Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday Into the Evening - Sept. 16

Danielle's body language says it all. She's defeated and resistance is futile. This could very well be the most awkward final three ever in the house. Here are the non-events from inside that Big Brother House of Misery:
  • Danielle is not only acting about being mad at Ian, she's actually mad at him.
  • She told Dan she wants to punch him (Ian) out and can't stand talking to him.
  • Say what?
  • All Ian did was win a comp. It's DAN who's bamboozled her all season!
  • She told Dan she never liked Ian and was only putting up with him due to the alliance -- she doesn't need to pretend anymore. She also said she doesn't like Ian because he's an atheist.
  • Dan corrected her with "agnostic."
  • Doesn't matter. Still enough reason for misdirected anger and "hate."
  • She spent most of the day sulking, pouting, sighing, fake-crying, a few real tears here and there and playing the martyr.
  • Ian hammocked a good portion of the day away.
  • Dan sleazed Danielle acting like he's got her best interests in mind and she basically bought it again.
  • Oh, not hook, line and sinker (heehee) like before.
  • But seeing as it's DAN she's talking to, not IAN ... something is still awry in her mindset regarding who did her in.
  • Of course, it was Danielle herself who did herself in by falling for Dan's "coaching."
  • She might just realize that but is now too dependent on Dan's input.
  • Pavlov's dog hamster-style!
  • By evening, she was acting civilly with Ian, but not having much fun at anything.
  • We have three more days of this.
  • BIG SIGH and I feel I need to put on my pouty face. Whatever did I do to deserve this kind of treatment from these hamsters?
  • It's not fair! I've lived and breathed the live feeds for three months of my life and this is my thank you! HUH!
  • Er. 
  • Ahem.
  • Danielle told Dan he's sitting pretty either way, whether he or Ian wins the third part.
  • Heck, she doesn't really know it, but he's been sitting pretty with the final three, as well.
  • She knows Ian won't take her.
  • "What? You don't think I can win against Ian?" Dan asked her, referring to the last part of the final HoH comp.
  • She didn't answer.
  • Dan is still making sure Ian will bring him to the final two, but seems to have stopped thinking about how to get him (Ian) to throw the comp.
  • That's because Ian said that would never happen -- he's planning on playing for the win.
  • Good Ian.
  • Dan, on the other hand, is thinking of throwing the comp so that Danielle's exit is at Ian's hands.
  • He seems to think he might have a chance with the jury against Ian.
  • Sigh. Three more days of this. 


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JOKATS said...


monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Amen on the next few days! I really believe Dan will throw it to Ian. Well, to the extent that you can throw that last one. It really is a crap shoot, but if anyone in there knows everyone on the jury it is Dan with his social game. Dani did threaten him though if he throws it to Ian... eeewww, I'm sure Dan is quacking in his boots.

Also have to say that I actually, for real, laughed out loud with this one:

Pavlov's dog hamster - style.

Your best line ever, hands down. :)

monty924 said...

Did I just say quacking? Must have been subliminal. I meant shaking, lol

Anonymous said...

I'm watching BBAD right now listening to Danielle chew Ian out. She is awful. She is a bully. A mean girl. And she makes little to no sense in her arguments. I realllllllly hope she is NOT in the Final Two.

monty924 said...

Ian has had some of his best lines since he went to the hammock.

"I don't respond to threats, period, end, done"

"Playing the game with children"

Ian, you make my heart smile :)


Kevin said...

OMG! Watching AFTER DARK and listening to Delusional Danielle just go on and on and on... I'm startingto feel like a masochist by having to listen to that grating voice. Of course, she's trying tobully him into taklng her by twisting all logic (really? shane will vote for Dan--the person who cut him--because he'd feel Danielle needed to be avenged if Ian cuts her?). The question i wish Ian would ask her is: When would you have ever chosen to take ME to final two? Over Dan? Over Shane? No? Then just shut up.

monty924 said...

Oh, Kevin... you have that voice of reason in your head. Dani doesn't, but Ian does. He wasn't buying much of, if not any, of what she was selling.

Welcome to the masochist club. We've all been there this summer, but I turn that side of me off when she's on the screen. I switch to another feed when she gets going on a roll and I'm at my limit of Danielle delusions, assaults, and BB idiocy. :)

PDX Granny said...

She's really working it, without really saying in so many words, that if Dan cuts her (read if Ian throws it to Dan), that he wouldn't get her vote. If Ian wins, and does the dirty deed, Ian won't get her vote.

