Saturday, September 01, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Saturday Into the Evening - Sept. 1

Yes, Jenn is still in the house ... and will probably stay for now

So, what's been happening today inside that Big Brother House of Hapless Hamsters? Read on ...
  • After staying up half the night expecting a comp, they napped all morning and then again after the comp finally happened.
  • Frank and Jenn decided that if one of them win HoH (assuming they stay), Ian and Shane will be their next targets.
  • Frank thinks he's talked Ian into not putting up Dan as a replacement nominee and putting Joe up instead. That is, if one of them wins veto.
  • Gee, don't they think Joe might win veto?
  • Bwahahahahaha!
  • Ahem.
  • Ian alone in the HoH room bed to the cameras, "I'm just petting my snake."
  • Oh my!
  • Then he pulls his stuffed toy snake out from under the covers.
  • That silly boy!
  • Frank and Dan talked about the (then) upcoming veto comp. Frank said it would look sketchy if Dan won and saved him. So, it would be better if he saved Jenn if he wins, then they'd vote out Joe.
  • Heh.
  • Frank said to Dan that he could say he owed Jenn a save.
  • Heehee.
  • Ian is being generous by offering anyone and everyone his snack foods from HoH. Since Jessie took all of the regular house snacks, Ian is literally all that (HoH) and a bag of chips.
  • They do have stuffed animals, pool toys they can't use in indoor lockdown and small children rated trucks and generic huge Lego blocks.
  • Ian thinks it's sad that they only have childrens toys and they're amusing themselves with them.
  • I think it's sad that all the stuff looks like it came from a dollar store!
  • Finally, at around noon their time, the comp started.
  • After about four hours, the feeds came back and Dan was wearing the PoV necklace.
  • About time he won a comp!
  • Talking to Ian, Dan said he can't tell ANYONE about their final two deal.
  • Maybe that's because he also has final two deals with Frank and Danielle.
  • Then he said, "This is my ticket to get Frank out of the game."
  • Oh, please do it, Dan!
  • Dan told Ian he's thinking of using it on Jenn because she saved him.
  • I love it when a plan falls in place.
  • Don't you?
  • The Quack Pack held its forum discussing their options.
  • Shane offered (again) to (stupidly) go up as a pawn.
  • Didn't Britney tell him to stop that? Doesn't he listen?
  • Although Ian is nervous about making the Frank move, the rest think it might be their only chance to get him gone.
  • They might be right.
  • Dan told Ian he'll probably use it on Jenn.
  • Ian told Joe he doesn't think Dan will use it. (He already had told Joe he'd probably be the replacement if the veto is used.)
  • Dan told Frank he's thinking of using it on Jenn.
  • Frank said using it on him would be too obvious, but he would love it.
  • Heh. After Dan left Frank, he told us: "He'll never know what hit him."
  • :-)
  • Frank started checking out his votes with Shane, Joe and Danielle. Gee, people weren't really committing but not telling him no, either.
  • The veto meeting won't be until Monday, so things are subject to change.
  • But, I'd love to hear, "Son, you're out" on Thursday. If he gets to the final two, he will win.

Pretty, I'm so pretty!

Dan, Dan, the man with a plan ... and a PoV


monty924 said...

Before midnight, I want to wish Dan the Man with the Plan a Happy 29th Birthday. Nice B-day gift to win the veto. GO DAN and GO IAN!!!

BozoFrankBlows said...

Frank and Jenn decided that if one of them win HoH (assuming they stay), Ian and Shane will be their next targets.

Didn't Frank accept passing on the next HOH comp as part of the veto comp last week?

monty924 said...

Jackie, once again this was a great write-up. We're all armchair quarterbacks out here, but the feeds really tell the true story and you do a wonderful job telling it like it is. Kudos again!

Jackie said...

He can't play next week, but she can. And then he can again the week after. They're "thinking ahead." They also don't realize they're heading into a second double eviction this week.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Monty. At least things are happening this season. Last season it was hard to maintain enough interest to write it up!

Judy said...

Jackie, I agree about the toys being sad. Why can't they give them some good stuff? Didn't they give them tie-dye kits one year? At least some fun Lego kits, puzzles, even crayons and paper (or aren't they allowed to have any writing utensils?).

I really, really hope that they get rid of Frank this week...

I wonder how Britt is doing with Ashley . . .

monty924 said...

I will put this season right up with my all time favorites... S6, S8 and S10 as far as fun and game play. They came out of the gate playing this season, mainly because of the coaches that were in there (two of them All-Stars and two winners), and that has made this season for me. A house full of newbies is always better, but if you have retreads, what a great group of them.

This season is so much better than last season in every way. :)

Jackson said...

Frank looks like its time for you to leave the big brother house. Have a gut feeling Ian is going to walk out next with this double elimination. Not gonna be happy about those two evictions. Gonna be left with Joe, Jenn, Dani, or Shane winning cause theres no way they let dan win for a second time.

monty924 said...

Jackson, why wouldn't this cast give it to the better player? I think you underestimate his ability to convince a jury. Do you think Frank will give it to a player who floated their way through the game? I think this jury will award game play and if Dan is in there against anyone but Ian, he wins. If Ian is up against Dan, it will be a close call but I think Ian wins. JMO

Jackson said...

Just looking at the people in the Jury, brit and frank would hold grudes against Dan, Ashley is an idiot and will probably vote the way frank tells her. So I count it as he is down 3-0 to anyone right know, that not even taking in to fact that he won before.

monty924 said...

You underestimate Britney's loyalty to the game. I've watched her in exit interviews and believe if Dan were in the final two, she would vote for him hands down unless Ian is in the final two against him. I think the same goes for Frank. I don't believe this will be a bitter jury season.

Jackson said...

Well I think your overestimating Brit loyalty to the game, and underestimating frank that he wont hold a grudge. I believe it will be a very bitter jury becuase its gonna come down to two floaters. JMO

Anonymous said...

Jackson I think and hope you're right about the the Jury not voting for Dan to win the money. I think people here are giving these houseguest to much credit on their game play. They really haven't played the the game that well for the most part they were their coaches puppets until they started to turn on them remember Wil on Janelle and Ian on Boogie only because they were told to do so by other coaches who wanted them out, these HG made on decision on their on they voted with the rest of the house only. If they were to choose the best player and not hold grudges (which I think you're right about) then Frank should win, and I am by no means a Frank fan, but no they are now listening to Dan who knows Frank has been the best player and he (Dan) wants him out. Dan made a great play but up until then he had been a semi floater, everyone wants Dan to win because he's a nice guy "oh Well". BB needs to stop bringing these past winners back, If they want to have a game with All Stars, Previous Losers or Previous Winners so be it, but let the Newbies have a chance by themselves, with that being said. GO! ANYBODY BUT DAN.

Ed in Ohio said...

IMO the only two players deserving the win as of now are Dan & Frank with Ian possibly having a shot.

Dani, Shane, Jenn, & Joe winning would have to be based primarily on their being newbies because they haven't done all that much to impact the game. If Dan were up against any of these four and lost it would be a shame.

Go Dan the Man, with a Plan for the win!!

Jackson said...

Yeah i agree frank and dan are the only two players i think are deserving of the money right now, and frank is gonna go homw unless he can turn shane and dani to vote for him but how unrealistic is that. Maybe someone will show that they deserve to win but havent seen it yet.

Anonymous said...

Frank needs to stay and stir things up. I think they need to get ratboy Ian out! I hope Frank stays