Saturday, September 08, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Power of Veto Update - Sept. 8

Danielle's picked-at pimple crater won the PoV! 

Who woulda thunk it?

Er, no. It appears Shane won the Power of Veto. No one has come out and said it although there were some "it's a good feeling" references by Shane. The veto necklace was hanging on the side of the Memory Wall near no one's photo per se when the feeds returned.

Danielle was upset. Jenn seemed down and climbed in bed. Ian, Shane and Dan acting normal.

Although no one has come out and said it, I'll call Shane the winner. If he isn't, I'll correct this.

Now, if he takes himself off, Ian is likely to put up Danielle as per earlier discussions. Jenn would remain the target.


monty924 said...

Omg, when the feeds came back, Danielle has went to town on it and kept picking at it non-stop in the Arcade room. For the life of me, I can't understand what she doesn't get about "leave it alone' and let it heal!

I get that it is stressful in there, but she of all folks should understand that she needs to leave it alone. I have to switch feeds when she is all up in the mirror. YUCK

Jackie said...

She keeps it up and she's going to have a lifelong scar. Sure, she wears tons of makeup, but no one needs a scar right smack there!

Joe in NY said...

Shane winning isn't the best for use of the veto. But Shane could still work something with Ian if he had brains and wanted to make a move. It is a perfect opportunity to backdoor Dan.

If Shane talks to Ian and gets him to put up Dan, Shane and Danielle hold the only votes. I mean, if I'm shane, Ian can't play HOH and Jenn and Dani suck at comps. He's almost guaranteed final 3. And Shane definitely wins with the jury against either Dani or Jenn so he only has Ian to get out before then.

Of course, Shane would have to NOT be a moron for that to work.

And you'd think Ian would go for it. Ian can't play the next HOH. Dan is a threat. Dan got Brit evicted. Ian has a cakewalk with the jury against anyone except maybe Dan.

Of course Ian needs to be mist-free for that to work.

monty924 said...

Agree 100%, Jackie!

Sharon said...

Joe, Ian is very misted, but as far as I can tell, his biggest problem is that he wants the QP to be the F4.

On the other hand, Dan/Danielle are now discussing if Shane should maybe be a larger target than Jenn. So much fore luv.

SO, if Shane can be convinced that he's in a 'comfy' spot with Jenn going, and doesn't use the POV, he just might end up being voted off.

monty924 said...

Joe, I don't think #1, Shane is that smart, and #2, Ian would put Dan up anyway. I know we can sit out here and say he needs to get rid of Dan, but Ian wants it to be him and Dan in the end.

Also, I keep harking on this, but it is true... the veto at Final Four is the only vote and therefor the only power in the game. If Ian wins that, he has the only vote to evict. HOH is just a useless key in the final four.

monty924 said...

Technically the HOH could also hold the final veto and in that case, the only one not on the block would have the final vote.

I'm still putting my money on Ian winning that final veto. I wish I could fly to Vegas and place a wager, lol

monty924 said...

Dan just said, "sorry I didn't win the veto Chels, I'm still alive though"

monty924 said...

She's covering the crater for Showtime

Sharon said...

Ian sure is agitated tonight, muttering, chewing his thumbnail, and giving that hammock a real workout! I keep waiting for him to swing so high that the hammock flips upside-down!

monty924 said...

Sharon, this is great. He's muttering about, wait for it... yes! If they cut me, and the mist, the mist.

Ian may just have the big ones to try to get Dan out while he has the iron hot. Don't get me wrong, I love Dan, but if he could get him out then that would be huge. He could take credit for Boogie and Dan, the two winners, out of the house.

Still love my IAN, and Jenn can work it right if she's smart enough to do it.


Sharon said...

Monty, even though Dan has won before, he and Ian have been the best and most conniving players for quite a while... which is why I'd prefer them in the F2.

And if they did reach F2 together, I really think the Jury would give the $$$ win to Ian, and Dan would get the 2nd price $.

