asked Ian why Ozzy was so popular. Ian told him he was good at challenges. Dan then asked if Ozzy was attractive. Ian said he guessed he was.
Newsflash: YES, Dan! Ozzy is VERY attractive! (heeheehee, Petals will always loves Ozzy)

Speaking of Survivor - is there a pool, and who is the lifeguard?
I know we can't choose, but I'd love root for Jonathan P!
And speaking of POOL: Demonielle is my pool chick. I don't think I ever had my player get so far (except when I had Ozzy *dreamy sigh*)
Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

P'nut butter with ice cream is my guiltiest pleasure - Jif creamy is my brand, and it doesn't even need melting - it stirs-in well.

Jackie said...

Dan seems to be fishing for fodder in his planning with questioning Ian about the Survivor voting and winners. Ian is falling into that trap.

I believe Laurie said she'd run the Survivor pool, but haven't heard anything as of late. I'll email her today.

Ed in Ohio said...

Yes Petals have to agree. Dan comes out of the DR and immediately starts talking about Survivor. Sounded like a 'promo' to me.

Newsflash Dan; If you want to know if Ozzy is attractive just ask Petals!

Donna in Alabama said...

I haven't watched the feeds in a couple of weeks because of boredom... Jackie, you are amazing at being able to make an interesting post out of the nothing-ness that is going on in the house. Thank you!

I wish Ian would take Danielle to the final two just to see Dan's face. I loved Dan before he started being a bully and not caring about people's feelings. Now I do not want him in the F2!

Ed in Ohio said...

It now seems to be a 'given' & fore gone conclusion that it will be Dan & Ian in the F2. And Dan v Ian would probably the most intriguing jury vote. But what if....could Dani actually be the one who is 'golden' for F2?? "Expect the Unexpected" right?

Ian and Dan swear they are taking each other but in this game of psychological warfare & mind games who really knows what they're really thinking.

In Ian's ramblings to himself he has said "to be the best you have to beat the best (Dan)". I know they have the 'renegades' deal but what if Ian means by beating the best is to not take Dan to F2 but cut him and take Dani instead. It would look good to the Jury that he beat Dan and was the one to take him out. Ian v Dani I believe Ian wins easily. What would interest me the most in this scenario is who would Dan then vote for. Ian or Dani?

As for my guy Dan I think everything he does is complex/dual purpose and has more than one angle/option. He promotes the 'renegade' thing with Ian to cover himself in case Ian wins. And he is so far into Dani's head that if he won final HOH and took her, she by now has been so 'conditioned' into believing that Dan should win that she would most likely put up a weak argument to the Jury. Dan v Dani I believe Dan wins easily.

If these two guys REALLY want the 500K they should both realize their best chance would be against Dani, not each other.

Sorry for the long post, just trying to throw something out there and mix it up a little. Food for thought!

ORKMommy said...

Speaking of the pool...

I'm not sure if I posted the latest results after the show last Thursday so I'll just post them here. Good luck to everyone on the final 3!

Danielle Murphre - Laurie, Ayana, Petals, Terry in TX
Ian Terry - Rbennie, Brenda, QuixoticElf, MEB
Dan Gheesling - Nana in NW, Chris, PDXGranny, Brent McKee, Jennasmom

Jodi Rollins
Kara Monaco
Willie Hantz
JoJo Spatafora
Janelle Pierzina
Wil Heuser - Delee, Dierdre, Merrilee, Becky
Mike "Boogie" Malin - M&M, Lynn1, Tammy, Gaylos, Joey
Ashley Iocco - JonMD1267, Cha Cha, Monty924, Auntie Leigh
Britney Haynes - Nina, Alicia, Sister Sue, Sasha, Witt, Donna in FL
Frank Eudy - Micaela, Donna, ORKMommy, Serina Cox
Joe Arvin - bbbw_princess, Janice/GA, Karen from CA, Glenn
Jenn Arroyo - AmyTL, Jessica, Michi, Marlo Lee
Shane Meaney - Buzzmaam, Jackie, SueGee, Sydney

Terry is a Texan! said...

dang it Orkmommy!! I was hoping people would forget Derluisionelle was my pool pick!

