Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Report Tuesday - Sept. 11

Before getting into the non-events of today in the Habitrail, this is what happened eleven years ago in the house ...

Thankfully, today was a much better day as we reflect on the tragedy. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Fast Forwarding Fools:
  • As I get this typed up, the live feeds are blocked with trivia.
  • I expect them to be blocked possibly until after tomorrow night's not-so-live eviction show.
  • They're blocked due to the eviction, of course.
  • However, I do expect to be able to find out who gets evicted (likely Jenn) late this evening and will post when I know.
  • Okay, back to what happened since I posted last night ...
  • Danielle fussed, cried and moaned in her own little pity party.
  • After all, Jenn is walking around smiling and talking with Dan like she doesn't have a care in the world.
  • Meanwhile, Danielle has to keep up the act that she's still mad at Dan (for the funeral thing).
  • Like no one has figured she's still close with him.
  • @@
  • She can't be consoled. 
  • Poor pitiful Danielle.
  • She told Shane she was upset because she's on the block and, get this ... Jenn cooked french fries for Dan. Horrors!
  • Shane told her that Dan would keep both of them over Ian and she shouldn't worry so much.
  • She told Shane that Dan's crazy and will do anything to win.
  • Shane said Ian, her or himself would win over Dan in the final two.
  • I'm not so sure of that as time goes on.
  • I think he might win over Jenn, Shane or possibly Danielle. But Ian would give him a run for the money.
  • Dan's crazy like a fox.
  • Danielle told Dan she's "emotionally drained."
  • Who knows? That could be her normal state of mind!
  • He told her it's good for the soul and she'll be fine.
  • She disagreed.
  • Poor pitiful Danielle.
  • Dan told Danielle that he might have to pull "something crazy" to make sure she's in the final three.
  • I believe he's talking a Shane eviction, but he didn't specify.
  • Danielle killed the evil sock monkey.
  • :-(
  • Ian seems to be seeing through Dan's mist, yet not doing anything about it.
  • On a side note (because I just remembered I didn't post it) -- Yesterday Dan was spraying ants on the kitchen counter ... which had food on it. Poison anyone?
  • Jenn went out in the middle of the night after all were in bed. Before she went back in, she mentioned it was 9/11 and she wished she was home in NYC. She also talked about how fragile life is -- "Do something good for yourself today. Then do something good for a stranger. You never know how long you have here. Here one day, gone the next. Do something good."
  • When BB woke everyone up, they were in an indoor lockdown.
  • Oh noes! Something must be happening!
  • They haven't a clue even though Ian mentioned recently that Britney was evicted on a Tuesday. D'oh ... could it be a fast forward?
  • Ian got the HoH camera, which Dan ended up taking for a gazillion shots.
  • They used the self-timer to take the photo I posted here as a screen cap.
  • Then Dan hung the flag backwards from the railing by the HoH room.
  • It's dawning on them that someone might be evicted today.
  • "On 9/11? That's horrible!"
  • Oh, geez. Give me a break. Work goes on, BB is your "job" and has a schedule to keep. Thankfully ... life goes on and is more than a reality show.
  • That's pretty much the last of the hamsters we'll see until tomorrow night.
  • Check back later for my eviction announcement!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the recaps Jackie.
Danielle feels emotionally drained...
Whatever. She drains everyone else, whether they are in or out of the house!!

monty924 said...

Thank you, Jackie. It is very fitting to remember BB that way. God Bless...

Tweets are out

Sharon said...

Jackie's results post is up. :)

Shannon said...

That picture you posted of the hamsters with the flag makes Shane look like Simon Cowell. :-D