I'm hoping that with all the bullying and BS'ing she's doing, that Ian will figure it out. I really don't think he will fall for it. He's going to try hard to win it. I just know he is!

Dan's been MIA for quite a while. It wouldn't surprise me if he was hiding around the corner listening to the whole conversation.

Sharon said...

Didn't realize Jackie had a new thread up and I was posting on the last one! lol dummy me.

Dani's bully tactics are pretty ugly and make no sense. With Ian's ADHD and quirks, I think he has had to deal with a lot of bullying all his life. Which explain his remark, "I don't deal with threats. Period. End of story. Done"

Kevin, PERFECT question. I wish Ian would say the same thing!!!

Walking in the house saying, "... trying to blackmail me."
Feel bad that she's being so ugly, but glad Ian is able to deal with it so well.

PDX Granny said...

Walking in the house saying, "... trying to blackmail me."

Sharon, thanks for point that out. I had backed up the feeds a bit, and didn't see that. It makes me feel better. : )

Now, I need to get to bed. 5:30 comes awful early! Nighty night! Hopefully things will get interesting tonight for all of you staying plugged in.

Catch ya all tomorrow.

monty924 said...

I think Ian has a lot of social skills that people overlook. He's an RA at Tulane, or he says that he is, and RA' have to deal with a lot of drama. Think about it... college students all living in a dorm with issues.

He sat there and took everything she was throwing out there and came back with some good zingers. Of course she let them go over her head. You can't reason with Delusionelle but he was a good sport with it. Personally, I would have told her to STFU or would have just gave her the answer she was looking for. 'Yes, I have a final two deal with Dan and have had for a while. Deal with it!"

His best line of the night was "I don't respond to threats period, end, done"!! All the while hammocking his heart out.

monty924 said...

Here it is... Dani is doing her retell :)) Put your seatbelts on and hold on for the ride.

Sharon said...

Yup, now Dani says she "made him cry." Didn't happen.

The blinders appear to be off, but I'd put money down she falls for it again. Mostly cause she doesn't have any choices left. Her own fault.

Sharon said...

She's still whining over Dan evicting Shane. "But... but... it was too sooooon." Good gad, the next step would have been F3 and he did NOT want Shane in the F3.

Kevin said...

I think its hilarious that Danielle is retelling her side of the Ian bullying episode to Dan. What does she expect to get from him? Dan is the one who keeps betraying her and yet here she comes, offering even more information to him. Probably because she can't stand to not hear her own voice. And how does Dan respond to her? By laughing and repeatedly saying, "I forgot to tell you." and "Why are you upset?" She's not going to get the answers/reaction she wants from Dan. What's next? Her heading over to Ian to tell HIM how she had Dan crying?

Sharon said...

Well, we do know Dan will be talking with Ian sometime tonight, and he'll find out the reality of the Dani-speak.

If it had come down to it, I really think Dani would have taken Shane to F2 over Dan.

Good, he's finally telling her, "you knew what you signed up for."
Dip stick stays clueless.

Sharon said...

Dani's and idiot. Her verbal-assault type games don't work on Dan either. He just keeps playing dummy-up.

monty924 said...

I know the webs out there hate this, but I'm loving it. Dan is not taking her BS and he's giggling at her arguments. He's preparing her for the heartache of leaving final 3. Too bad, so sad Delusionelle. He's being in a round about way saying CYA!

Sharon said...

Personally, I think Dan is close to dumping her at this point.
Dani shouldn't try to use "cancer" (that she doesn't have) as blackmail, along with push & whine on a guy like Dan. It won't work on him any better than it did on Ian!

He admits he has an evil streak and she doesn't. Oh but I disagree... she DOES have a mean-evil streak, and it runs a mile wide.

Kevin said...

I gotta love the fact that Dan just refuses to play Danielle's game of "Oh [poor me/ I've been working so hard and now I've been betrayed".

Delusional: "Do u think it's fun to play with my emotions?" Dan "Yes."

Delusional: "I gave up so much to get here.... Cancer..." Dan: "Everyone gave up things to be here."

Delusional: "If you weren't in the game, I'd go right into the DR and say I want to leave this game." Dan: "Yeah, right."

He's not going to feel guilty; he's not goingto apologize... and like a bad country-western song, she'll keep coming back for more.

Sharon said...