PETALS....Ozzy? ADORABLE and should win!!
Im sure he must have a fan page right?
I just hope Ian remembers, he got Bopogie out, he should get Dan out...no coach should make it through to the end, even my fave Jani!!
new peeps....no moe old houseguests

meb said...

I keep forgetting that I have Ian in the pool. Wow... I may be a winner.

I used to think I didn't get good picks, but I won with Jordon in BB, I've won in Project Runway, can't remember who but she was good, and I've had good picks in Survivor and Amazing Race... oh I also won in Hell's Kitchen once, but don't watch that anymore... too violent. So... with Ian, I just may be one of the winners again. Cool!

RBennie said...

I really get the feeling that Dan enjoys making Danielle look foolish. She really doesn't need any help in that department. I can see, though, how her constant questions about what people think of her could grow to be quite wearisome. I've noticed that Dan has a pattern to how he answers her questions. He will say what he really means, then say just kidding. Danielle is going to move ahead of Erika on my "most pitied BB Players" list. This train wreck is over tomorrow - can't wait.

RBennie said...
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lynn1 said...

I really hope Ian wins it all. I don't know how the jury will vote. They aren't always logical or predictable.
On the last several Survivor shows I have not agreed with or understood the way the jury voted.
Maybe it is a generation thing. I know the age group of the jury is similar to my nephews and I really don't get their thought process or lack of thought process.
I will be OK with any outcome except for Danielle winning the $500K.

RBennie said...

I don't think there's any danger of Danielle winning the 500k Lynn, or making it to F2 for that matter. I expect Dan will do what he does best and throw the HOH comp so that Ian can be the bad guy.

Sharon said...

Here's my picks:
Ian and Danielle - Ian wins
Ian and Dan - Ian wins
Dan and Danielle - Dani wins
Dan and Ian - Ian wins

IMO, it won't matter to that particular jury that Dan has out-connived all of them, they are angry and bitter. The only reason Dani would win over Dan is the bitterness on the jury. The same goes for Ian over Dan.

I agree with Ed that Ian would be a shoe-in vs Dani if he wins the last comp and kicks Dan to the curb, and Dan would vote for him too... because that would mean he got played by Ian.

Sharon said...

Speaking of Ian..
I wish he'd keep his hair at the present length. It's a much more attractive style on him than the 'do' in his BB picture.

monty924 said...

Agree on your picks and Ian's hair. Geesh, can't believe this is the last night of the feeds. I'll be going into withdrawl tomorrow. :(

Double whammy party tomorrow night. Survivor premiere and BB finale. Glad I have Thursday off!!

Betsy said...

How do you think everybody would vote?

I think Brittany would vote for Dan over Danielle as she does recognize he is playing a good game and that Dani is just doing whatever Dan says, especially after she took Dan off the block and he voted out Shane. I hope they show the jury seeing that play. I think Brittany will vote for Ian over Dan, especially if she finds out that Dan was trying to get him out ever since they got rid of Joe.

I think Frank hates Dan and would vote for Ian over Dan but I don't know if he would vote for Dani over Dan.

I think Joe will also vote for Ian over Dan. He even told Julie that he thought Ian was going to win. I think he might vote for Dani over Dan but that's a tossup.

Jenn probably isn't too happy with Dan or Dani once she finds out from Shane about the final three they had as she had a final three with them as well, so I think she would vote for Ian over Dan. I think she would vote for Danielle over Dan.

I think Ashley would vote for Ian over Dan, and Dani over Dan.

Shane heard the audience applaud when he said Dan was playing a dirty game so I don't think he will vote for Dan either way.

If somehow Ian doesn't take Dan to the end, I think he would get Brittany, Frank, Ashley and Joe's votes.

So that's:
Dan 1 (Dani)
Ian 6

Dan 3 (including Ian)
Dani 4

Ian 4
Dani 3 (Dan's vote)

Any other predictions?

Ed in Ohio said...

My Jury Predictions: I'm basing this purely on game play because to me that is the most important criteria. Dan clearly 'out played' everyone. Ian & Dani had their moments, but Ian for the most part hid behind others and Dani was basically Dan's puppet.

