Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Saturday Evening into Sunday - Sept. 15-16

I've been a fool. I AM a fool.

Well, well, well. Y'see, hamsters are adorable and all. But when they don't get what they want, the claws come out. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of It Finally May Be Dawning on Danielle:
  • After the feeds returned post-Part Two of the HoH comp, Ian was covered with soot and Danielle was screaming at him.
  • But that was an act.
  • The night before, when Ian wasn't taking the bait to throw the comp to Danielle, that was Plan B -- If Ian won, Danielle was supposed to throw a fit, Dan was supposed to fight with her and hopefully they could get Ian to throw Part Three.
  • In her screaming, she was actually threatening Ian if he didn't take her to the final two.
  • Why, she'd taint the jury!
  • Um. If evicted on Wednesday night, she won't have time to taint anyone to the jury!
  • It didn't work.
  • Dan and Ian celebrated a Renegades victory while Danielle showered and was in the Diary Room.
  • Unfortunately, Ian still believes in the Renegades although it's obvious that he's been overcoming much of the mist.
  • Dan hinted a million times that Ian should throw the last part so that he (Dan) would have the pleasure of evicting Danielle (who obviously hates him).
  • Dan knows he's golden for final two whether he himself wins the last part or whether Ian wins it.
  • But Dan would prefer to take Danielle with him over Ian. He has a plan and an idea he'd stand a better chance to win over her.
  • But, then, if Ian wins, he'll take Dan to the final two over Danielle. 
  • It would just be harder to win over the jury then.
  • Danielle cried in the bedroom, rereading her HoH letters from home and apologizing for disgracing her family.
  • It seems to have dawned on her that she's been playing Dan's game for a Dan win all along.
  • D'oh!
  • Ian, on the other hand, told Dan he didn't want to throw the comp. He actually wants to win this.
  • Good boy, Ian. Do NOT trust Dan to take you to the final two.
  • A lot men did and a lot men died ...
  • (Women, too.)
  • Ian was very worried about his stuffed snake and bear. They were (as usual) tucked neatly in his bed ... the bed next to the weeping and angry Danielle.
  • Ian refuses to outright deal with Danielle's tantrum. He told her he was still weighing his options.
  • When Dan prodded at Ian attempting to instigate more of a problem, Ian told him he should just leave Danielle alone and not be mean to her.
  • Uh-oh. Ian's not reacting the way Dan had hoped!
  • When Dan was alone and only the live feeds were with him, he pondered what to do.
  • He thinks his best shot now would be to throw the comp to Ian so Ian would vote Danielle out (thus getting his hands bloodier).
  • Dan and Danielle were sleeping when BB opened the backyard up to them.
  • Ian is rocking on the hammock. All is well in his world again.
  • It looks like, no matter what happens, Ian (at least) will really play for the win on the third part of HoH on Wednesday.

Like notches in his gun belt, such are the grays on the Memory Wall

I'm a disgrace

I'll be able to pay my college loans. No debt!


Witt said...

Good morning Jackie! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

I am so glad that Ian won part 2! Love that kid. I love Dan, but Ian deserves the win. I think Ian will take Dan to the F2 more as a worthy opponent more so than taking Danielle, who did not have an active role in this game.

Danielle cracks me up..."I'll taint the jury." She's going to exit the house (perhaps) 5 minutes before voting, and the jury will already be assembled in the studio!

Witt :)

Off topic to meb:

The slogan "Fear the Turtle" apparently originated around 1998 when a fan held a sign up at a MD basketball game and the broadcasters jumped on it...the university adopted it as a slogan and it became a very popular in the last decade or so (especially in MD's Final Four heydey in the 2001 and 2002 NCAAs), though I've heard they may want to replace it for something new. I love it; it's on my T-shirts!

lynn1 said...

Danielle saying she is a disgrace is the first non-delusional words to come out of her mouth this season.
Go for the gold Ian.

meb said...

Yes Lynn1... but Danielle didn't mean them... as usual, she's just playing to the cameras. I am so over this girl!

Witt... I have to say that 'Fear the Turtle', somehow isn't very intimating. : ) But it does have sort of a catch to it. Thanks for the explanation of how it came into being.