Monty, you are so right. Dan IS preparing her for CYA. It's so obvious and she's too busy trying to push him into Dani-loyalty to hear what he's saying.

Kevin said...

"I love you like you're family."
Dan: "Thank you"
"I know you probably don't feel the same way..."
Dan: "Stop fishing."
"I say sweet things to you all the time and you never say them back" (Now, she's trying to pull with Dan what she was always saying to poor Shane, who had to put up with her mauling, pawing and whining about the kisses she's missing...and you know he never feltthe same about her.)

Sharon said...

Dan is stopping the prospective Dan-stalker in her tracks. Dan is so out of her league dealing with people.

Kevin said...

Dan is being brutally honest with her if she listened to the FIRST THING He says. But she insiusts on giving him a chance to backtrack or cklaim he's joking and then she jumps on that.

"Will you at least warn me ahead of time if you say mean things about me in the DR?"
Dan: "No."

(This, after he earlier said that in an original DR session he called her "over-bearing" and her reaction? She asks "Was that the only bad thing you've ever said about me?" Actually expecting him to say it was!)

I LOVE how Dan now knows that he can be honest--even asking her if she thinks he's going to take her to final two--and then just laugh about it and Delusional will let him off the hook, believing it to be a joke.

I just wonder if when she watches all the shows and AFTER HOURS shows, will she see just how pathetic and desperate she's been acting? Will she see this and decide that she's got to make some changes in teh way she acts? Or will she just be blind to it all?

Sharon said...

JMO, but she's probably been this way her whole life, so there's no doubt she'll find fault with everyone else and blind to her own behavior... because it's her 'normal.'

ceemurph said...

I sure hope Dan DOES throw pt 3 to Ian! Being the vote to evict dani will give Ian one more notch in his belt to say his gameplay is as strong as Dan's.

Dani's Crater said...

Ian's gane play will never be as strong as Dan's...Or Dan would have been gone a long time ago. Ian gave up that opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Last night they showed Ian muttering "if you want to be the best,you have to beat the best" He wants to not only win but win over Dan in the final. Anyone can take the weak player and get the easy win. I think Ian does win against Dan. I give him Brit,Joe and Shane for sure and most likely Frank and Ashley.And even if Frank went with Dan,I still think Ashley would vote for Ian.


Anonymous said...

I love Danielle's mentality that only she is able to have final two deals with other people. She rips Ian up and down about having final two deals and SHE has had plenty during the show. Also, she doesn't consider that her own COACH made a final two deal with Ian....that's a betrayal of Dan towards Danielle. It's not a betrayal of Ian's toward Danielle. She needs to get her head on straight. Ian needs to remind her that they are each in the house to play their own game and that he owes her nothing. She thinks threatening will win him over. DELUSIONAL tactic masterminded by DAN. Earth to Danielle: DAN IS THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN SELLING YOU OUT BUT YOUR EGO WON'T LET YOU SEE IT.

lynn1 said...

Boo Hoo poor Danielle always the victim. What a scary woman she is. She makes Rachel seem like a normal person.

Petals said...

OKay. Now you guys see? THIS IS WHY I BLEW UP LAST WEEK! That sleazy little rag had gotten on my last nerve before this latest dramatic flair-up.

She is despicable. Watching/listening to her causes me to feel very negative emotions. Those kind of evil emotions that I generally reserve for people like Michael Vick.

She can't be out of there soon enough. I would not be watching AT ALL anymore if not for Dan & Ian, both of whom I still LOVE.

LEAVE, Demonielle! Get OUT! Liars to the left! BOOM!

tbc said...

Her expressions remind me of the gymnast from the summer olympics who got the silver medel. She was cleary upset on the podium. Then her face was photoshopped all over the place!

lynn1 said...

I have heard Ian say if he won he would use the money to pay of his student loans, help his family,etc.
Dan said he would be able to start a nest egg for Chelsea and him and do some things for his family.
Shane said he would be able to pay off bills and get out of debt.
I don't recall Danielle ever saying what she planned to do with the money if she won.
Does anyone know what if anything she has said about how she would be using the money?

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Britney the other hamsters on the Jury will never think about game play, they will be voting based on likes, dislikes or emotions, those who think Shane will vote for Dan, I feel might be delusional, why would he, he didn't even want Dan to touch him when Dan evicted him out, Frank also realized that Dan got him out, and I thinking the rest won't vote for him because he has won the $500k previously. Dan has also been somewhat of a Bully, I guess you dont remember when he told Ian one time that he would crush his face if he put Dani up or voted her out, I guess people here are under Dans' mist as well

Anonymous said...