Dan 5 Brit, Frank, Jenn, Joe, Dani
Ian 2 * Ashley, Shane

Dan 5 Brit, Frank, Joe, Ashley, Ian
Dani 2 Shane, Jenn

Ian 4 Brit, Frank, Joe, Ashley
Dani 3 Shane, Jenn, Dan

*I will concede if emotions override game play than Ian will beat Dan 4/3 or 5/2.

Sharon said...

If it ends up Ian and Dani in the F2, I don't think there's any way Dan would vote for Dani.

Dan's preference would be for the best player to win, but he would no longer be 'in the running' so he would acknowledge Ian aa a much better player than Dani.

Petals said...

Doesn't Dan still think Demonielle is a teacher?

Petals said...

Regarding votes/win predictions, I can't even guess. This is the most a) emotional and b) stupid jury. Too many hurt feelings, too little knowledge of how the game is designed to be played.
I'd be good with Ian & Dan, 1 & 2

Sharon said...

Petals, agreed. I'd be ok with that final too.

I know Dani finally fessed up to Britney about being a nurse, and Boogie was outspoken in his belief that she's a nurse.

Seems like Dani would have fessed up to Dan, but I don't really remember. Now wouldn't that be something... after all her carrying on about him not telling her stuff, and then it turns out SHE held out something (no matter how stupid) from Dan.

hfiveomom said...

Should Ian win HOH,I wonder if he will actually send Dan home and take Dani to the F2 with him...Dan is so cocky lately..and all I keep thinking is...pride comes before that oh so hard fall.....

monty924 said...

I don't believe Dan would get Frank's vote under either circumstance. I bitter juror can rationlize his/her vote anyway to suit the vote. Look at Adam from last season. When he and Shelly did the Superpass interview in Seattle, she rattled his cage numerous times saying he 'didn't' vote for the 'best' player.

Having said that, if Dan would take Danielle, I think Dan would win. That's how I see it. Ian wins in any other combo. :)

Anonymous said...

Dan knows she is a nurse.

I REALLY hope Dan does not win.

Its a game but I too seem to be acting up because I really can't stand Dan and Danielle, well....thats an even worse consideration.

Janelle is the BEST!! Fan Favorite of mine....FOREVER!

Petals said...

Ditto Anon re Janelle. She is the Queen of BB

lynn1 said...

Petals your avatar is so funny but it scares me! ;)

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Janelle will always be the Queen of BB. I don't care who comes along. :)

I think, just me, that the votes could go this way. Remember, the jury has already had their roundtable with Shane in the house, and he's spilled QP deals and final 3's and all of it.

Dan - 1 Dani
Ian - Brit, Frank, Jenn, Joe and Ashley, Shane

Dan - 5 Brit, Joe, Ashley, Ian and Jen
Dani - 2 Shane, Frank

Ian - 5 Brit, Joe, Ashley, Jen and Frank
Dani - 2 Shane and Dan

*Dan could go either way with his vote if it were Dani and Ian. He could say he was voting for Dani because he coached her all along or because Ian went back on the Renegades. Or he could give Ian props for getting him out of the equation. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Dan is spreading his mist on the viewers. why would he take Ian to the f2 with him, he knows as well as we do that he could easily beat Danielle, like others hear have said this jury will be voting on emotions not game play. Does anyone know if the jury gets to see any of the game play? Well I guess that wouldn't be fair because Dan probably would be hated, at this point he has become an egomaniac as far as I am concern

Sharon said...

On The Talk today, there was discussion about Big Brother. They should the clip of Dani crying and saying the lines "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me 3 times and I'm a dumbass." lol

There were NO interviews with the F3 today, but The Talk panel had a discussion about "when is it ok to lie." They agreed almost everyone tells "white lies" to protect friends/family from being hurt, but in general, lying is unacceptable... IN REAL LIFE.

The discussion turned Dan's game on Big Brother and they all ended up agreeing with Julie Chen that the BB house is different than lying in real life. As Julie said, people come on the show to try and win $500k to improve their lives and the lives of their family, and will do whatever is necessary to reach that end.

I agree with that analysis. The Big Brother house isn't geared for 'weak of heart' contestants. Even those HGs who haven't watched BB's seasons in the past had an opportunity to watch several past seasons (before entering the house). By watching those seasons, each HG should have an idea and be aware of what to expect... and it won't be for everyone "playing nice" with them.