Well folks, we have 4 days of nothing happening. I don't think I can watch Dani that long of a period of time. May have to give up on BBAD. That said, I'm watching it now. : ) Ian just got soap in his eyes... oh dear, excitement in the house.

Petals said...

G'morning gang! G'morning Ms Jackie! Looked like the city was pretty for your birthday - looking forward to today's crop of pics (will Goldie's be among them? Hm)

Ditto meb - I am over her, too. She seems happiest when there is some kind of drama going on, real or fake.
I read that she was wondering if Trey (some guy "back home") would be waiting for her, etc. Well, NO! His Twitter confirms what we all know: that he barely knows her, hse psychostalked him & creeped him out before she left for the show, and he was relieved because his REAL girlfriend was about to snap if Dani didn't stop "blowing up his cellphone".

Lovely Autumn day here in the Midwest. Hope you all enjoy your Sunday - God bless ♥

Terry is a Texan! said...

Happy After Birthday Jackie! did Vincent make you a nice cake? no?
I glad Ian is focusing...and paying off his loans would be great.
I would love to see him evict Dan.....he has been so cocky/

Becky said...

Jackie, so glad that your favorite Ian won for your BD gift.

Now let's hope he breathed a lot of fresh air while outside and cleared the Mist from his area.

Ninboh said...

How do we know Dan won't take Danielle? Is that completely off the table now?

Anonymous said...

It would be great if Ian were to evict Dan and take Dani to the F2 I think he would beat either one of them, and I dont give a rat's a__, if Dan did play a good game he ended up showing some of his true colors swearing on the bible, his wife, being cocky and mean, if it had been Boogie (who I couldn't stand) or Frank, people would have been appauled with the swearing, but for Dan it's okay because, he's a great guy, NO, if he wants to gloat about taking advantage of two obvious very weak people then so be it. GO IAN

Anonymous said...

Evict Dan. Please get that guy out of there. I agree with the last poster. Dan is just not the guy he wants people to think he is. He can rank right up their WITH Boogie and Frank.

Ed in Ohio said...

I do not have the feeds nor BBAD and there seems to be a lot of chatter this morning about more DR interference. Something about Dan's microphone and Dan flippin off the DR.

Don't know what that is all about? but I've come to expect and accept the DR's 'involvement'. After all it is their show.

If Ian wins IMO it will be based mostly on 'like ability' (Dan & Brit really controlled most of his game moves)

If Dan wins IMO it will be on his game play. Like him or not he really controlled the house most of this season.

If Dani wins....well I'm stumped!!

Big Brother plays on the emotions of the contestants as well as the viewers. In the end only one will win regardless of how they got there.

monty924 said...

Ed, the DR interferenc???
While Ian was in the shower, Dan and Danielle were plotting her next lines (as in acting) and the DR told him to put his mic on. Danielle was p'sd because Dan had it on. Maybe the DR couldn't hear him and all those warning are pretaped things anyways. It didn't matter. Ian was zoning both of them out anyway in the shower.

Wow, what a hate fest is was in there last night. Ian came out of it smelling like a rose. He didn't get down in the dirt with Dan or Dani and I'm lovin' him even more now. heehee

Ninboh, I believe Dan will still take Danielle to the F2 if he wins part 3. So much for his renegade oath. ;)


Anonymous said...

I think Danielle might just give Dan a taste his own medicine and fool him, but then again I might be giving her too much credit, she would never THINK to do something like that because she can only follow orders.

RBennie said...

So Dan has misted himself into thinking he can beat Ian in F2? I do not see that happening. IMO Dan lost the game when he blindsided Shane. I wish Dan spent more time trying to win comps rather than throw them!

No Longer A Dan Fan said...

A number of players in various reality shows over the years have played so hard that even tho they get to the end, they come in second cuz everyone on the jury thinks they suck.

I think Dan has become that player. I still think the whole funeral thing/convincing Frank and Jenn to save him and get out Britney who was campaigning against him was brilliant. And Dan has certainly dominated most people's decisions when they were HOH.

