Monday, September 03, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday Into Monday - Sept. 2-3

Shane, oh my Shane Gator!

I took a bit of a breather yesterday with mostly down time in the house. But I'm here now. It's Labor Day. I'm refreshed, I'm rested. I'm ready to work! (But not at real work -- just here!) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Farewell Frankie:
  • Shane is still trying to disengage from Danielle's stalkings while providing just enough interest to lead her along a bit.
  • His head just might implode.
  • It doesn't help that others tease both of them and try to push them more together.
  • And that Jenn told Danielle that Shane referred to her as his girlfriend.
  • Friend, sure. But he's going to drop her like a hot potato before September is out.
  • Then probably go into hiding.
  • Frank thinks it would be heartbreaking to go home with just two weeks left in the game.
  • So it won't happen.
  • He can go to sequester and make out with Ashley instead!
  • The BB voice finally started announcing trivia facts such as how many laps around the yard it takes to make a mile.
  • I recently wondered where those announcements were.
  • They got the grill back. Woohoo.
  • Oh my. Shane actually had a game thought. Be prepared to faint now.
  • He told Dan they should have a plan in case it's a double eviction this coming Thursday.
  • He's the first (that I've seen) to realize there's a possibility of a double eviction.
  • Shane is also getting worried about Joe.
  • He told Dan that Joe said he (Joe) is going after Dan.
  • He's also worried that Joe has deals with everyone.
  • Like no one else has done that!
  • The Quack Pack confirmed that Frank is going home this week. They control the vote.
  • They decided if it's a double eviction this week and one of the Quack Pack is HoH, it's Jenn and Joe on the block and Jenn goes out the door.
  • It's Dan's turn to be Secret Squirrel now. He's scheming with the Quack Pack on the down low so that Frank and Jenn still think he's with them.
  • Danielle is still carrying the story that she can never work with Dan again after the personal attack at the funeral.
  • Well, she's carrying it on with Frank, Jenn and Joe. The Quack Pack knows otherwise.
  • Frank is more worried now than ever before. He thinks he has Dan and Jenn's vote for sure (if she gets saved). Shane and Danielle have been hinting that they could vote to save him, but no commitment.
  • Frank is expecting Dan to save Jenn with the veto.
  • After all, it was his suggestion so that it doesn't seem like they (Dan and Frank) are working together.
  • Lots of small talk, reminiscing about the season and comps, discussing past years, movie lines, pool games, lounging about.
  • All in all, the same as it ever was (since nominations).
  • Dan will save Jenn, all will act surprised, Joe is the only choice to put up in her place as he promised Shane and Danielle safety and he can't put up Dan, the veto holder.  

This hammock's made for rockin'

Wow! Dollar store fake grass, too!

Only a maniac thinks Frank can survive this week

Pretty is as pretty does


Petals said...

Happy Labor Day!
Thanks for the recap, Ms J!

I have a new theory:
Since the funeral, Dan has been telling Delusionielle that Shane is crazy for her. Wants her. Is "infatuated". She believes it, but is convinced that Shane is camera-shy. (@@)
I believe Dan is instigating Dani so that she keeps coming on & on & on to Shane, forcing him (S) to finally evict her. Then she is the "scorned" one, and no blood on Dan's hands. Then she cries on Dan's shoulder. He is the hero.

Petals said...

Does ANYONE have an opinion of why Frank can't seem to stop talking about Janelle? I mean, the discussion happened, they all batted it around, he vented. Case closed? Nope - it's been what, days? He can't drop it. It's eating at him.
Could there be truth, and he is too ashamed to admit it? As in, "he doth protest too much"?

Terry is a Texan! said...

does Danielle REALLY think these pictures dont get taken of her?
Thanks Jckie for all the great comments....You are truly champ laboring o Labor Day for us.
I sort of hate to see Frank go....

Ed in Ohio said...

Missed last nights show & pool party...Darn!

Wow! Petals that's quite a good theory, your thinking is just as 'devious' as Dan's.

In Jackies recap, the first pic of Dani in the pool...I didn't realize she had such a big tail@@

Happy Labor Day!

Donna in Alabama said...

Girl got junk in the trunk,
but Shane ain't making that booty call!!

Good theory Petals!

meb said...

Petals.. you should be playing the game... that is genius thinking and now that we know how devious Dan can be, it's probably fact.