As Julie also said, ALL of the HGs are there to win the money and Dan is GOOD.
If they could pull off Dan's stunts, they would... for the money!

There was no doubt in my mind that Julie Chen feels Dan "should" win the money because he's been the best player. Doesn't mean he will, but that's the impression I got from her conversation.

Anonymous said...

There's a BIG difference between lying and swearing on the bible and your wife. Especially when remembering a quote from the Bible "what shall profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul" I can accept little white lies (what ever that is suppose to mean) but swearing on the Bible, that is unacceptable to me.

monty924 said...

Anon 657,
They only get to see the competitions since they left the house, at whatever point they leave, and don't get to see anything else including DRs. However, the evictees go to jury and they can sping their version of the 'game playing' events to whatever they want to.

I DVR The TALK everyday and will watch that later tonight. Thanks Sharon for the reminder. I figured they would show their taped segment until tomorrow's show.... Finale Day.

The winner is supposeeed to be on the show on Thursday. Here's hoping it is IAN :)

monty924 said...

Again, anon 718, he swore that he was telling the truth about the QP. He was!! It snowballed into him swearing that he had Frank to the F2. Never happened!

monty924 said...

LOL, I couldn't wait. I just watched the segment on The Talk and only have one thing to say. Lynette Rice has written about Survivor and BB for years now. You'd think she would know that Dan's last name is Geesling and not Geerhing, wouldn't you?

Funny segment though. Their taped stuff from today will be on tomorrow's episode of The Talk. Big day for CBS with the Survivor premiere and the BB Finale.

Sharon said...

Monty, thanks for pointing out the truth of the Bible-lying thing, yet AGAIN.

Dan swore on the Bible ONE time, and he DID tell the truth.
To be clear, if these people care about the TRUTH:

1) Dan DID swear on the Bible that he was telling Frank the truth about the Quack Pack. That was the ONLY thing he swore on the Bible about and it was one of the things that convinced Frank to take Dan off the block.

2) Dan did NOT continue on and Bible-swear about a F2 with Frank.

3) No matter what Frank wants to think, it never happened. Frank ASSUMED the Bible-swear was all-encompassing and it wasn't. That's on Frank for being a dumbass (ala Danielle).

monty924 said...

Yep, Sharon. I loved the statement in one of your earlier posts about people just loving their favorites and to hell with the facts. Sigh!

Sharon said...

Watching Jokers right now and Dan sure is laying a lot of truth on Dani... if she would only listen. Even told her she's immature.

Dani keeps trying to wheedle Dan's phone number so she can call him. He said she can keep in touch via Twitter. @@ She doesn't get that he's married and does NOT want other females calling him. I wouldn't be surprised if he also feels he's had enough of "her stuff" and really doesn't want to be "friends" outside the house.

monty924 said...

That was a good convo. I watched it all and he laid it on the line for her. She's needy, she doesn't get when a guy isn't into her, she hangs on longer than she should, etc. I'm not quoting it exactly, so please people don't quote it and go running with it. Dan seemed to be honestly playing the big brother role and laying it on the line to her.

Sharon, I watched a podcast the other night with a guy named Murtz (or close) and Chelsea, Kelly and Dan's mom were all on it. At one point the question was asked about having Dani over for dinner or something like that and Dan's sister (Kelly) and Chelsea just sort of smiled like they would, but Dan's Mom said NO, lol. Smart woman.

Sharon said...

Monty, you paraphrased everything he said quite well.

My read on that interview would be that Chelsea and Dan's sister were trying to be nice. His mother didn't feel the need to be nice for public consumption. lol

With Dani's self-imposed male issues, I think she would become with Dan like she apparently was with Trey (from what I read). She'd drive them both NUTS and could end up causing a lot of trouble.

monty924 said...

Ian just said, "Frank, Dani, Joe, Jen and Ash, I need two of those, ohhh"

I predicted Shane would vote for Ian and appears he thinks so too. :)

Sharon said...

Personally, I think Ian would have all of those except Dani.

Sharon said...

Shells, rocks and sand.
Fish tank taken down in HOH?

monty924 said...

Same here Sharon (my post at 657). I think Ian is worried about the votes because of all the Dani psychotrashing she did the past few days.