Janelle left because of Dan. Because Boogie would not align with her and Dan thought at that time the only way he could get 500 k again was to sit next to the other previous winner, Boogie. So Dan OKed Danielle to re target Janelle right after he had made sure Danielle did not nom Janelle as Dani had wanted to.

Britney, Frank, Shane, Jenn all left because of Dan. He single handedly dominated this game. Perhaps partly because he is very good at influencing people to do his bidding. Much like Dr Will. Partly because Jimmeney Cricket there were a lot of clueless ineffective players this season. Seriously what kind of game were people like Ashley, Jenn, Wil, Joe, Shane, and even Danielle playing?

Ash, Wil, Joe and Jenn were never in any kind of serious real alliance that benefited them or their game.

Shane and Dani were in an alliance and yet never made any decision that wasn't overseen by Dan. During one of the DE, everybody just went to Dan one by one and got their voting orders.

Britney saw thru the mist but was powerless to overcome it once it conspired against her to save itself.

So by most objectives Dan certainly has earned a win.

But he lost me with his recent treatment of Dani and Ian.

Dan knows how vulnerable and kinda broken Danielle is. And yet he rode her like a pony the whole game to get himself to the end. Minus the creepy physical contact, reminds me of what Boogie did to Erica.

Plus knowing socially unsure, awkward super fan Ian could be had with an alliance and a promise to hang in the renegade club with Dan and Memphis after the show Dan has gotten Ian to be super faithful to him. And yet in these last few days Dan has put Ian thru emotional ringer after emotional ringer. Making Dani scream at him, guilt him, threaten him, bully him. And Ian can't see that Dani is only doing to Ian what Dan is telling her to.

I seriously hope Ian wins HOH, takes Dani. Ian wins the 500k and goes on to get his PhD. And Dani wins the 50k so she can afford the therapy she will need when she realizes Dan used her so long and so hard, and she went willingly along. Not to mention how hard it will be for her to deal with all the negative Internet stuff she has been the subject of. Somebody like Frank or Joe is strong enough to brush that kind of stuff off. Danielle isn't. My opinion she should never have been on a show like this.

Dani seems to already have serious issues with her father. Knowing that her beloved coach Dan rode her all the way to F2 and then makes certain she gets kicked to the curb so he can go thru life as the only BB player to get there twice and crow he is better that Dr Will will break her.

And Dan saying its nothing personal, its just business is hecka lame. BB is probably the most personal show on TV. The 24 hr cameras, the 70 days of confinement. The lying and manipulation.

Just saying Dan getting to the end would be much more admiration worthy if he hadn't been quite so heartless to two people in the house who are huge admirers of his.

FA said...

NLADF, I couldn't have said it any better. 100% agree.

gaylos said...

I have to say Dan surprised me with his game play this time around. I still haven't decided how I feel about it, but I do know he was unlikely to have made it this far with his last type of game play.

I thought "Dan's Funeral" was brilliant, if dastardly, and no matter what I still think he's usurped Will's spot as best BB player of all time. What else can you call a man who lost the chance to save himself with the Veto, yet convinced his greatest enemy to help get another player to take him off the block? And then convince the HOH at final four stage to both put him on and take him off the block leading to a huge blindside?

I would be happy with either a Dan or an Ian win, but I lean more towards Dan.

meb I'm good and so is my family. Thanks so much for asking. It really is ironic that I crossed your mind and then posted! I've been mostly keeping up with the blog gang but I have to say it seems like this year there have been a lot of newbies. I'm always happy when others discover the brilliance of Jackie.

Sharon said...

I have been an Ian and Dan fan though most of this season.
Although I have to agree that Dan's play at the F3 has a touch not many will like, he has now put himself into the 'rock and a hard spot' position. Someone is going to get hurt... no matter which way he goes... and it might even end up being Dan. If Ian and Dani both turn on him... as they both SHOULD!

Personally, I don't want Dani to win because she's only done Dan's bidding. Her HOHs have been a waste because she's allowed herself to be led this entire game. w

My personal preference is for Ian to win BB14, even though he's been led through most of the game as well. I don't think Ian would have gotten nearly this far without Dan's help. And that's the truth of it. However, he's been loyal and likable, won his share of comps when he really needed to... AND he hasn't won BB before.