Why does it make a difference to any of us for Danielle of anyone else to disclose what they would do with their winnings, so what if Dan wants to start a nest egg for him and Chelsea, he's no more deserving than anyone else.

A Chance at Love said...

Poor delusional Dani. I foresee a Lindsey Lohanesque existence in your near future. Alcohol enhanced and time behind bars. As ugly as the pimple that ate Tuscaloosa.

Anonymous said...

A Chance at Love

That's pretty funny "ugly as the pimple tha ate Tuscaloosa"...LMAO

Anonymous said...

The gymnist picture with that disguested look on her face about the silver medal was priceless and seen all over the world, I'm sure her family had to be embarrassed.

lynn1 said...

Anon 10:28 , It doesn't make any difference to me what plans the hamsters have for their money and no they don't need or have to disclose that info.
I don't think Dan is any more deserving that anyone else based on what he plans to do with the money. In fact I think it would be dumb to vote for someone to win based on how they plan to use the money. Winning should be about game play.

I was just wondering because in most seasons people talk about it and I wondered if Danielle had said anything about it.
Sorry if I ruffled your feathers.

Lili said...

Personally I think BB should go back to just having the F2 in the house for the final week. It is just too awkward and sad and hard for the third wheel who knows they are going.

Enzo got super quiet and forlorn, Adam threatened to not vote for whoever won HOH and cut him. And Danielle has had an epic Dan orchestrated melt down that will take her years to live down.

I just don't see why BB needs to put them or us thru it. Plus in the olden days the jury could question the final two much longer, and the F2 could freely jump about the house celebrating their coming winnings, without constantly having to whisper and pretend they actually give a rats whooey about the feelings of the third wheel.

The new way just seems kind of pointless and sadistic.

Petals said...

Hey Lynn - The Tide Rolled, baby! Whoo! :)

Petals said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meb said...

Lynn1... Ignore the crap... not worth responding. I would also be curious as to what Dani would spend it on... mostly makeup for zitz for sure.

Lili... so agree with your comment. Regardless of which two may hang out together, the third person is feeling isolated and vulnerable. And it's just so boring for us. I'd rather see happy in the house for the final two that they actually made it there ... hmmm..then again ... it was that way for Boogie and Erica too, but there was no happy. Guess it depends on the final 2. But I still agree... at least there wouldn't be a third wheel in the house so that everyone is upset.

lynn1 said...

Hey Petals Did you hear that Les Miles the LSU coach was stepping down from his Head coach job to go into the minisrty? He said he would rather bear the cross than cross Nick Sabin! LOL

Donna in Alabama said...

LOL Lynn1!!!
ROLL TIDE!! What a runaway game with the Arkansas RAZORBACKS!! 52 to 0!!

I do not care what Dani would use the money for because she is not going to win it! LOL


P.S. it took me 5 times to prove I am not a robot! There for a minute I thought I might be one!

Anonymous said...

Why does Dan think the jury will be AGAINST Ian? I'm confused! I would think the jury would be all for Ian!

Sharon said...

Anon 11:56
Dan realizes there will be bitter people, but he's the type who would be completely rationale if he was in jury... so he's hoping they will have had enough time not to remain so angry that they would vote against the person who has bested them all. Sometimes you have a jury smart enough to rationalize like that. I sincerely doubt that would be this one!

Ian is hoping the jury stays bitter and 100% blames Dan for all their evictions.. so they will vote for him. Excellent chance for that to be a fact.

It would be stupid to take Demonelle to the F2 because none of the jurors see her as having been the key to their evictions. (Petals, LOVE that name... she's gone way beyond delusional.)

Dan or Ian for the win... because I don't really care between the two. Just so it's not that 3rd wheel.

Anonymous said...

Houseguests can say they will spend money a certain way and never do it. They say it just to get votes.

I hope Dan does not win.

RBennie said...

At this point in the saga that is BB, I'm pretty much over all of them and just want it to hurry up and end. Just give Ian the check now and put us out of our misery, LOL.

Petals said...

More (but get ready to gag!)

This one: She retells it as tho Frank called her into his bed, and then he touched her, etc. NONE of it happened. Watch for yourself.

Donna in Alabama said...

Petals, where in the world did you get that avatar?? LOL So fitting for her!

Petals said...