I wondered about the sandbox view, lol. Good guess and I'm guessing you are correct. :)

Tomorrow night is going to be a long one. I'm drinking Iced Tea for Survivor, lol

Sharon said...

I'm going to the last outdoor concert of the summer tomorrow night so the DVR has to be set for both Survivor and BB.
Hopefully, I'll be home by the time BB comes on, and catch up on Survivor after BB is over.
My oldest daughter is a BB, Survivor, and TAR junkie too.

monty924 said...

Sounds nice. It's going to be cold hear tonight and I'm guessing that tomorrow will be a mild day as well. I actually love the fall and getting all of my hoodies out of the summer storage. This is my season for sure. I also like only having to be obsessed for one night of the week and not 24/7 like I am during the summer for BB. Bring back normal, lol!

Sharon said...

Supposed to be 81 here tomorrow.. perfect by evening. Only good thing about Fall/Winter is hockey. Period.

monty924 said...

I'm enjoying my last night of watching Ian hammock and hear him talk out his thoughts. Of course, I can't make out much of what he is saying, but he's putting his speech together for the jury. Ian, you can do this.


p.s. I bet hammock sales go up after this season. Rocking is a great calming force. Trust me :)

Sharon said...

ok, enough of this BBAD fun! @@
Have fun tomorrow night. You all are a different time-zone, so the shows will be done by the time I get home.

monty924 said...

Nite Sharon, but you know that you will join in for the party(s). ;)

PDX Granny said...

Sharon, I think you're in my neck of the woods. What concert are you going to? It's supposed to be about 85 here tomorrow. Was 90 today.

I'm ready for those crisp fall days. Not the rain and cold, just crisp, clear air.

I think I'm also ready for BB to be done. It's been a great season, with lots of excitement. I'm glad I've had this group to party with. : )

Sharon said...

Granny, do you live in Colorado?

Sharon said...

Just checked and it looks like you are on the West Coast. I'm in Colorado. During the Summer, our city has several 'free' summer concerts, but we only go to one location (close by). We've gotten a little more choosy about the entertainment this year. The last group of the season is always the same... and they're good (blues & bluegrass).

Card game FINALLY over.
DVR started and I'm really off to bed this time.

Ninboh said...

So does the fact that Dan is running through his speech against Ian mean that Dan has no plans to take Danielle if he wins the final comp. Because that is sad.

Sharon said...

Dan believes it's obvious he wouldn't win against Dani. Almost all the Jury has something against both he and Ian.

In Dan's way, he was preparing Dani all evening. She asked if he would ever turn on her and he said "only if you ever lied to me." Within minutes, he started telling her all the times she lied to him. It went right over her head like everything does.

Dan became quite aware that no matter what Dani says, if Shane was in the F3, she would have cut him for Shane, in a heartbeat. As desperate as she is for a man in her life, I believe it too. She still can't accept that Shane, deep down, is NOT interested. Heck, she still thinks the non-existent romance with Trey was real. (Trey has apparently said he never dated Dani at all. That he has a girlfriend, but Dani phone-stalked him and drove them both crazy.)

With Shane gone, I believe Dani then turned her eyes to Dan. She knows he's married, but she's got that terrible desperation to have a man in her life. I also think Dan recognizes her obsessions and is trying to stop her in her tracks. Dani has been begging for Dan's phone number. He won't give it and said she can contact him through Twitter. But she doesn't "get the message" and keeps begging and wheedling for his phone number and continually asks how he feels about her. I think she would phone-stalk Dan too. Dan is not stupid.

Personally, I think Dan will be VERY glad to kick her to the curb and get back to sanity (Chelsea).

Of course, all this depends on how the last comp for F2 goes. Will Dan throw it to Ian, and then Ian have a sudden change of heart and take Dani? Doubt it, but...

hfiveomom said...

part of playing the game is trying to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth..and when. Trying to decide if you should trust anyone....lying is a part of the game. it is game PLAY and not an indication of character. These people give up three months of their life to try to win 500,00 and it is no secret that the name of the game is to get people --no matter which way...to keep you in the house and ultimately vote for you. THat being said.....JANELLE is my all time favorite. And yes, partly because she was loyal to her alliances and honest. But reality is...she never won. :(