Ok, in a game like BB, the "hasn't won before" probably shouldn't be a factor since the winner is 'supposed' to be the best player.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Dan HAS been the best player, albeit heartless. But he has also been beyond BRILLIANT. Pretty much what it takes to win in a heartless game.

Nevertheless... IAN FOR THE WIN!!!
Just because I want him to have the opportunity money will buy... for school, helping his parents, and his future security.

Sharon said...

Dan and Dani are at least talking now. She has finally realized the predicament she's in and says she is feeling alienated. Dan asked Dani what else she thought they could do to get to the end. Par for the course, she had no answers.

Dani now has to depend that Dan has her best interests... that he will win and take her to F2 instead of Ian. I'm no longer sure he would take her over Ian.

Am I the only one to see a glimmer of respect in Dan's eyes for Ian's desire to pay for his educational loans and to help his parents? Although this is a game of 'very few morals,' as an educator, he just might choose to help The Kid instead.

Judy said...

The feeds just showed Danielle and Dan in the kitchen while Ian rocks in the hammock outside. Danielle was going on and on and ON about how much she hates Ian. Apparently she had recently "gotten right up in his face - like, a foot away" - and yelled at him. She repeated that if he came inside she would want to get up in his face again, because she hates him - she felt that way all season, but she held it in because they were in an alliance. She couldn't stop talking this way! Dan said, "I've never seen this side of you - it's scary." Now all four cameras are on Ian swinging on the hammock, looking morose.

I mostly keep out of the Dan discussion. He certainly manipulated everyone in a way I have never seen before, which I suppose is good gameplay. The thing I keep wondering: he says that it's "game" - but could someone who is not like that in the rest of his life switch so easily into being a master liar and manipulator?

All four feeds are still on Ian - it has been a good ten minutes by now. (My husband just suggested that maybe Danielle just killed Dan... :-)

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Sharon said...

Judy, it happened last night, after Ian won P2. They came inside and, per The Dan Plan, Danielle got up in Ian's face screaming and ranting at him. But Ian didn't play "her" game. He walked away.

I think Danielle gets extra frustrated when she can't get to someone... didn't know how to deal with it. She really went overboard, no doubt more than Dan expected. He finally had to tell her to leave Ian alone.

For being a professed Christian, Dani sure has a lot of hate bubbling up.

Sasha said...

Good point, Sharon although I have given up trying to predict what Dan will do. I hope Ian wins the final HOH and gets to choose, although his choice will probably be Dan.

Actually, hasn't Dan helped insure that Ian will NOT choose Danielle because of how she's been (read: Dan told her to) treating him? I think that's part of his MO...probably already been said by someone here but I haven't read it so there it is.

Like many others, I can't deny that Dan's game play has been amazing and much as I prefer Ian to win the big $$, I wouldn't be entirely unhappy with a Dan win. IMO Ian has played a good game, won comps and dealt pretty well with some of the emotional stuff that gets to most everyone in the BB house. He has stood up to Dan or others when really pushed, which I admire. Yes, he has been misted by Dan with the Renegades thing but the poor kid actually believes (trusts!) Dan. Ok, that's not to Ian's credit but he has good company in that.

Just my HO. I'm not so sure Ian will win against Dan if in F2 because in terms of only game play, Dan has played the best. It will depend on the jury and what extraneous factors they let in (i.e., holding a Dan grudge, reluctant to have the win go to someone who already won, etc.)

Sorry for the long post--guess I should have posted more often--and shorter!!

PDX Granny said...

Yeah, I've also been wondering what's going on in the house since all views were only on Ian. Even now that Dan's outside, it still doesn't show Dani. Curiouser and curiouser.

I can't figure out what's the deal with Dani's outpouring of hate towards Ian. I'm sure a lot of that is the mind games Dan is playing between the two of them. She makes it sound like he's been doing nothing but lying to everyone the entire game. Other than the spying he did for the Silent Six, it seems to me he's been pretty straight forward for most of the game.