Yes, Sharon. She went from delusional to downright demon-possessed.
Demonielle! Grrr...I am just waiting for her to spew green bile & have her head spin around.

Petals said...

PS - and I LOVE Big Brother. This show is special to me, because it was me & my mom's special thing. I hate Demonielle, because now I don't love the show. I will love it next time, but this season is so tainted now. She is ruining the last few days.

Petals said...

Donna - I found this avatar on an "anti-Danielle" page; there are sooo many of those pages out there.
Apparently, many of her co-workers, acquaintances, family members, etc are angry at her misrepresentations.

Petals said...


"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

Sharon said...

Reading Dani's convo with Dan on Jokers right now.
My eyes... my eyes!!!

How can Dan stand listen to her blithering on and on?!!
His patience HAS to be wearing thin, or he has that special talent of being able to 'tune' people out.

FA said...

What would Delusionelle do with the money (that she won't win)?

Buy more plastic surgery, of course. No doubt liposuction is next on her long list.

I pity this poor girl.

FA said...

Petals, where are those pages? What would I have to Google to find them?

FA said...

"Mon 11:35 AM BBT Dani tells Dan she is not very judgmental."

LOL um, yeah, right. I guess she doesn't remember last night's conversation with Ian about how evil he is because of him not taking her to F2, and that she's not as mad at Dan because she "expected" that from Dan, but expected better from Ian.

Not judgmental at all, nope, not at all.

I wish Ian had fought her on this instead of just meekly taking it with a hangdog look. He knows the arguments, but he won't say them out loud to challenge her. He's got incredible restraint. Just another thing I admire about the boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey anybody has Dan made any mention as to who he might take to the f2, of course he just might tell up anything too. Irealaly don't think he thinks he'll win against Ian.

Anonymous said...

I know if I were Ian's family I would be so very proud of him, dispite his little quirks, rocking, and talking to himself he has been quite a little trooper, "LET'S GO IAN KICK BUTT"

FA said...

It would be kind of funny if BB made the final HOH the sort that cannot be deliberately thrown, so that Dan actually might win and have to make the choice. I can't think of any challanges that absolutely can't be thrown, but I know I've seen them in the past. Anybody remember any specifcally?

Also, is it just me or have the captcha words/numbers gotten so incredibly difficult to decipher? Arrgh! Pretty soon it will be near impossible to "prove" you're not a robot!

Sharon said...

Don't know if Dan, himself, realizes it, but it wouldn't matter who he took to the F2. He would probably lose to either one, simply because of all the Bitter Betty's & Bob's in jury.

FA said...

Sharon, I think he'd at least have a winnable argument to the jury if he took Danielle, because then he can crow about getting his player to the end along with himself. It's a gamble whether the jury would go for it though.

I think in his heart he wants to go with Ian, but his ego wants to take Danielle.

meb said...

Petals. Thanks..I went and looked at your Youtube links and then I got stuck there watching all the Britney ones... I was laughing out loud and enjoying myself. I think we all need a Britney fix every once in a while if we're going to get through these last few days with Danielle. I also forgot how funny Meow-Meow was.

FA... when the WV looks exceptionally difficult, I just type in a few letters and enter so I can get a new one. I keep doing it until it looks easier... of course, even when I've thought they were easy it has taken me up to 5 times to get one to post.

A Chance at Love said...

Same here Meb. Especially the video where Britney describes the night she awoke to Joe *ahem* "pleasuring" himself. Hil. Lar. Ri. Ous!!!

meb said...

Chance at Love... I saw Britney confront him in front of everybody and he never once denied that he was actually 'doing it'. LOL

Petals said...

Yes, sorry meb & Chance- forgot to remind you about how addictive those YouTube vids can be! The Britney ones are (as Ian would say) "Comedy GOLD!"

No Longer A Dan Fan said...

Not sure what was harder to watch...Dani trying to coerce Ian into taking her to F2 while trying to guilt/blame/blackmail him. Or watching Dan Gaslight her right after that.

Dan is making her nuts. He has her so twisted up emotionally she can't think straight. She cannot see the forest for all the trees he throws in front of her.

And the sad thing is why is he still doing it? Ian will take Dan because Ian is all about death before dishonor, renegades to the end thanks to Dan snow jobbing Ian into it.

So either Ian wins HOH and takes Dan. Or Dan wins HOH and takes whoever he wants. At this point there is zero need to torment Dani. She has zero power. Zero options. Now he seems to be continually goading her just for kicks. Which makes him a tool.