What about Frank not letting Janelle talk go? What does he protest too much about?

Ed, Danielle's 'tail' has broadened considerably since she came into the house.

Have a great Labor Day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Frank goes, then its game over. might as well find another show to watch. Really getting way too predictable, come on people get some hair on your you know what and keep Frank. He makes it interesting!! Ian's too small to grow any if you know what I mean.

~~Silk said...

Some questions raised in last night's party post (I just got around to reading it) -

No, the hula hoop was not "invented" in this century. It's been spinning around bodies for thousands of years. Ancient Greek pottery and Egyptian paintings show hoops in action. The Lakota were doing hoop dances before Europeans arrived. The guys who decided to market plastic versions in the in US had seen bamboo versions in Australia.

TAR winners still get one million. It will be doubled to two million IF and only if the team who wins the first leg ALSO wins the final leg. That's going to make the first team on the first leg a BIG target. It also blows the whole twist, super anticlimactic, if the team that wins the first leg is eliminated soon after, so I wonder why they're doing it at all.

Petals said...

meb - A few nights ago, Joe & Frank were chit-chatting about women, etc. It came up that Frank had been attracted to Jani (she'd mentioned to Joe that Frank stared at her, "hit on her", whatev). Well, Frank went nuts. Got angry, shouting about how isn't attracted to married women, he'd never in a million years be attracted to Janelle, etc etc. Everyone laughed & dropped the subject. But hours later, and even last night, Frank is still stewing about it. Dan even told him to "let it go". But Frank is still bitter and keeps bringing it up to people: "I did NOT hit on her" and on & on.
Well, I specifically remember during the 1st 2 weeks in the house, Franks absolutely was attracted to Janey. I remember his DRs about it, I remember him telling her he "has a thang for tall busty blondes".
I just wondered why he can't just admit it? Why is he so adamantly denying it?

Sharon said...

Hysterical 1st picture and caption!!
I'm thinking the arched 'position' on the gator helps make the booty look larger. Enough to make a grown girl cry! lol

Petals, great thought on Dan pushing Dani towards Shane.
Saturday night, the HG's were doing a LOT of trying to push the 2 together.
They even slept in the same bed, she was begging him to cuddle, but he wouldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Frank deserves to win. He should have gotten Dan out when he had the chance.

Sharon said...

Anon 12:51, I have to disagree.
Frank would have been gone the first time on the block if BB hadn't interfered by bringing the coaches back in saving him by eliminating the eviction.

Granted, Frank has won POV's each time he's needed to (except this one), but winning comps isn't everything and his social game has been nothing short of awful.

Each of the times Frank has won something, he's been totally obnoxious and gloating. When he's been HOH, he's bullied the other HGs to get his way. When he and Boogie were on the block, he was a mega-Ahole.

Petals said...

Anon, I get that you're a Frank fan and that's OK, to each his own. BUT~before you go thinking Frank has been robbed of his supposed win this year, remember that HE drank Dan's KoolAid too. He could have gotten Dan out, but he fell under Dan's spell, just like he fell under Boogie's. Maybe if Frank had played his OWN game, instead of being the lackey muscle for others, he may be in a position to win. But it didn't happen. He has only himself to blame.

Sharon said...

As expected, Dan used POV on Jenn and Ian put Joe up.

meb said...

Petals... thanks for the explanation re Frank protesting too much.

I also agree with you that Frank has engineered his own demise. Tsk, tsk. LMBO!

Sharon... thanks... what was the reaction of everyone when he took her down??? Did Frank do a good acting job like it upset him (even tho it was his idea). You know, that's almost like having the POV yourself and using it on someone else... doesn't he know you're always the one to go out of the game when you do that. Again... LMBO!

Sharon said...

meb, it went to Trivia, so no clue on the reactions. Other than Frank was expecting that if Dan used the POV, it would be a payback for Jenn.

Saw the results of the POV meeting on Jokers (don't have the feeds), so we'll have to wait for the show to see reactions.

Frank acts so cock-sure of 'his' people will be voting to keep him, but underneath, he's not so sure.

This morning, Frank was talking to himself and said something to the effect... if they don't vote me out, they're stupid.
Have to agree with him there!

Sharon said...

Jackie has her POV post up now.

monty924 said...

Silk, it was probably Joe's grandfather driving that tour bus! :)