I agree with most, that Dan has played an exceptional game convincing others to make moves to benefit him, but I don't like the way he's playing on the emotions of Dani and Ian now. Although that being said, I think that's affecting Dani a whole lot more than Ian. Of course, Ian has his therapist, Dr. Hammock. Dani only has her delusions.

Sasha said...

OMG it sounds like Danielle believes her own "acting". I can't imagine why or how she could hate Ian that much other than that he isn't playing her game.

Sharon said...

"Of course, Ian has his therapist, Dr. Hammock. Dani only has her delusions."

Granny, that had me laughing right out loud!

PDX Granny said...

As I watched Ian put on more lotion, it reminded me of one of the things Dani was so critical about. HIS LOTION!!

She didn't even bring any outside lotion (I guess that's different than inside lotion) into the house. I guess the nurse in her doesn't understand the need for him to use it, even after being diagnosed with a skin condition in the 4th grade.

She was also all bent out of shape because he didn't know the difference between a sprained ankle and a "popped out" ankle. She laughed that he asked for a gauze wrap, and Dan helped by laughing that he said "Advil, ice and elevate". Dani pointed out that Ian should have known that wouldn't help. A sprain would have been red and swollen. Of course, all his medial training would have told him that. Oh wait! She's the one with the medical training.

She hasn't been on camera for quite some time now. I don't miss her, but do wonder why they don't have one showing her pouting.

meb said...

Do you think Danielle has totally lost it and they've taken her out? Why would she say she's always hated Ian... is she bothered by his ADHD or Asbergers, or whatever it is. That would certainly be cruel, and not very nurse like. Other than that, what is to hate... he's a little teddy bear and has been very polite to everyone. This girl is pathetic.

Did Dan try to get her to stop hating on Ian when they were in there by themselves? Did she threaten Ian in any way. If she did, they may be giving her a harsh reprimand.

Wouldn't it be great if she did just cause her eviction and it would automatically come down to Ian and Dan? That's wishful thinking I guess.

And I'm not hating on Danielle, I just don't like her... she's obnoxious and I'm so tired of her pursing her lips and looking at herself in the mirror. Enough already!

Ninboh said...

OMG somebody just tell Dan to take Danielle to the end. Why does he desire to go with Ian, it's a 50-50 shot of winning and I think he'll lose. But he's 100% got the votes over Danielle. Why can't Dan see that anymore? I don't get it.

meb said...

Ninboh.. why do you think he has the votes over Danielle. Curious why you seem so sure.

My Opinion, most of the votes would go to her.

Frank - Dani
Jenn - Dani
Shane - Dani
Ashley - Dani
Ian - Dan
Britt - Dan
Joe - ? toss up

Still makes it 4 to 3 or 5-2.

I just don't think the first four would vote for Dan just because they figured he earned it. Too many hard feelings.

Ninboh said...

Jenn went on and on in her exit interview about how Dan was such a great player. i think Brit, Joe and Jenn are locks for Dan b/c they will vote on games if he's against Dani. Then he just needs one more and I think Ian would vote for Dan. So he would win. I also think Frank hates Danielle, so even he might begrudgingly vote for Dan. Against Ian, everyone likes him and Britney will champion Ian. Dan will just get Danielle's and Jenn's votes and that's about it. Dan can persuade a jury against Daniel for sure, against Ian, not so much.

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

I just have to laugh right now. Going back to Judy's post, then PDX, and Meb... well all the posts that concern Delusionelle's behavior.

Let's not forget the pure ART of the Danielle RETELL. And it is an art that she has perfected. She has done this the entire season beginning with her NON-FIGHT with Janelle in the HOH room after she put Janelle up. It is her MO and she is an expert at it. I'm surprised she didn't say, "then I smashed his face, stomped on his foot, kicked him in the groin and then tried to rip his head off, but BB stopped me."

She's the same nasty little tall teller she has been all along in this game. She hasn't changed, she's only got better at it. blech

meb said...

Thanks Ninboh... don't agree but appreciate your explanation.