Meanwhile Ian thinks he stands a better chance with the jury if he sits next to Dani. Yet he will take Dan no matter what.

Dani can no longer see up from down. Dan has Gaslighted her so well she is furious with Ian for no cause, constantly acts mad and threatening as she believes that will persuade Ian because Dan told her it would even tho all evidence to the contrary would indicate otherwise.

Just like all evidence to the contrary would indicate that no Dan DID NOT make all these moves to get you to the end and have you win BB Danielle. He hosed you, big time. He booted Shane, he convinced you to throw HOH part 1, he has a F2 with Ian, and he treats you like you are nuts for being mad, or being suspicious of him.

Good god woman you have been had and if that isn't enough people on the outside are all blaming/hating you.

Dan really needs to stop poking at Dani at this point, then she will stop poking at Ian, and maybe they can all finish this season with a tiny shred of dignity.

Petals said...

Narcissus, move over -

Sharon said...

My view is that Dan keeps poking Dani to do things because he has to keep Ian upset at her so he will take him to F2. And Dani complies with Dan's requests because she actually enjoys nagging, wheedling, and bully tactics.

If Dan wins the final comp (he prefers Ian wins it), there's no way of knowing who he'd take at this point. Dan is always weighing his options and covering all bases... and only Dan knows which way he'd go at the last minute.

Watching the BBAD episode with Dan and Dani last night, the convo did sound mean and cringe-worthy, but several of us were analyzing what he was doing and it became obvious. He was pulling back and making sure she knows that he's a player FIRST, not her coach, and spelled out some realities of the game. He wasn't falling for Dani's attempt to guilt him out (he said, "you begged to be on my team" and "you signed up for this"). He's preparing Delusional Dani for the possible loss.

While Dani and Dan were talking, she also started pulling out some of the guilt/begging lines she tried to use on Shane, but Dan cut her off at the knees. He was NOT going to let her attach herself as part of his "family." Dan does NOT want or need a stalker after BB14 is over.

It sounded cold the way he was dealing with her, but he knows she's not the kind of person you can be 'nice' to. She would never accept "no way" from someone trying to being sympathetic or kind.

Petals said...

Have you guys seen the Crisi Danielle impersonator videos??
Hilarious!! She is spot-on!

Sharon said...

You're on a roll today Petals!! LMBO

monty924 said...

OMG, Petals... the Crisi videos are freaking hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

Would anyone on here feel bad if this girl (Dani) had a complete nervous breakdown after seeing how people on the outside are laughing and making fun of her. And how incrediably dumb she looked and acted? It's true she has shown us some of her delusional thoughts and actions, but does Dan need to continuously goard her, okay we get the message he's greatest, the master manipulator, the brain of all brains, and every other adjective I've heard, but how would you feel if were your sister or relative. We see what's happening to here just by the way she's treating Ian I honestly don't think she has a glue, she might even have a touch of a mental problem, there is for sure somethng wrong with her.

monty924 said...

I don't believe she will have a complete nervous breakdown. She'll get out and all the negative will be overlooked by any positive she finds out there. She's Delusionelle afterall :)

Sharon said...

The only immediate breakdown Dani is likely to have will be when Shane, the love of her life (sorry Trey), turns her down.

It's obvious that she also didn't consider, prior to the very public tell-all "life stories," the likely fall-out from angry/insulted family, friends, and coworkers.

I refuse to feel sorry for a such a narcissisic dumbass.
Earth to Danielle....

Terry is a Texan! said...

Petals **
My Mom is the one who got me started on BB, its one of my fondest memories, sitting in bed with her watching BB....thanks for letting us know you did this too!

monty924 said...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry...Dan is as hard to stomach as Danielle. I have quit watching.

Hope Ian wins. I hope Janelle wins fan favorite.

monty924 said...

Since Petals started this, lol... I had to bring this over from another BB lover.

The season 10 gag reel at the wrap party. Who in their wildest dreams could ever forget Renny?

Sharon said...

Wonder what's going on. It went to fishes for a few minutes and now they are all excited for something happening tomorrow. Dan mentioned it's something BB has never done before.

Sharon said...

Well, looks like the special something they are receive is all 3 will be on The Talk with Julie tomorrow. But then Dan said he thought they mentioned it won't air until the end of the Sunday show.

monty924 said...

Sharon, they were talking about their families being notified and Dan said they probably announced it at the end of the Sunday show.