I have no desire to see the other 3 win anything, especially Dani.

monty924 said...

No argument there, Sharon. Dan's my man from S10 and I would love to see him in the F2 again, but if Ian does decide to "shank him", Dan's words in the DR about Frank-not mine, I wouldn't blame Ian.

Even though Dan is my favorite player, I want to Ian win this season. I'll take a Dan/Ian final two, but if it comes down to Ian and anyone else, it will just be like every other season when I didn't get my dream final two. *wink*


Sharon said...

Monty, don't you go hexing our pick!!!! lol

monty924 said...



but I really want IAN FOR THE WIN


Sharon said...

Have to say this BBAD is better than last night.
At least they aren't all sleeping or playing cards, and it's kinda fun listening to them rehash some of the happenings in the house... who knew/did what/when.

Going to set the DVR for the rest of the show and go read now though. Have a good night.

monty924 said...

Ian's not going to put Dan up no matter what, unless he's a really good liar. He's telling Shane that it's basically them to the end. Meaning the QP

Sharon said...

Ok, I lied. When that 'Down the Hatch' drinking contest started, it was too good to turn off! lol

PDX Granny said...

I think Ian is going to be Dan's next target. I'm sure he knows that if it's the two of them in the final 2, Ian would more than likely get the votes. He doesn't want to settle for 2nd place.

Brent McKee said...

Watching BBAD tonight one might be excused for thinking that there were only four people in the House because Jenn was unseen, at least in the part that I saw.

There are really only two people who worry about strategy - or at least think strategically - left, and that is Dan & Ian. I want Ian to win, but Dan has been playing a superb "puppetmaster" game and Ian doesn't have a puppet of his own.

meb said...

Monty... your first comment about Dani being 'all up in the mirror'... I know you were talking about her crater, but notice that when she's talking to others, no matter where she is, there is usually a mirror across from her, and she is constantly looking at herself through the who conversation... when she is alone, she just stares at herself.

They were talking about weight loss in BBAD, and she said something about how Ian weighs less than her... I think Dan and Shane weigh less than her. All lthat girl does is eat. One night on BBAD she ate two bowls of cereal during those 3 hours... She has really put on the weight while everyone else has been losing. Now.. I know I'd be a weight gainer too, when there's nothing else to do, I eat. But then, I'm not on national TV.

I hope Jenn gets in Ian's ear about putting Dan up. I adore Dan, but he is not going to keep Ian if he has the opportunity to get rid of him and I adore Ian too. I would rather Ian win and Dan get 2nd, but I just don't think Ian will get that far if
Dan is still in the game. I would pick Shane as second to go with Ian since Shane has at least won some comps... Dani and Jenn have done nada and don't deserve to be there!

Have a good Sunday!

Witt said...

Hi meb,
I'd probably be a gainer too. I'm also surprised about some of the things these folks talk about on the feeds...TMI!!!

Dan often chooses to throw comps so if he isn't HOH he knows Ian will take him along. Dan will have to step up to truly be in charge of his own destiny if he wants to make the decisions. But -- if he knows Ian will take him he'll let Ian do all the work.

I'd like Ian and Dan in the final because they've truly participated in the game, while the others haven't. I'd like Ian for the win and Dan 2nd.

Happy Sunday, all!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Shane is not smart enough to have any idea's of his own.

Too bad because right now he could use the Veto on himself and turn up the volume in this game!!

I am ready for it to just end.

Artie45 said...

Witt said...
"Dan often chooses to throw comps so if he isn't HOH he knows Ian will take him along. Dan will have to step up to truly be in charge of his own destiny if he wants to make the decisions. But -- if he knows Ian will take him he'll let Ian do all the work."
Dan's strategy has always been to deliberately throw comps all the way until the late stages of the game,in order to keep the target off his back. Once they hit the late innings he becomes super aggressive in them.

monty924 said...

Meb, she took the mirror face title from Jase in a slam dunk. Mirror face, mirror abs, mirror butt.... She's got that title for life as far as I can predict. ;-)