Monty... she really does know how to tell a tale, and she definitely believes what she says... She has talked herself into thinking it was her idea to scream at Ian, so she has come up with a reason... she has always hated him from the beginning.

monty924 said...

That's right, Meb!! :)

One definition of delusional: maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts

Yep!! I would add, convincing yourself that your own lies are actuall a FACT!

monty924 said...

*are actual Fact

PDX Granny said...

Monte, thanks for the reminder. I did forget that she doesn't need a reason for anything she does. She can delusionize any reason into existence.

One thing I missed that maybe someone else caught. When telling Dan about the comp, Dani said something about having to step on the scales first, then something about anorexia.

I assume the scales had something to do with the harness they had to be in for the comp. But what abut the anorexia bit? Did she mean suffering from that now, or that she's gained so much weight that she has to resort to it now?

meb said...

PDX.. I heard her say that Boogie or Frank ??? called her broad a$$... well, she certainly has broadened it since she got in the house. She eats constantly.

She has said previously that she is anorexic.. she's also an alcoholic, can not drink dark liquids except red wine of course ... need I go on.

I guess I should be sympathetic because she is how she is, but she doesn't make that easy to do.

monty924 said...

That's a touche comment :)

Anonymous said...

Dan must have skipped the part of the Bible that says, "for the LOVE of money is the root of all evil..."

Anonymous said...

Evict Dan

Fan Favorite Janelle

Judy said...

Sharon, thanks - I was wondering when that happened. I gave up and went to bed before the feeds came back :-)

Monty, excellent point about the Danielle Retell. What's funny is that this afternoon she did say, while I was watching, that if Ian came in right then she would snap his neck - which is pretty much what you speculated the she would say!

A few minutes ago Dan and Ian were in the pool talking about previous BB seasons. Ian recited the players from most of the early seasons - including saying, when Dan asked if he liked one of the female HGs (Danielle? Brittany?), "I was in third grade at the time, and girls were icky then." LOL!

Danielle was outside on one of the chairs, and she said something I didn't hear, and then said, "I've only taken them twice in my life, and then just for a day each time. They're just an anti-anxiety med" Then Dan asked Ian if he (Ian) had ever taken a Xanax, and Ian said no - so I guess that's what Danielle was talking about. She said "They just wanted to make sure I wasn't feeling isolated..." - then the feeds cut to fish, so I guess she was talking about the DR - which may be where she was for that time.

Hang in there, Ian!

Lili said...

If Dani had not taken Dan off the block and Shane had voted Ian out....I wonder how Dani and Dan would be treating Shane right now.

It is hard to say which F2 she took more seriously. Her and Shane or her and Dan.

Cuz if she stuck with Dan would she now be going all postal on Shane at Dan's bidding?

Am also wondering why she hates Ian now. I guess maybe because she believed Dan when he told her Ian was definitely taking her to F2? Cuz she never heard that from Ian. And she is pretty certain now Ian will take Dan not her, especially after she went postal on him.

I think if Dan and Ian are F2 Ian will win 7-0.

Ash, Brit love Ian. And Frank, Joe, Jenn, Shane hate Dan. And once Dani hears Dan defend his gameplay to the jury and 100% gets that she was his pawn she will hate him too.

Hoping for an Ian win but that kid has got to stop doing that weird, vulgar pelvic thrust thing. I would prefer he just flip the bird or use the f word. The pelvic thrust thing is just really creeping me out.

All I all an interesting season. Loved seeing Janelle again. Was fascinated by Dan's funereal re animation.
Was impressed by Britney still being funny but no longer horrible like she was to Rachel.

See y'all next season.

meb said...

I don't like Ian's pelvic thrust thing either Lili... I too, think it's rather vulgar... I've only ever seen him do that last night on BBAD... when did he start that.

Next season??? are you leaving us?

Judy.. did Danielle say she actually took the Xanax or they were just offering it to calm her down.

Judy said...

Meb, she didn't say that she took the Xanax today - just that she had taken some in the past, but only twice. She didn't say they were offering it to her, although I got the impression that it was what started the conversation.

I haven't noticed the pelvic thrust - poor Ian. That must not go over well at school.